5 Reasons Why You Need To Copy A Car Key

5 Reasons Why You Need To Copy A Car Key

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Automotive, Updated On
February 3rd, 2023

It can be helpful for many types of cars and other valuables, like a boat or motorcycles. You would have to remove the key from the ignition, disconnect it from its retaining clip, and then slide it into your pocket or handbag before taking it somewhere safe.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Copy A Car Key

Copy A Car Key

A car key copy saves you when you get yourself locked out of the car

If you were to get stuck outside your vehicle because you locked your keys inside, you could use a car key copy as a substitute. It will allow you to drive away and prevent your car from being stolen.

A copy makes for a good emergency replacement key

When heading out on an excursion and you find yourself suddenly unable to gain access to your vehicle, you can use a copy as an emergency replacement. Doing so will get you back on the road and protect your vehicle from being stolen. It’s helpful to carry two copies on your person.

It prevents broken or bent car key incidents

If your key becomes broken or bent from repeated use, it can cause your vehicle’s ignition not to work. A copy will allow you to replace your original key and serve as a stand-in for it when needed. It can be as simple as pointing the copy at your vehicle and pushing the unlock button. It’s usually enough to unlock a door to get inside.

Key copies are handy for children or people who lose their keys often

If you have a child responsible enough to use their car keys, they lose them all the time. You can make copies of their keys at home and leave one with them, keeping the other in a safe place at home. When they lose theirs again, you’ll have a replacement ready and waiting.

Key copies make stealing a thing of the past

The last reason you need to copy a car key is to protect your car from theft. If someone were to steal your vehicle, they wouldn’t have access to the ignition and would have to get towed away. If you have a crucial replacement made, then you can use it as an ignition lock substitute in case there’s ever an attempt to steal your vehicle. It can also protect your belongings inside the car.

Keys are considered one of the most ill-reputed items anyone can have but are also among the most valuable. The right key is important because it allows you to get into your car and drive it home, which makes you happier, safer, and more secure. Car keys are also easy to spot and track down. That’s why it’s recommended that you make copies whenever you lose your key or damage the original. Car key duplication is familiar and easy to accomplish with the right skills and materials.

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