Navigating Through the Mist: Choosing the Right Fog Lamps for Your Vehicle

Navigating Through the Mist: Choosing the Right Fog Lamps for Your Vehicle

Written by Alison Lurie, In Automotive, Published On
August 8, 2023

Remember the smoothness you experience while driving on the road with transparent clarity, but how to handle the steer while rolling through fog’s dense cloud? It is a challenging situation as acquaintance with a similar driving experience is not common among all!

Visibility can be pretty challenging when the light is dim or when you drive at night.

This explains why almost every car has a separate setup for fog lights apart from the regular one. Fog lights can actively guide you while driving on dangerous or foggy roads. These lights allow you to see through fog effectively. But everything seems to be in vain unless you know the right process to use it. You should also know how to drive carefully on foggy roads.

Hence while navigating through the mist: choose the fog lamps for your vehicle by following these things.

How do these fog lights work?

Fog Lamps for Your Vehicle

Firstly understand fog lights and regular headlights are two poles apart. The role of fog light is to light the road where headlights aren’t performing well or are ineffective. If you regularly drive your vehicle, you must be aware that headlights bring more fogginess in a foggy environment. Something related to Kinetic theory, I guess! But that’s not a concern here! If you place LED fog lights, a halogen, or an HID, that serves better in such circumstances as they hold a huge surface area. Place it on the front side of the vehicle. The beam of light coming out of these casts downwards and cover maximum road compare to any direct headlights.

You would have noticed these fog lights come with a yellow hue that passes the fog deeper than any white or blue headlight. Agree?

If we take the same topic to some scientific discussion, they have some other conclusions, but manufacturers know the fog lights are serving well and fulfilling the purpose.

What is the right time to use fog light?

Indeed it is a direct question, but as the name defines, fog lights have to be fog, isn’t it? To experience the most, use this light when the weather is foggy, but sadly drivers treat it like a normal headlight and let it be on the whole night. They think as it is adding extra light, they should use it throughout the night journey even when it is not foggy. It appears unnecessary, right? This reduces the bulb’s lifespan and somewhere wastes energy. Avoid it if it is not foggy!

Choosing the right color

This is bound to be a debating topic as manufacturers show their immense in yellow. As per the study, yellow adds additional wavelength, which plays a major role when you have to see through a fog wall. The result is maximum yellow fog light, complimenting led bulbs and halogen light. Other groups strongly oppose the idea of the yellow fog light. They insist on having a white one. Here you need to understand that the construction and peculiarity of the fog light is more important than color for better results. You can also compare both colors and buy fog lamps online from here

No missing right mounting spot

Manufacturers often place the fog lights lower than that of normal headlights. Is it a good strategy? Indeed yes! It gets easier to light through the fog without shading direct light. A lower angle is always a plus as it avoids the possibility of overlapping lights of fog lights and headlights. Try to keep it just a foot above the ground to get the best out of it. If you have space, a bumper can be the right place to mount it. Check the other available mounting solutions like front grille guards or the common brackets in case your bumper fails to add space for it.

To sum up: Don’t rely only on the fog lights

Just remember you need to drive safely and cannot put the whole burden of safety on the fog lights during foggy weather. The driving style on a normal road differs from a foggy one. Drive accordingly! You just can’t drive in the same way by claiming you have your fog lights on! Slow down to concentrate on the things you miss in such an environment. You will get time to react, which might reduce the possibility of any mishaps.

A good distance between your vehicle and other cars further reduces any chance of an accident. Using flashers during this time ensures you are visible to other vehicles around. If the weather is too dangerous, wait for a while till the fog does not lower down. Remember, safety is above all! You are precious!

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