What Is Backlink Building? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Build Backlinks

What Is Backlink Building? The Ultimate Guide For Beginners To Build Backlinks

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In SEO, Published On
December 21, 2022

Backlink building is an effective tool to increase your website ranking in search engines. When you build many connections with multiple websites, search engines will crawl your website first, then your competitors. There are things that you need to focus in backlink building, and those are relevancy, quality, and authenticity. 

Can a website rank without a backlink? 


Backlinks help websites to get popularity in search engines. With backlinks, it is easier for a website to rank in search engines. According to Google, backlinks are crucial to increasing a website’s ranks in search engines if they are created with high-quality content. It is essential to focus on on-page SEO but to rank your website high in the search engine; you have to do backlink building. 

If you do not focus on it, Google cannot crawl your web pages even if they contain the exact information. One thing to remember while building links is to always focus on creating high-quality links because they are more worthy than low-quality ones. 

How is backlink building important? 

Search engines use many factors to rank your website; link building is one of them. Not only are creating links essential but also linking them to the highly-authorized website is crucial. It will raise your web page in the search results and assist your users in finding out about you easily and quickly. 

What kind of backlinks can you build? 

Because backlinks are crucial, knowing what kind of links you can use is essential. Below is the comprehensive list of backlinks  

Nofollow backlinks 

  • Inform Google to ignore a link 
  • Dont transfer value from one site to another 
  • Not so helpful in improving your website visibility or search engine rankings 

Dofollow backlinks 

  • Highly demanded backlink type 
  • Improve the website search ranking and visibility 

Editorial backlinks 

  • Links that placed within the high-quality content 
  • The content must be engaging and shareable 
  • Utilize the SEO practices 

Guest blogging backlinks 

  • Key piece of building backlinks 
  • Build links from a well-established website 
  • It also includes editorial backlinks to the site 

Free-tool backlinks 

  • Offers valuable links that have a profound and long-lasting impact on your website 
  • The most vital type of link that can increase the reach of your website 

Authority links 

  • Boost the site ranking in the search engines 
  • Considered as high-quality and powerful backlinks 
  • Describe the quality of the website or web page 

Best backlink-building practices 


Building backlinks requires too much effort as you must find a qualified and authorized website to link with you. When you connect with a quality website, the quality will reflect on your website. Ultimately, you will get more customers because your site has all your users want. You have to keep in mind the strategies that help in building links. These include, 

  • Pursuing competitor’s link 
  • Create linkable assets 
  • Content promotion 
  • Guest posting

Essential tips to get backlinks to your website 

Marketers who need to learn how to build backlinks often prefer to get links from high domain authority. But many tactics and strategies help you to choose the best website to take relations to. Moreover, it is also beneficial to improve your visibility and search engine rankings.

Some of the essential strategies are demonstrated below –

  • Reach out to the unliked brand owners and ask them to get a quality backlink 
  • Create backlinks with the journalist’s publications by using HARO tools. When you give your content to the website owner, they will link back with you in return, and you will get quality links.
  • Another tip for backlink building is to write a quality guest post and publish it on the authoritative website. 
  • Avoid using low-quality content, as it may reduce your website traffic by breaking the quality links. 
  • Always keep an eye on your competitor’s backlink profile to empower your backlink-building process. Get ideas about how they are building links and connecting with other high-quality websites.
  • Along with these, building and improving broken backlinks are also significant. If there is any broken link present, you create a new link as a solution to the broken link. 
  • Use infographics to build quality links, as the visual data is easy to understand and can attract higher customer traffic.

Benefits of backlink building 

  • Backlinks help create a strong relationship with website owners and influencers. 
  • It also allows you to build a relationship with writers or journalists 
  • Building links with high-quality websites leads to an increase in the search rankings of your website 
  • Increase the sales and leads 
  • Improves your SEO by informing the search engines about your quality content 
  • Gives the endorsements or approval to the content that is present on the website 
  • Allows you to build long-lasting trust and authority for your brand’s website
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