DNABLOCK Wins Webby Award For Groundbreaking AI-Assisted 3D Animation Software

DNABLOCK Wins Webby Award For Groundbreaking AI-Assisted 3D Animation Software

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July 12th, 2023

First AI Avatar In History Wins Prestigious Award

DNABLOCK is proud to highlight its People’s Voice Winner achievement at the 2023 Webby Awards for Rise Up. This award won in collaboration with 2WEI & Edda Hayes, represents the first time an AI Avatar has received this honor.

By winning this award in technical achievement, DNABLOCK has signaled its continued commitment to bringing best-in-class 3D animation software to all, in keeping with their mission to democratize content creation.

“Rise Up for Edda Hayes is powered by DNABLOCK, and is a series of limited-edition collections of Web3D avatars, objects, and environments,” said Luc Schurgers, CEO at DNABLOCK. “The music itself is accessible for collectors and is generated in real time, with permanence on the blockchain. We were very pleased to win People’s Voice Winner for Technical Achievement & Metaverse, where virtual or remote experiences are produced in a way that sets an industry standard by using new, innovative web technology in an outstanding way that improves the overall experience.”

Making The Achievement

DNABLOCK Wins Webby Award

Since 1997 The Webby Awards have highlighted the best of the internet across a diverse range of websites, applications, and media. Known as the “web’s most prestigious award,” the Webbys are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and represent an opportunity to highlight the internet’s best.

DNABLOCK garnered a People’s Voice award for Technical Achievement in the Metaverse, Immersive, And Virtual category. Webby voting participants were impressed by the cutting-edge 3D animation technology displayed in Rise Up, created in collaboration with artists 2WEI and Edda Hayes.

“We knew the Technical Achievement category was the right fit for this project. In Rise Up we were really able to highlight our platform Replikant’s wide-ranging capabilities. The attention it’s received has been phenomenal.”

Rise Up: A New Chapter For DNABLOCK


The recent win represents the first time an AI avatar has received a Webby Award, highlighted on the Webby Awards webpage. Behind the camera, the project’s technical creation was the work of a long-time DNABLOCK team.

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Victor Garrido, Head of Product; Luc Schurgers, CEO; Csaba Molnár, Lead Coder; Ximo Catala, Cinematic Director; and Áron Ürögdi, Senior Software Engineer, all contributed to the project. This Webby Award represents collective decades of professional experience all focused on one groundbreaking achievement.

“We’re thrilled that people are connecting with the characters they make with Replikant,” Schurgers added. “

There’s so much technical talent that goes into building an AI-assisted 3D animation software. This award represents all the achievements our team has made along the way, and the importance of bringing our 3D virtual content creation platform to the public.”

The Future of Replikant

Thanks to the Webby Awards, Rise Up may be the most well-known project built with Replikant, but the well-received Edda Hayes collaboration is not alone. Upcoming projects built with Replikant include The Swaggatrons and Polar Bear Parliament, both highlighting the technical 3D creation achievements noted by Webby voters.

This range of projects highlights Replikant’s use in everything from NFT drops to activism to music videos and more. Because Replikant is powered by Unreal Engine 5, the software is ideal for content creation across genres, opening up the limits of what users can do—no matter the skill level.

“You don’t need any code or animation experience to create with Replikant. That’s going to be one of our biggest game changers for the world of 3D content,” said Schurgers.

“Until now, if you wanted to create a project as thrilling, creative, and technically competent as Rise Up, you would need a large team with years of experience with 3D software. Now the visions creatives have can come to life much more easily—we call it ‘content creation at the speed of thought.’”

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Users interested in trying Replikant for themselves can join the waitlist at DNABLOCK’s website, and keep up with the latest announcements from the Webby Award winner.

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