Signing Up for Online Apps with Disposable Phone Numbers

Signing Up for Online Apps with Disposable Phone Numbers

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Apps, Published On
August 18, 2022

Everywhere we go, technology is constantly evolving all around the world. More and more websites and applications are trying to get our personal information and data for reselling. Luckily some online services are offering solutions such as temporary emails and disposable numbers to get past this. Those solutions allow internet users to avoid revealing much private information to those platforms during the verification process.

Temporary emails and disposable numbers are very good as they:

  • Can help to reduce privacy and confidentiality risks;
  • Do not sell any personal data;
  • Can help reduce spam calls and texts to your personal number.

They are used by a lot of people on the internet and they are legal for most purposes when it comes to signing up for your website or application of choice.

What is a disposable phone number?

You may be wondering what a disposable number is, right? A disposable online phone number is a number that is used for creating accounts on different websites and applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and others. There is no need at all to use your personal phone number when signing up with a disposable number.

Disposable phone numbers are extremely cheap. Most often its cost is less than one dollar and rarely exceeds this mark. Moreover, it is possible to get disposable numbers in whatever location all around the globe. The ability to select various countries is very useful as it allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and make it look like you are from that specific country or region.

This is why they are also potentially great if you want to create a business deal with somebody or want to travel without possible roaming costs or having the need to buy an expensive SIM card in another country. So you may be wondering where you can buy cheap yet premium disposable numbers that can be used for registration on different applications and websites.

Service to get disposable numbers

There are many places where internet users can obtain disposable numbers in different countries. You may be tempted to flock to many other websites but one of the best platforms is SMS-Man. This service offers disposable phone numbers that work for receiving OTP from 1000+ services and has more than 100+ suppliers for over 120+ countries. They are a well-used platform and actively adding new features along with websites and applications to the list of their solutions.

Getting a disposable number with this online service requires users to:

  • Sign up for
  • Verify registered account and log in.
  • Proceed to the payment window and add funds to your balance in a suitable way such as through online bank transfer, electronic wallets, or cryptocurrencies.
  • Open the homepage of the platform. On this page you need to choose the country of the mobile operator and for registration on which website or application a disposable phone number will be used.
  • Click the purchase button to get a disposable number.

The last step is to use an obtained number to sign up for a selected online service. Just enter it on its registration page and request a verification code. Once it is sent, switch back to SMS-Man, find there your disposable number, and press the “Get SMS” button placed next to it. Revealed digits are used to finish the profile creation process.

In addition, this platform offers other features such as a rent feature. It allows you to get multiple SMS using only one phone number within a fixed period of time and for a certain cost. It is very helpful if you want to receive several text messages and sign up for unlimited websites and applications with the same number.


Disposable phone numbers are very useful for many purposes. They are a growing part of the mobile technologies industry and allow creating multiple profiles on the same online platform as well as stopping personal data from getting leaked. You can get disposable numbers in many countries around the world without having to even leave your house. So it is pretty multipurpose and convenient in usage solution for many various tasks.

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