18 Best 12-foot Ladder Alternatives

18 Best 12-foot Ladder Alternatives

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January 22, 2024

Looking for a 12ft ladder substitute? We created a full comparison chart of the best 12ft ladder options to help you. With 12ft.io down owing to Vercel hosting troubles and the internet continually changing, it’s important to experiment with similar services. In this article, we explore paid and free 12ft Ladder alternatives and provide a selected list of ways to overcome paywalls and access content.

The closing of 12ft Ladder, a tool for evading news paywalls, has left many users looking for alternatives. Legal and ethical issues drove this shutdown, highlighting the persistent conflict between open access to information and content creator rights. These 12ft Ladder options provide substance and manage legal and ethical issues. As we explore the most effective and responsible solutions, we must consider how they fit with digital content consumption and dissemination.

What Made Us Choose These?

Decision-making processes sometimes use ladder alternatives, also known as rung alternatives or ranking choices, to analyze and compare possibilities depending on criteria. Choose ladder alternatives because they offer an organized and systematic method of decision analysis. By structuring options hierarchically, decision-makers may simply assess their pros and cons, making decision-making more informed and transparent. This structured framework lets you evaluate alternatives based on cost, effectiveness, feasibility, and other variables.

Concerns about privacy, ethics, and legality led to the search for alternatives to MyStalk, a service used for internet stalking. The 15 Great MyStalk Alternatives strive to offer varied platforms that promote genuine and consensual connections to encourage responsible and polite online conduct. User permission, data protection, and ethical usage allow people to interact with online material that respects privacy and digital ethics.

Top 12-foot Ladder Alternatives

1. NordVPN


CyberSec, NordVPN’s built-in ad blocker, blocks advertisements and malware and bypasses paywalls to improve browsing. Panama is strategically chosen for NordVPN’s headquarters because it lacks data retention legislation and international intelligence-sharing partnerships. NordVPN’s no-logs policy and location solidify its reputation as a reliable privacy guardian. The service’s proactive approach to multiple security checks ensures it remains a dependable and secure VPN option for users globally that can defeat paywalls.


  • Built-in CyberSec ad blocker improves browsing.
  • Privacy headquarters in Panama.
  • Regular security audits and no-logs policy for reliability.

2. Incoggo


Incoggo is a wonderful alternative to a 12ft Ladder that bypasses paywalls and provides free news and publications. This tool is for Mac, with a Windows version coming. Incoggo blocks ads and blocks distractions so readers can read uninterrupted. It supports over 15 top periodicals, making it a versatile alternative for browsing a variety of materials. The tool’s focus on easy news and information access makes it valuable in the digital age.


  • Designed to bypass paywalls for free news.
  • Available for Mac, Windows version in development.
  • Blocks ads for undisturbed reading.
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3. Bypass Paywalls

Bypass Paywalls

The simple browser plugin Bypass Paywalls disables paywalls on numerous websites. Users who want rapid and reliable content access love its easy installation and use. GitHub offers the plugin for free, making it accessible to everybody. Users have complimented Bypass Paywalls for removing paywalls and allowing article access. Popularity proves its reliability as a paywall bypass method.


  • User-friendly browser plugin.
  • Easy paywall removal on numerous websites.
  • Wide accessibility via Github for free

4. Readium

Readium, a bookmarklet, lets users bypass click-gates and paywalls on top online periodicals and newspapers. It supports NYT, Medium, Business Insider, Bloomberg, and Towards Data Science. Readium is user-friendly, so even non-technical users may use it. Its academic and professional material benefits students and researchers. Readium stands for offering free, high-quality information across domains.


  • Skip click-gates and paywalls with a bookmarklet.
  • Designed for ease of use.
  • Focus on intellectual and professional content.

5. Unpaywall


Unpaywall is a browser add-on that offers millions of free scientific papers. It finds lawful, author-uploaded PDFs that are freely available to allow users to read scholarly literature. Researchers, students, and academics utilize Unpaywall to find scholarly materials. Its ease of use and large article database are lauded. Unpaywall helps democratize knowledge by providing reliable academic content access.


  • Browser extension for free scholarly articles.
  • Look for legal author-uploaded PDFs.
  • Many researchers, students, and academics use it.

6. Outline


Outline lets users bypass paywalls and access news websites for free. It works by simplifying the article without adverts or paywalls. Paste the article URL into Outline to get a tidy, readable version. Outline supports many news websites to provide diversified information. Its simplicity and efficacy make it a popular paywall bypasser.


  • News website paywall bypass tool.
  • It simplifies and removes ads from articles.
  • Supports many news sites.

7. Reeder


Reeder is a unique RSS reader that bypasses news website paywalls. It integrates with Feedbin, Feedly, and Instapaper to eliminate paywalls and make reading effortless. Users can combine content from numerous sources for a broad reading list. Many who want to access content without limits like Reeder’s easy UI and paywall bypassing capability. Its iOS/macOS interoperability promises a large user base.


  • Automatic paywall-bypassing RSS reader.
  • Works with Feedbin, Feedly, and Instapaper.
  • Read smoothly with intuitive UI.

8. Bypass Paywalls Clean

Bypass Paywalls Clean improves paywall bypassing in the browser. It removes paywalls and declutters the website for easier reading. The extension is compatible with many browsers because it works with Firefox and Chrome. Bypass Paywalls Clean lets visitors access several news websites without restrictions. Many users like it because it provides a clean, uninterrupted reading experience.


  • Enhance paywall bypass using a browser extension.
  • Removes paywalls and purifies websites for easier viewing.
  • Compatible with Firefox and Chrome.

9. Text Fish

Text Fish

Text Fish lets readers overcome paywalls and read complete news items. It simplifies the material without adverts or paywalls. Just enter the article URL, and Text Fish generates a clean, legible version. It supports many news websites to provide various material. Text Fish is renowned for bypassing paywalls due to its ease and efficacy.

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  • Web tool to bypass paywalls and view the full content.
  • It simplifies and removes ads from articles.
  • Supports many news sites.

10. Archive.is


Users can archive websites with Archive.is, creating a permanent connection. As an alternative to the 12ft Ladder, it lets users overcome paywalls and access content. Enter the URL of the article to archive, and Archive.is provides a permanent, paywall-free link. It supports several websites, giving users access to diverse material. Archive.is bypasses paywalls and archives well.


  • Web page capture and archive tool.
  • Alternative to 12ft Ladder for paywall bypass.
  • Permanent links to paywall-free material.

11. Archived copy

Users can view old web pages on the Wayback Machine. As an alternative to 12ft Ladder, it lets users overcome paywalls and access content. Enter the article URL to access an archived version on the Wayback Machine. It supports several websites, giving users access to a variety of content. The Wayback Machine is lauded for its vast library and unfettered content.


  • Digital Web archive.
  • Provides archived versions to bypass paywalls.
  • Large archive for websites.



Academics can use SCI-HUB instead of 12ft Ladder to get free scholarly papers and publications. Enter the DOI or URL of the paper to access the entire material on SCI-HUB, free of paywalls. It supports many academic databases, giving students and scholars access to content. SCI-HUB is lauded for bypassing paywalls and making academic content open.


  • Web tool for free academic articles.
  • Supports many academic databases.
  • Link to complete material via DOI or URL.

13. PrintFriendly


PrintFriendly is a browser extension and utility that cleans and prints web pages. As an alternative to the 12ft Ladder, it lets users overcome paywalls and access content. Enter the URL of the article to print, and PrintFriendly provides a simplified, ad-free version. It supports several websites, giving users access to various materials. PrintFriendly is lauded for its clutter-free reading experience and user-friendly UI.


  • Web tool and browser extension for clean, printed versions.
  • Avoids paywalls by offering ad-free content.
  • Clear reading interface.

14. Wallabag


Wallabag, an open-source web software, bypasses news website paywalls by saving online pages for later reading. It saves web page content to a user’s Wallabag account, where it may be accessed without paywalls or advertising. The app works on many devices and browsers, making it accessible to everyone. Wallabag is popular for bypassing paywalls and saving content for later reading due to its versatility and ease of use.


  • Open-source web-saving software.
  • News website paywalls are bypassed.
  • Saves information for later reading.

15. Anti-Paywall


The browser plugin Anti-Paywall lets users bypass paywalls and access content. By detecting and removing news website paywalls, it makes reading smooth. For interoperability with many browsers, the extension is provided for Chrome and Firefox. Users use Anti-Paywall because it takes a little setup and runs automatically. It supports several news websites, giving customers unlimited access to various content.


  • The browser plugin removes paywalls automatically.
  • Promotes undisturbed reading.
  • Chrome and Firefox-compatible support news websites.

16. Pocket


Users can save articles, videos, and other web content in Pocket for offline, later retrieval. This application is perfect for getting around paywalls because it saves content off the webpage. To make reading less distracting, Pocket gets rid of formatting and ads. The app is widely accessible because it is available on iOS, Android, and browser extensions. Based on their interests, users can access new and fascinating material with the aid of the Pocket suggestion tool. Pocket is an excellent tool for evading paywalls and storing data because of its straightforward design and practical functionality.

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  • Versatile application for storing articles, movies, and web content.
  • Paywalls are directly circumvented by saving material for offline viewing.
  • eliminates layout and ads to provide a distraction-free reading experience.
  • extensively accessible as browser extensions and for iOS and Android.

17. Slayer of Paywalls

Users can get around paywalls on news websites and see content for free by using the browser extension Paywall Smasher. It makes reading easier by automatically removing paywalls. Many users can access it because the extension is compatible with both Chrome and Firefox. With Paywall Smasher, users can freely access content from numerous news websites. The program is a reliable paywall bypasser since it is effective and simple to use.


  • Use a browser add-on to get around news paywalls.
  • Paywall removal is done automatically for easy reading.
  • compatible with Firefox and Chrome.
  • offers a variety of news articles by endorsing several websites.

18. FreeMyBrowser


Unlike 12ft Ladder, FreeMyBrowser gets around paywalls and unlocks material from news websites. Paywalls are removed with this browser plugin, allowing for a seamless surfing experience. It is universally accessible and compatible with a wide range of browsers. Users appreciate FreeMyBrowser’s dependable content access and user-friendly UI. On its several news websites, users can quickly access a wide range of news articles and stories.


  • Dedicated browser plugin to get around paywalls and access material that is locked.
  • allows for seamless surfing by getting rid of paywalls.
  • Accessible with wide browser compatibility.
  • renowned for dependability and simplicity.

Which Is The Best?

NordVPN’s robust security features, easy-to-use interface, and extensive server network across multiple countries make it one of the best VPN services available. NordVPN, a well-known provider of privacy protection, keeps users safe and anonymous online by utilizing strong encryption methods, a no-logs policy, and a dual VPN feature.

Both novices and specialists may utilize it thanks to its user-friendly interface, and its massive server network offers dependable, fast connections throughout the world. In order to maintain its reputation as a dependable and all-inclusive online security and privacy solution, NordVPN additionally employs cutting-edge technologies and conducts system audits.


By displaying the choice landscape, ladder alternatives facilitate stakeholder understanding and participation in the decision-making process. Because ladder alternatives are hierarchical, decision-makers can evaluate criteria and rank them.

By using a methodical approach, biases are avoided and decisions are made with defined parameters in mind. By providing a clear framework for choice analysis and facilitating a more impartial and rational review, ladder alternatives help decision-makers make better decisions.

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