Kicksta Review: Get Real Instagram Followers To Grow Your Marketing Business

Kicksta Review: Get Real Instagram Followers To Grow Your Marketing Business

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Apps, Updated On
May 26th, 2024

In today’s Kicksta review, we’ll be assessing one of the top marketing automation tools among marketing companies in search of rapid growth.

Kicksta has earned an excellent reputation over the years thanks to its ability to deliver fast, authentic results to influencers and brands.

The solution focuses on helping users to enhance their social media presence, by giving them a convenient way to connect with and engage potential Instagram followers rapidly.

Using proprietary technology and proven methods, Kicksta can help to increase brand awareness for marketing companies, generate audience attention, and drive sales.

Perhaps most importantly, Kicksta focuses on finding clients with real, human followers. That means no bots, fake accounts, or unnecessary issues with spam.

Here’s what marketing businesses need to know about Kicksta.

Kicksta Review: Is It Safe & Effective?

The more followers you have on Instagram, the more likely you are to generate positive business results.

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram allows marketing professionals to capture the attention of new clients and showcase their industry expertise.

Unfortunately, achieving rapid growth on Instagram isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Already, there are hundreds of thousands of companies competing for the attention of the same potential clients and followers. While creating an effective content marketing plan that attracts people with relevant engaging posts can help you to grow over time, it can still be challenging to get the initial boost you need to place your business in the spotlight.

In the past, some companies have resorted to unsafe practices, like buying followers in the form of fake accounts and bots to strengthen the appearance of their brands. Unfortunately, counterfeit followers don’t deliver any genuine benefits to your bottom line.

They can also put your reputation at risk (mainly if they’re used to post spam), and may lead to bans and penalties from Instagram.

Tools like Kicksta are designed to accelerate Instagram Growth the safe way.

They help you to find and connect with possible followers faster so you can improve your credibility online and start generating real results from your social media campaigns. Kicksta uses a tried-and-tested method of engaging potential followers automatically to drive real human beings back to a specific Instagram profile and encourage them to follow the company.

Currently, about 100,000+ agencies, influencers, and businesses around the world are using Kicksta to enhance their Instagram presence safely and effectively.

Kicksta Review: Kicksta’s Features

Kicksta is an Instagram growth platform with a handful of valuable features tailored to improve social media marketing results. The solution offers access to:

  • Proprietary AI technology: Kicksta uses its own innovative AI technology to help find the most lucrative followers for marketing companies and reduce the risk of attracting bots and fake accounts. The AI tech reaches out to potential followers automatically and engages with them to drive attention back to a company’s profile.
  • Instagram targets: To help guide the AI system, Kicksta customers can choose specific targets they want the platform to focus on. These “target accounts” are profiles on Instagram which share a similar audience to the one the client wants to access. Target accounts can belong to influencers, competitors, or other businesses. Some Kicksta plans also come with advanced targeting features (to target customers based on hashtag or location), as well as blacklisting capabilities to help the algorithm ignore certain accounts.

Kicksta Review

  • Instagram marketing tools: Alongside the proprietary Instagram growth tools, Kicksta also offers companies access to a number of features to help them boost their marketing campaigns. There are intuitive tips, guides, and knowledge articles on the website. You can also access engagement rate calculators to help you choose the right influencer and automatic hashtag generators to improve post visibility.
  • Fast, secure growth: Kicksta sets itself apart from other Instagram growth platforms by promising only to use the safest methods for boosting social media followers. The proprietary algorithm focuses on reducing your exposure to bots and fake accounts so you only collect genuine, authentic followers. The service is also delivered quickly to help users start achieving their social media goals faster.
  • Tracking and analytics: Kicksta is transparent with its growth services, providing customers with insights into their performance and accomplishments over time. Built-in reporting and tracking features in a dedicated dashboard allow users to see how much growth they’ve achieved within a specific time.

Kicksta Review

  • It’s easy to monitor your progress each month.

How Does Kicksta Work?

Kicksta’s Instagram growth service is based on a tried-and-tested engagement method.

When customers sign up for an account, they’ll be asked to choose a series of “targets” for their profile. These are specific Instagram users with a similar audience to the one the company wants to reach.

Based on the targets you choose, the AI algorithm will begin tracking down relevant followers on Instagram and liking one or two photos on their account.

This helps to increase awareness of the brand and encourages individuals to visit the company’s profile and like or follow them in return.

The Kicksta method is a lot safer than some of the other alternative strategies for accelerating Instagram growth, such as the follow/unfollow method.

It doesn’t put companies at risk of any penalties from Instagram and won’t harm the brand’s engagement ratios. It’s also safer than sending pre-scripted direct messages or comments to customers, as this strategy can often harm a company’s reputation and make them look “spammy.”

Kicksta’s premium plans also offer advanced targeting options, which allow companies to focus on generating followers more specifically by targeting a hashtag or location. It’s also possible to blacklist accounts you don’t want the algorithm to look at.

Kicksta’s Pricing

One point we noticed during our Kicksta review is the pricing structure is very transparent and straightforward.

There are a few different plans to choose from, depending on how quickly you need to accelerate your growth. Plus, none of the plans tie you into any long-term contracts, and they all come with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Options include:

  • Standard: $49 per month: This plan offers moderate growth speed, access to onboarding courses, up to 10 Instagram targets, and standard support.
  • Premium: $99 per month: With this plan, customers get all the features of Standard, plus “maximum” growth, VIP email support, blocklisting, and advanced targeting features.
  • Pro: $218 per month: The Boost plan includes all the features ofPremiumm and guarantees customers at least 1200+ new genuine followers each month. You don’t need to provide your Instagram login on this plan, and you get access to onboarding videos to get you started. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure you’re reaching a diversified selection of followers, and you’ll have Premium 5-day-per-week support.

Kicksta Review

Kicksta’s Customer Service

Our Kicksta review wouldn’t be complete without a quick look at the customer service offered by the brand.

Notably, Kicksta is committed to providing its customers with a streamlined and customized experience. You’ll get onboarding courses included with all plans to help you get started, and there’s a knowledge base entire of valuable articles to help you.

If you choose a more expensive premium plan from Kicksta, you’ll be able to access VIP service in the form of rapid email responses to all of your questions.

There’s also live chat available five days per week for companies using the Pro plan.

Is Kicksta An Effective Tool For Instagram Growth?

Our Kicksta review revealed that this Instagram Growth solution has achieved fantastic popularity for a reason.

The platform makes it quick and simple for marketing businesses to improve their social media presence and attract new leads and customers. With Kicksta, you can expand your reach on Instagram without having to devote endless hours to finding new followers.

Kicksta automates the growth process, seeking out genuine leads who can bring real value to your business. The customer service is excellent, and the targeting features mean you can always ensure you’re focusing your budget on attracting the followers who’ll deliver the best results for your brand.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about any Instagram penalties because the growth methods used are entirely safe and reliable.

If you want to make sure you can stand out on Instagram and reach new followers fast, Kicksta could be the ideal tool for you.

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