The birth of voice SEO

The birth of voice SEO

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April 29, 2023
Last modified on May 8th, 2023

Voice search is now an integral part of the digital revolution. According to Google, 41% of adults use voice search while searching online… Maybe it’s time to think about voice SEO, right?

SEO is now adapting to this new web trend. This led to the emergence of voice SEO. But what should we remember about the birth of voice SEO? The point through this article.

What is Voice SEO?

This is an SEO technique based on voice searches. Visitors to your website search by voice. Voice recognition software then takes care of transcribing the voice into text.

You should know that in natural referencing, you optimize your content in order to satisfy Internet users. The objective of voice SEO is to increase your chances of being correctly referenced on search results by adapting this content.

Why bother with voice SEO?

The birth of voice SEO

Microsoft recently conducted studies on the subject. The results show that 72% of Internet users use the voice tool for their online searches. Which means voice SEO has a bright future ahead of it. SEO providers would therefore give you the opportunity to attract more new prospects online.

An approach that must be part of the digital marketing strategy of tomorrow’s companies. Indeed, according to a survey conducted by Search Foresight, 60% of French people use voice assistance in their searches. Hence the interest of adapting your content today to this type of referencing.

What is the difference between classic SEO and voice SEO?

The difference is firstly in the channel used. In a traditional search, Internet users type the content of their search using the keyboard. However, with a voice search, they use their voices. As a result, queries are generally longer.

By way of illustration, to find a restaurant closest to you, all you have to do is enter keywords.

For example, you type “restaurant” followed by the name of your city on the search engine.

On the other hand, if you use voice assistance, you will speak a longer request aloud. Example: Where can I find a restaurant near me?

Voice SEO: how does it work?

To help you better reference your content, we offer some important tips. These techniques will help you improve your visibility on the web on the one hand. And on the other hand, they will help you attract more new customers.

But how to do it?

Prioritize concise answers in your content

As mentioned above, query formulas are longer and more detailed with voice searches. This is why it is better to use long tail keywords. You must therefore include the 5 W rule as a priority. Furthermore, it is also important to provide simple and short answers.

As a rough guide, voice assistants read an average of 29 words per search. So don’t hesitate to extend your content! Indeed, once the Internet user uses the intelligent voice tool, Google displays the most appropriate responses. Therefore, the longer you’re content, the more you increase your chances of appearing in search results.

For more precision, we recommend that you structure your articles well. In this regard, you can divide them into several paragraphs and include a summary at the top of the page. Bulleted lists are also perfect for making your texts more airy and understandable.

Voice SEO: the importance of conversational language

According to Think with Google, 41% of voice SEO users say they feel like they’re talking to a friend. This is why most of the results displayed are of the “conversational  ” type. In other words, the response provided is similar to what you get when talking to a real individual. If you want to get started in voice SEO, it is essential to take this detail into account for your SEO. This will be useful to your future customers who will find you more easily on the web.

Don’t forget to optimize your site for the mobile version!

Since the appearance of the mobile first index, it has become essential to adapt content to the “mobile” format. This adaptation offers visitors the possibility of easily and without difficulty exploring your website on their smartphone. According to the latest statistics, 1 in 5 searches are made from a mobile phone.

In addition, you will also need a site where navigation is done in a fast way. Indeed, voice search always requires an instant response.

Therefore, the mobile optimization of your site associated with its speed contributes to strengthening your overall seo for financial services. According to a publication by Backlink, the results of a voice search are 4 times faster than those of traditional search.

Voice SEO: don’t neglect structured data

These are microdata to be systematically included in your web pages. This structured data helps search engines better understand your content. By way of illustration, we can cite the structured data relating to the “How To” or the “FAQ”.

Using structured data increases your chances of acquiring richer results. They also help you gain places in Google’s Knowledge Graphs. This is a huge privilege since it propels you to the top of Google voice searches.

The Featured Snippet: an essential tool in voice SEO

The Featured Snippet is defined as the featured insert at the top of Google search results. You can usually find it under the heading “position 0”. The voice assistant automatically reads a request benefiting from this feature.

But how to reach the Featured Snippet? To benefit from this big advantage, you must make sure to adapt your content to voice SEO using the methods mentioned throughout this article.

What you must remember

The birth of voice SEO marks the beginning of a new turning point in the digital revolution. This SEO technique should not be overlooked, as it boosts SEO success. By respecting the instructions mentioned above, you have every chance on your side of being read by an artificial intelligence.

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