7 Not-to-do Things in Dubai

7 Not-to-do Things in Dubai

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Travel, Published On
May 10, 2021

Dubai is a very well-known destination for tourism and business hubs. Millions of people visit this beautiful emirate throughout the year across the globe. This city has skyscrapers, amazing buildings, giant shopping malls, a wonderful theme, and water parks, and many more for the tourists and visitors who love to visit it. The city of gold is considered a heavenly place for tourists. This city offers them traditional and cultural masterpieces with a touch of modernism. Here we are sharing not-to-do things in Dubai.

Dubai should be your next destination for spending summer vacations or your family holidays. But hold on! it is the city of rules and regulations and it will never get compromised on violation of laws and rules. Whenever you visit Dubai, make sure that you are not doing anything that is against the UAE’s law. Otherwise, you will put yourself into much trouble. Punishment of law violations in the United Arab Emirates will be either imprisonment or a heavy fine. You will also get slapped with black points along with fines whenever you break traffic laws and rules. So, ready carefully not-to-do things in Dubai.

Not-to-do Things in Dubai

Some of the things that you must not do in Dubai are given here. Also, contact any car rental Dubai company to book a car of your choice.

1- Do not Show PDA

PDA - kissing

You will find a lot of things that are forbidden in Dubai and Public Display of Affection (PDA) is among them. In the city, holding hands in public or hugging and kissing are against social values. All such things are unacceptable and if someone is caught doing them in public he will surely be sent to jail. Most of the foreigners especially from western countries have suffered this in Dubai. Another important thing to remember is never to join the bandwagon as it is considered as one of the top things not to do in Dubai.

2- Do not Cuss in Public & Avoid Swearing

Do not Cuss in Public & Avoid Swearing

Whenever you are in Dubai you should get extra conscious about your language and behavior when you are out in public or talking to a local. The city is very conservative whenever it comes to bad and abusive language. Control the use of vulgar language and keep all the cuss words away. Swearing, insults, profanities, and all kinds of abusive languages are strictly prohibited and considered obscene acts. Because they all make a rude gesture and you may be fined or jailed whenever you use it. Also, avoid any comment that may be insulting towards Muslims or Islam.

3- Do not Take Photographs without Permission (especially of women)

taking photo without permission

It is among one of the most important things not to do in Dubai. Taking snaps of anyone without permission is against law. Dubai is a wonderful place, and everyone loves to take pictures as they go around the city. But take proper cautions while clicking snaps as modesty and safety are very important for everyone. In Dubai, you are not allowed to click pictures of anyone without his/her permission. Especially when it comes to children and women, it is strictly frowned upon. So, it is better to save images in your memory and enjoy the incredible city of Dubai.

4- Do not Eat in Public During Ramadan

dont eat in public

This one is considered to be one the most important not-to-do things in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country and Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims in which they are fasting from day to dusk. If you are visiting Dubai during this holy month, you should know that it is forbidden to eat, drink, and smoke in public during daylight. Even you are not allowed to snack in your car or chew gum in public. You can eat in the comfort zone of your hotel’s room or restaurant where you can eat without being noticed. However, children and pregnant women are allowed to eat in public.

5- Do not Carry All your Medicines

dont carry all your medicines

The UAE is also a strict country for bringing medicine. You are not permitted to bring medicine along with you including some of the psychotropic substances. Not even your anti-anxiety or anti-depression drugs are allowed. Whenever you come into the country, its airports are on high alert and if you use some kind of medicine or drugs you will be sent to jail for at least 4 years. You should carry your doctor’s or physician’s note with you when you are using any kind of medicine.

6- Do not Dress Inappropriately

dont dress inappropriate

In the city of gold, women are expected to dress modestly in public areas like parks, malls, beaches, mosques, etc. It is an important not-to-do thing in Dubai. Although Dubai is considered a hub of modernism you are not allowed to wear shorts, sleeveless, tight, and skimpy clothes. Aside from this, wearing a loose and modest dress will help you stay easy and comfortable in the hot and dry weather of Dubai. So whenever you are packing your bags for your visit to Dubai carry loose and modest dresses with you that cover your legs, arms, and chest so that you do not get fined for wearing indecent clothing in public places.

7- Do not Share a Common Room if you are Unmarried

dont share common room

It is against the rules to live together in the same room with the opposite sex in case you are not married or closely related to each other. If you break this not-to-do thing in Dubai, then you are in big trouble. Does not matter if you are a guest from east or west sharing a common room in Dubai is illegal. Make sure that you are staying in different hotels or at least indifferent rooms if you are not married yet. According to Foreign Office Guidance if an unmarried couple is sharing a room in a hotel they are breaking the law and get punished.

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Some of the common and important not-to-do things in Dubai are mentioned above. Be careful when you visit the UAE, as it is a strict country in terms of rules and regulations. And your little carelessness may lead you to big trouble. Violation in law can lead to jail, fines, and deportation.

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