Top Tips And Tricks To Follow To Keep Car In Healthy Shape During Pandemic

Top Tips And Tricks To Follow To Keep Car In Healthy Shape During Pandemic

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Automotive, Updated On
April 7th, 2024

As the days pass, the COVID-19 virus is stretching out its wings to every corner of the world and has brought a halt to human life. With all the advisories coming up to stay at home until necessary and lockdowns being imposed in some countries, keeping yourself safe inside the walls of your house is the wisest thing to do. Suddenly, our everyday lifestyle has changed drastically. It is not safe to do the most mundane things like going out for a meal, going to a movie theatre for a movie, or even going to the gym to keep yourself fit.

As the world adapts to the new normal, people still try to keep themselves indoors as much as possible. Your car is one of the many things of our life that have come to a standstill and are standing parked in your garage for all these months. The frequency of your driving has reduced by a significant margin due to the lockdown. Being stationary for too long can significantly impact your car’s components like fuel tanks, tyres, brakes, engines, etc. With most of the automotive garages being closed, car maintenance seems challenging.

Top Tips And Tricks To Follow To Keep Car In Healthy Shape During Pandemic

Explained below are some maintenance tips and tricks that you can follow to keep your car in healthy shape.

Select Your Parking Spot Carefully

When you know that you will not be driving your car for a while now, the spot where you park the vehicle must be picked out very consciously. The best practice is to park your vehicle in a shaded area like a garage with a cemented or finished floor. It would help if you refrained from parking the car outdoors as there are chances of moisture seeping into the brakes or engine of your car or the paint or other parts of the vehicle that directly contact the sunlight will become dull. If you don’t have a garage or any closed space to park your vehicle, you can cover your car with a waterproof sheet.

Ensure That Your tyres Are Properly Inflated.

If your car stands in the same spot for a long time, your car’s tyres may start getting damaged slowly. The air pressure level decreases, and small outbreaks or soft spots become visible on the tyre walls. Your tyre is the only point of contact between the surface and the rest of your car and carries the vehicle’s entire weight. You should move your vehicle after a couple of days so that the tyre rotates and the part of the contact changes. Also, ensure that your tyres are always correctly inflated and have the recommended air pressure, i.e., 30-35 PSI. You can also refer to the tyre size guide in the user manual to know more about your car’s tyre maintenance.

Keep Your Fuel Tank Filled At All Times

Keeping a high fuel level in your car at all times is another essential car maintenance practice for the lockdown. If your vehicle’s fuel tank doesn’t have sufficient fuel levels, it can undergo corrosion. Another consequence of low fuel level is the condensation of air in the tank over time, the moisture of which results in corrosion. Apart from the fuel, the other fluids your car needs to run smoothly, like windshield wiper fluid, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc., are also readily available in sufficient amounts.

Check The Battery Of Your Car

One of the most common problems you will face if you leave your car unused for an extended period is the discharged battery if left connected. You can avoid this from happening by taking your car out for a small drive around the block after every 3-4 days. Doing this keeps your battery charged and ensures that your engine is properly lubricated with engine oils.

Keep Your Car Neat And Clean

If you leave your car closed shut for days at a stretch with litter inside, you are making room for rodents and pests inside your vehicle. Ensure that your car’s interiors are well-cleaned, and remove any items like lighters, sprays, matchboxes, etc. As it is, the insides of your vehicle will not get enough ventilation for days. The best thing you can do is remove the dirt lying inside, clean the cabin with a vacuum cleaner, and spray the sanitiser inside it.

When you decide to take your car out after days, remember a few things, like slowly removing the cover, checking for leaks, ensuring proper fuel level, and checking the tyre pressure. Also, feel free to drop by tyres online to get your car examined by a professional and enjoy a safe and smooth ride. Happy steering!

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