How to Choose the Yacht Rental in Dubai

How to Choose the Yacht Rental in Dubai

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December 10, 2022

With the luxury and characteristic glitters of Dubai comes the majesty of the yacht. A normalized form of water transport, yachts are chosen 9 times out of 10 to celebrate some of life’s biggest milestones and achievements. This article will guide you through choosing the right luxury yacht rental in Dubai for special celebrations.

Luxury Yachts; Pick the right one for you

Yacht Rental in Dubai

Each yacht comes with a price tag and a host of fun options based on various factors, and with this year’s jolliest season going strong now, let’s lay out a few options to help you pick a yacht for rent in Dubai.

For the ultimate party experience, a few factors to keep in mind are as follows: 

  • The docking station.
  • The capacity (number of people).
  • The amenities are included based on the size of the yacht.
  • The price by the hour or by days booked for.

Once the listed details are understood and established, choosing the right yacht is a click away. Luxury yacht rental in Dubai is easier with the rise of online platforms making it accessible. For starters, Yacht Rental UAE offers a wide array of options to curate your experience and make it memorable. From mega yachts to smaller, more intimate options, Yacht Rental UAE offers a wide range to choose from.

The process of picking the right luxury yacht

Here’s a guide to booking the yacht you need:

  • Docking and boarding

We start with the docking station. A few of the most popular spots to find yachts docked are the Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Creek, Burj Al Arab, and The World Islands. Another upcoming and happening location is La Mer, a quaint and fun destination in Dubai. Finding a docking station accessible and convenient for you and your guests is essential, as it ensures everyone boards the yacht with no complications. Yachts leave the dock at a scheduled time for departure; hence it is important to stay on track.

  • Guests and Capacity

Determining the size of the guest list serves two purposes; it helps with selecting the right yacht on your budget for the number of people attending and figuring out activities around the guests. The most popular type of yachts are the motor yachts, known for their sizeable deck, multiple boarding rooms where guests can stay overnight, and other luxurious amenities.

Sailing yachts are for the adventurous crowd that don’t mind the challenge of surfing the waves. Sailing yachts are also on the classic, clean end if you want to make it an intimate experience for your partner and maneuver the sails through the waters.

Catamarans are also an excellent option for parties and celebratory events and are a lot easier to anchor, making them a great choice for a huge group of people. Catamarans also happen to be an environmentally friendly option as it burns less fuel.

With these details taken care of, the next step is to speak to your yacht rental company in Dubai about what each rental yacht would come with regarding amenities on board and what external services can be provided.

  • Yacht Features and Amenities

Based on the size of the yacht, features like indoor swimming pools and nightclubs with a capacity of 200 people are available for rent. Chefs preparing meals on board, decor based on the requirement of the event, and water sports can also be added. A DJ can be arranged for the booking along with the crew to ensure passengers’ safety and comfort. Everything from engagements, weddings, and birthdays to customized services are available.

  • Does it fit your budget?

Finally, each rental service comes with a price tag; in this case, the yachts can be rented out for a few hours or a few days. The total cost will be determined with the added services as well, as the baseline only calculates the fuel cost and maintenance of the ship.

  • When to book a luxury yacht

  • The appeal and experience of a luxury yacht start with the booking; each aspect allows for a unique experience. The earlier, the better is the motto, and here’s why.
  • An early booking provides more variety on the availability and options of yachts, allowing you to choose the right yacht.
  • Getting a discount with an early booking might also land you a discount on the overall price tag, saving you a few dirhams.
  • And most importantly, just planning your itinerary ensures a seamless and fun experience for the whole group.

Booking a yacht doesn’t have to be about parties; business deals and family trips are great. Consider it when you make the right impression on your business deal. Quality time with family on a yacht makes the experience picture-perfect. Another picture-perfect moment is the summer sunsets and the night lights at the shore. Yachts add to the experience when chartered during sunset or at night. The views are always breathtaking. A few things to keep in mind before you finalize your dream yacht are to remember to speak to your booking service about your yacht rental for important stats like efficiency and speed, test drives, and inspection.

Ensure all the safety measures are in place to keep children and babies safe on board.

Our top 10 recommended yachts based on capacity are

Yacht Rental in Dubai

  1. Azimut 48- No Regrets- for 5-10 people
  2. PR Marine- 90 Haigan- for 20 people
  3. Nuvari 64- Luna- for 25 people
  4. Azimut 25- Victoria- for 25 people
  5. Fairline 75- Squadron- for 33 people
  6. Duretti 85- Black Pearl- for 45 people
  7. Majesty 101- Black Diamond- for 50 people
  8. Custom 80- Stealth- for 60 people
  9. Dubai Marine 90- Ocean Pearl- for 65 people
  10. Custom Yacht 220- Lotus- for 500 people

Book your luxury yacht today

Today, occasions and special moments are a great excuse to get on a luxury yacht in Dubai. Luxury yacht rentals in Dubai are the best way to elevate your party experience, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy some time in the water. Yachts can be used for fishing trips and sporting events.

Discover Dubai and the best spots around the city on a luxury yacht of your choice today.

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