How To Get Casino Backlinks – Betting Site Link Building Guide

How To Get Casino Backlinks – Betting Site Link Building Guide

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April 24, 2023

As the sector of iGaming grows at a breakneck pace, competition among betting websites for customers is fiercer than ever. As a result, it’s more important than ever to implement an all-encompassing strategy for SEO that prioritizes quality link building.

The trustworthiness and dependability of betting sites are critical, and Google views incoming links as a way for spots to “vouch” for the reliability of your iGaming site. This is critical in a field where fraud has historically been prevalent.

Major betting brands spend millions of dollars annually on link building, giving the impression that the deck is stacked against you. However, if you play your cards correctly, you can develop an efficient casino link building strategy tailored to the needs of the iGaming industry by combining relevance as well as volume.

Why Is Link Building Important For Your Business?

Get Casino Backlinks

It has been demonstrated that obtaining backlinks from well-known, high-quality websites helps a site’s authority and, consequently, its search engine rankings.

Increase your site’s credibility and position in search results by utilizing quality link building and on-page SEO.

However, it is essential to take a strategic approach, placing more emphasis on acquiring backlinks of high quality than quantity. Avoid acquiring spammy or low-quality links because doing so can hurt your website’s reputation and ranking.

You can build them independently, but doing so risks attracting harmful inbound links. Using sites not complying with Google’s betting site policies to build connections is a major red flag.

We advise you to work with a reputable link building agency to avoid this hassle. With their efficient link building services, you can gain more attention; then Google will see that credibility, helping you make your site a success.

How Does Organic Search and Annexation Affect Your Betting Site?

Knowledge of organic ranking

Your organic ranking will rise as more potential customers find your website via obscure keyword searches.

How can one improve their position in organic search engine results pages? It is pointless to include keywords at random on your website. Backlink quantity and quality, page loading speed, and mobile friendliness are just a few of the many factors considered by Google.

If you want to perform better in organic results, you must create high-quality content that is tailored to your audience’s needs. If your website has links from well-known authorities in your industry, it will gain credibility.

The benefits of annexation

Annexation is the action of acquiring exclusive SERP features like local packs and featured snippets. You can boost your online profile and attract more visitors by implementing these elements.

Local packs, for example, are a set of search results that appear at the top for location-based searches. If you have a physical location for your online betting business, annexation can help you appear in these local packs and drive more foot traffic to your location.

Featured snippets, on the other hand, are short snippets of text that appear at the top of the SERP for certain queries. Annexation can help you appear in these snippets and increase your visibility to potential customers searching for online betting-related information.

Most Common Ways to Obtain Backlinks

Get Casino Backlinks

Some practices for attracting credible inbound links to your betting site include:

Shoulder niches

They are related subjects that can aid in broadening the primary subject of your website. Because they aid in bridging the content gap between the backlink and the betting site’s content while still looking natural, shoulder niche backlinks are advised.

By forming connections with related companies in the gaming, travel, and iGaming review industries, a betting site can increase the size of its customer base.

Trading links

SEO tactics such as exchanging links with related websites have been around since the early days of the internet.

To improve their rankings, two or more websites can form a “link exchange.” Exchanges can establish credibility and relevance sparingly and with reputable places.

Paid links

While buying backlinks from shady sources may seem like a quick solution, search engines generally frown upon this practice. Using paid backlinks is frowned upon and may result in disciplinary action.

Create captivating content

Visitors to a website are drawn in by unique and exclusive content. Readers can be enticed by interactive contests, detailed iGaming reviews, and enticing video promotions.

By creating compelling content, you can broaden your audience and encourage more betting sites to link to yours, thereby increasing your online visibility. Organic traffic can be increased by linking to credible media outlets.

Original content drives traffic and establishes your brand as an online authority. By creating innovative and valuable content, you can build a loyal readership and brand reputation.

Pr campaigns

Public relations and news campaigns can effectively obtain links from traditional media outlets. A great example of this strategy in action is writing in-depth reviews of iGaming products (even your very own) and reverting to your web page as the original review source.

By using this method, you can improve the online visibility of your website and draw in more targeted visitors.

Private blog networks

A PBN is a collection of real websites assembled to boost a target domain’s search engine rankings. This tactic can make it appear that the site’s content merits the links. However, Google expressly forbids using private blog networks to increase organic traffic.

Examples Of Niche Websites You Can Use To Build Betting Links

Due to the lack of educational websites about betting sites and poker, companies in these sectors concentrate on various topics, including technology, gaming, lifestyle, leisure, business, and finance.

Betting presents a perfect opportunity for business blogging because it is often still a young industry. There are many topics to investigate, including the most recent developments, legal ramifications, and the financial benefits of betting sites.

Additionally, discussions about cryptocurrencies, a contentious and attention-grabbing topic, are hot topics in business and finance. It’s a great way to construct links because it lets users speculate on investments and participate in the booming cryptocurrency market.

Elements Of A Successful iGaming Strategy

Recognizing your competition

Since competition is always a factor in SEO, examining the link-building strategies of your main rivals is essential. You can use your newfound knowledge of their procedure to acquire more backlinks. If necessary, adopt similar tactics to compete effectively.

Expanding your link portfolio

One method of building inbound links to your iGaming website won’t cut it. Your campaign’s success will increase proportionately to the number of strategies you employ. Try various methods like public relations, paid links, and exchanges to broaden your link profile.

Constructing a solid anchor text strategy

The effectiveness of your links in increasing visitors to your iGaming site is directly related to the anchor text you use. Anchor texts should be based on highly-searched terms to achieve best results.


A sizable sum of money is needed to make a significant investment in your search rankings. Remember that there is intense competition for the top spots, and you may have to spend a lot of money to earn backlinks or buy websites.

Mistakes To Avoid In The Link Building Process

Few common mistakes to avoid:

  • Avoid falling into the trap of thinking that a single approach will work in all circumstances. Customizing your white label link building strategy to your business and target audience is integral.
  • Try having a balance between too many or too few anchor texts in your profile.
  • Don’t get caught up in buying a bunch of cheap connectors. Put quality rather than quantity first.
  • Don’t ever buy a PBN from a betting establishment.

Remember that there is no foolproof method to constructing iGaming links. It calls for deliberate preparation and execution, as well as openness to new ideas and algorithm updates.

Increasing your website’s search engine rankings and visitor numbers is possible by adhering to best practices and avoiding common pitfalls.


It is very important to realize that attracting new customers and getting ahead of the competition depends on how well your inbound strategy works. A well-thought-out plan for building links is a must-have tool for beating the SEO rankings of your competition.

You can make a big difference in your betting website’s rankings by using a variety of methods to improve the number of inbound links.

To get this desired result, you must hire the services of a professional and experienced SEO link building agency. You clear the way for a strong backlink profile that can help you reach your goals. By using the agency’s skilled link building services, you will be able to get high-quality backlinks that will make your website’s visibility go up by a huge amount.

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