Honda Activa 5G is Gone but Not Forgotten

Honda Activa 5G is Gone but Not Forgotten

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Automotive, Updated On
January 2nd, 2024

When it comes to two-wheeler sales in India, there’s a notable imbalance. Indeed, Activa is the standalone contender that doesn’t merely achieve twice the sales of its nearest competitors; it also stands as the most after two-wheeler in the country as well.

However, with time, a demand for change arises. What started with the 3G model has followed us to 2023 with 6G and Smart H — with the same old classic design but with a lot of features and add-ons. Today, however, we will focus on one particular model, and that is Honda Activa 5G. Launched in 2018, this model is still in the hearts of many as the 6G shines the road, but why? Does it bring something more to the table? 

Let’s’ see!

The Rise of the Activa 5G:

Introduced by Honda in 2001, the Activa series quickly became synonymous with reliability, performance, and the epitome of convenience in urban commuting. The Activa 5G, the fifth generation in this venerable lineup, continued the legacy with its sleek design, advanced features, and efficient engine.

The Activa 5G boasted a refined 109.19 cc engine, delivering a perfect balance of power and fuel efficiency. Its Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) feature, combined with tubeless tires and Combi Brake System (CBS), showcased Honda’s commitment to safety and innovation.

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Launch Date And Key Differentiators That Made 5G The Unique Proposition

Unveiled at Auto Expo 2018, the Honda Activa 5G hit the Indian market in the same year. The base STD variant was priced at Rs 52,460, while the higher DLX variant of Activa 5g price started at Rs 54,325 (both prices are ex-showroom, Delhi).

The most notable design modification in the 5G compared to the 4G model was the introduction of an all-LED headlamp and chrome styling inserts. Additionally, it featured a new front hook and an enhanced muffler protector as standard. The higher-end DLX variant boasted a digital-analog instrument cluster with Eco and service-due indicator lights. To set it apart from its predecessors, two new colors were introduced – Dazzle Yellow Metallic and Pearl Spartan Red.

Under the seat, it housed a 109.19cc air-cooled engine generating approximately 8bhp at 7500rpm and 9Nm at 5500rpm. It came equipped with a V-Matic gearbox as a standard feature.

What Makes The Activa 5G The Preferred Choice?

The Activa 6G is propelled by a BS6-compliant 109.51 cc single-cylinder engine featuring a fuel-injection system, a departure from the BS4 109.19 cc engine in the Activa 5G, which utilized a carbureted unit. However, there’s a downside: the power output has decreased from 7.96 hp at 7500 rpm to 7.79 hp at 7500 rpm, and the torque has also taken a hit, dropping by 0.21 Nm from 9 Nm at 5500 rpm to 8.79 Nm at 5250 rpm and Honda Activa 5G mileage was around 60 KMPL.

This marks a significant disappointment with the new Activa 6G. The 5G, in comparison, boasted more power and robustness, making it better suited for daily commuter use.

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Features That Compete Till Today

Has the Activa 5G undergone a notable transformation? Well, yes and no! While the overall shape of the scooter remains unchanged mainly, there are subtle distinctions in some styling (and slightly higher in pricing, too). Notably, the front apron, LED headlight (exclusive to the Deluxe variant), and the front fender have received slight revisions to maintain a fresh appearance. The rear quarter panels have also been redesigned to align more closely with the Activa 125 BS6.

The introduction of an integrated dual-function switch adds convenience, allowing users to open the seat or the external filler cap without dismounting the scooter. Honda seems attuned to customer feedback, incorporating an engine kill switch and a pass light on the Activa 6G—significant features that were absent in the Activa 5G.

Although the Activa 6  G’s instrument console has been revamped, it lacks a digital inset, a standard feature these days. However, the new console does feature a diagnostics function indicator, automatically identifying any motor-related issues with the help of sensors.

Color Options

Honda Activa 5G exceeds in the variety of colors it offers as compared with its successors and predecessors. The Activa 5G paint ranges have a variety of colors, starting from Dazzle Yellow Metallic and Majestic Brown Metallic, which are very bright. On top of this, the Matte Selene Silver Metalic, Pearl Amazing White, Pearl Spartan Red, Trance Blue Metalic, Strontium Silver Metalic/Pearl Igneous Black, and Pearl Precious White/Matte Selene Silver give the customers multi-color options for a more customized look.

The End of an Era:

In 2020, Honda decided to discontinue the Activa 5G, making way for newer models with updated features and technologies. While the decision was a part of the natural progression in the automotive industry, it left many enthusiasts nostalgic for the iconic scooter.

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However, the end of production does not signal the end of the Activa 5  G’s influence. The scooter continues to be a sought-after choice in the second-hand market, with enthusiasts eager to experience the magic that made it a legend.

The Legacy Lives On:

Despite being off the assembly line, the Activa 5G lives on in the memories and experiences of riders who once owned or rode this iconic scooter. Its legacy is carried forward by newer models in the Activa series, which inherit the qualities that made their predecessor a favorite among scooter enthusiasts.


All in all, It is not debated that 6G may have more features than the 5G model, but among the people, the Activa 5G model is still in their hearts. Honda Activa 5G price in India was more affordable; it was more refined, more powerful, and more stable. And if you are still in love with this model, you still buy it in the used two-wheeler market till something better comes up from Honda.

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