TikTok trend ‘sky blue french tip 1.50’: What is it?

TikTok trend ‘sky blue french tip 1.50’: What is it?

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October 15, 2023

TikTok has many odd memes, but ‘Sky Blue French Tip 1.5’ may be the best. Those unfamiliar with the trend find it absurd. Why are people joking about this nail colour, kind, and length? Even after you get the humour, it makes little sense. However, this article explains what ‘Sky Blue French Tip 1.5’ means, how it’s used, and why it’s so popular.

Definition Of Sky Blue French Tip 1.50″?

On TikTok, “sky blue French tip 1.5” nails were popular.

Breakdown of the trend:

  1. Sky-blue nails.
  2. French-tip nails.
  3. Nail length is 1.5.
  4. The phenomenon begins when a woman asks her partner for nail colour advice, and he says, “Sky blue French tip 1.5.”

Boys who answer that way are considered to be cheating since guys are supposed to know nothing about nail art or design.

Why is “Sky Blue French Tip 1.50” popular?

On TikTok in June 2022, “sky blue French tip 1.50″ was popular. Boyfriends used it to deceive their partners into thinking they were cheating or to make them apprehensive of the too-detailed replies. When she asked what colour nails to get, I said, ‘french tip sky blue 1.5’ and…” The video shows the girl’s answer. One user wrote, “She requested nail colour advice. I told her 1.5 French tips were sky blue. I’m obstructed.” “Next time she asks for a nail colour, say’sky blue French Tip 1.50’ and watch for a reaction.”

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What is the meaning of Sky Blue French Tip 1.5?

Why is "Sky Blue French Tip

Sky Blue French Tip 1.5 nails are a style. The most popular videos about this trend state, ‘Next time she asks for a nail colour, say’sky blue French tip 1.5′ and watch her reaction.’ Another user says, ‘She asked me what nail colour to buy, so I answered her, ‘French tip sky blue 1.5′ now I am blocked.’ The ‘joke’ is that a male seldom gives such a lengthy response to a woman’s nail question, so she assumes he received the information from another woman and is cheating on her.

It is common for guys to prank their women and videotape their reactions. Responses vary from mistrust to fury. These videos are popular on TikTok and YouTube. Blue nails have become popular on TikTok. Women noted that most men chose light blue when asked what nail colour they should have, especially last year. Since then, light blue nails have signified a partnership.

Why confusing?

Why is "Sky Blue French Tip

It may seem funny to call a nail design ‘sky blue French tip 1.5’ if you’ve had them done previously. This is because you usually choose shape and colour in a salon, but not length in inches. Showing the nail tech what you want is typical. This term is designed to indicate nail art expertise, yet it does the reverse.

The ubiquitous “Sky Blue French Tip 1.5” trend

Why is "Sky Blue French Tip

On TikTok, a new trend, men are advising their partners to get “sky blue French tip 1.5 inch” manicures. “She asked me what nail polish to purchase, so I responded, “French tip sky blue 1.5,” and now I’m barred,” wrote one. Another explained: “The next time she requests a nail colour, she says’sky blue French tip 1.50′ and waits.” “The next time your girl asks what colour her nails are, describe them as Sky Blue French Tip 1.5 Inches,” a third person advised. In June, certain films received over 400 thousand views on YouTube.

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French-tip nail style

Why is "Sky Blue French Tip

A French tip, which can take any form, fits on the nail to resemble a French manicure. French tips are fast ways to get the French manicure style with acrylic or gel systems. Nail technicians usually construct French tips on the nail bed using pink or clear acrylic.


French manicures: what do they say about you?

Betty Rose says women who value flexibility choose the French manicure, one of the most popular manicures. You like traditional clothes and have a feminine aesthetic.

Why Is French Tip Costlier?

French tip nail design costs extra since pink and white require more ability, time, effort, and resources.

Does a French tip cost more?

Yes. French tip manicures, pedicures, and acrylic treatments cost $5 to $10 more.


Tiktok’s “Sky Blue French Tip 1.50” style was popular. The craze was used by men to trick their partners into thinking they were cheating.

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