7 Reasons To Promote Your Business With Video Advertisement

7 Reasons To Promote Your Business With Video Advertisement

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Business, Published On
April 11, 2022
Last modified on November 2nd, 2022

Video Marketing has become an effective form of digital marketing that most advertisers are turning to for opening up doors of opportunities for their brands. Videos offer some of the most unique and attractive advantages to businesses aiming to enhance their marketing strategy.

With the increased demand for videos, brands can leverage this form of marketing to accomplish their core business objectives. Let’s discuss seven reasons that’ll convince you that video advertisements can be more beneficial than you think.

7 Reasons To Promote Your Business With Video Advertisement

Video Advertisement

  • Videos Promote Engagement

One of the most potent benefits of video marketing is that it helps advertisers promote engagement. Visual content is far more attractive and engaging than any other form of content. With increased video content viewers, your video is bound to gain more traffic than your standard content would.

Studies suggest that viewers are ten times more attracted to sharing and commenting on videos than your regular posts. Moreover, Facebook recently encountered an increase of over 33% in end-user engagement.

  • Videos Display Your Product Much More Appealingly

A great way to market your products and services is through videos. Videos allow advertisers to showcase their products and services through appealing visuals and in the 3D realm, and this itself makes videos twice more pleasing to the human eye.

Videos work wondrously in helping businesses stay relevant and engaging with their customers. Thus, advertisers must consider making use of a top-notch video ad maker to design only the most engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and informative videos. It allows customers to get thorough insights about your products and how they can be beneficial. This will, in turn, help advertisers drive more sales in a short span of time.

  • Videos Give Your Brand a Unique Personality

You cannot deny how efficient videos can be in helping your brand stand out. While a picture can be worth thousands of words, videos can speak much more about your brand. They are ideal for company branding and, moreover, are suggested to boost brand awareness by up to 52%.

The more unique you are in the marketplace, the better chance you have of building long-term relationships with your customers. Gaining a sense of emotional connection with your audience can not only convert leads but also ultimately boost sales.

  • Videos Offer In-Depth Visual Insights

Humans have a rather short attention span. Humans prefer visuals to any other form of content. Moreover, 90% of information carried out to the brain is in visual form. People grasp 80% of the information they see and only 20% of the information they read.

You want to make your advertising as pleasing and easily accessible for your customers as possible. You can make short yet informative videos that work well in educating your users on what your products are all about. Your videos should be concise and accessible. They should be able to convey your message in a shorter span of time and be understood by anyone. Subtitles have always been an excellent addition to a video, making it accessible to a wide audience. People with hearing problems or non-native speakers can easily understand a video if it has subtitles. You can use software to automatically add subtitles, saving time and effort and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

  • Videos Boost Retention Rates on your Company Website

Viewers are often likely to watch over 3/4th of your video content. This is far more than the majority of the text-based content your viewers might see. Thus, this ultimately keeps your visitors on your website for an average of over 2 minutes. You can take this to your advantage for capitalizing by showcasing a video loop on your official website.

This is an excellent way to visually showcase your products and services, subtly grabbing the attention of your viewers. Moreover, you can convert leads much more efficiently by keeping your audience’s attention on your website for a comparatively longer span of time.

  • Showcase Your Company’s Achievements

Additionally, videos are a great way to showcase your company’s achievements. Good-quality videos play a crucial role in improving your company’s reputation. You want your potential customers to notice the hard work you’re putting into your business.

An ideal way to highlight your accomplishments is by creating videos that really speak to your audience.

  • Videos Convert Leads and Simultaneously Boost Sales

Last but not least, one of the greatest and boundless benefits of video marketing is that it can help advertisers boost sales as well as convert leads. A recent study suggests that over 71% of advertisers suggested that videos offered drastically higher conversion rates than any other form of marketing.

This itself showcases how powerful videos really are in impacting the decision-making of visitors when deciding on if or not they should invest in your products. The more pleasing visuals your viewers will see, the more likely you are to encounter sales.

Bottom Line

Video marketing is an essential and beneficial marketing strategy that every advertiser must consider incorporating into their advertising plan. An efficient and well-engaging video marketing strategy is bound to help advertisers not only establish a long-term client base but also gain sales much more efficiently.

These are some of the reasons why you should start considering including videos in your marketing plans. That being said, a lot of elements go hand in hand in creating a robust and impactful video marketing strategy. Advertisers are recommended that they do sufficient research before creating their desired videos.

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