10 Alternatives Of Speedwrite

10 Alternatives Of Speedwrite

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Alternatives, Updated On
September 17th, 2023

In the modern world, people are majorly using AI technology to make their work life easier and hassle-free. In the sector of content writing, these AI-induced digital tools, for example, Speedwrite, are in greater demand as many clients are working on their writing with the help of these paraphrasing tools. We will aim to outline ten more alternative tools similar to Speedwrite.

Top 10 Alternatives Of Speedwrite



Jasper is the first alternative that we will recommend using as it is one of the most credible tools for penning down large pieces of writing. The tool helps the writers with a systematic workflow and it often constructs the whole writing for the users. It also has features like “expander” and “improver” to make the writing more professional and impactful than what we got from Speedwrite.



Another AI-induced digital tool for easier paraphrasing and writing chunks of words. This application is generally used over Chrome websites and it is one of the easiest applications to use, especially for paraphrasing texts. One of the best features of this application that makes it a better alternative to Speedwrite is that we can rephrase smaller clusters of words in a long sentence. This makes the work extensively authentic.



Growthbar is one of the best options for writing SEO or Search Engine Optimisation Content and this tool has specific SEO features including “keyword research and backlink analysis”. These features, however, make this application a bit more difficult to use than any others in this list. We still suggest this tool as the best for generating SEO content with ease.

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This tool is also an alternative to Speedwrite. Unlike Speedwrite, Copy.ai generates not only quality content but also at a speed of 5-10x. Thus, we will recommend this tool for users who are in a rush to submit or manufacture content in a regular yet speedy manner. This tool also generates outlines of the content they are creating.



Suggestions and inclusion of this alternative in this list are essential as it is one of the best applications that is used for paraphrasing. The paraphrasing and rephrasing quality of this tool is marvellous and it does the job with excellent speed. However, users might face unnecessary advertisements and in-app purchasing pop-up ads everywhere, making the usage a bit irritating.



Another paraphrasing and content-generating application, which users can put into action instead of Speedwrite. This application provides zero percent plagiarism reports and rephrases large contents of general websites, for instance, Wikipedia. Thus, we can say that for lazy students, this application is a perfect solution.



We will call this application a “Do-it-all” tool as it not only writes, rewriters, phrases, and rephrases content as per requirement. This tool is also used everywhere, and one can install it on their system as an extension. However, we will suggest not to use this tool in Google Docs and Drive. Other than that, everyone is free to choose their usage.



This is a comprehensive application that not only helps users to pen down their Word files but also helps to generate the shape of a whole project which might include designs, patterns, workflow, outlines and presentation. Users can choose from the ocean of options for selecting a suitable template and design assets. This is an upgraded alternative to Speedwrite.

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This application is mostly recommended for users who are working for agencies and companies as Copysmith generates content that targets retailers and e-commerce requirements. This application has similar features that help this generation of data. It is the total opposite of Copysmith however, it provides plag-free content.



This is one of the most popular alternatives to Speedwrite, as it generates content with predictive analysis. This feature of predictive analysis helps not the application to generate quality content but also the user can customise and modify their requirements with their requests. The AI of this application understands such requirements.


Hope this blog helps to find the best solution and alternative to the writing problems many of us face. All these applications are useful, however, the selection of the best-suited alternative depends on the user and their sole requirements.

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