Epson Labelworks LW-PX350: Review

Epson Labelworks LW-PX350: Review

Written by Moli Mishra, In Printer, Published On
October 19, 2023

Epson labelworks LW-PX350 printer is very affordable and best for small businesses and hobbyists who want to label printing light duty. These printers can emphasize on heat-shrinks tube labels for cabling. Epson labelworks LW-PX350 has $129 labels.

Epson Labelworks LW-PX350 Specification

Epson Labelworks LW-PX350

Type Printer only
Connection type None
Color or Monochrome Monochrome
Maximum standard paper size 18mm roll
Number of ink tanks/ cartridges 1
Number of color ink 1
Direct printing from Media cards No
Rated speed at default settings (color) N/A
Direct printing from USB thumb drives No
Rated speed at default settings (mono) 6 mm/0.24 inches per sec
Monthly duty cycle Not rated
Printer input capacity 1 cartridge roll; sizes up to 30 feet
Cost per page Varies with tape type, width, and label length
Cost per page (color) N/A
Scanner optical resolution N/A
Maximum Scan Area N/A
Standalone copier and Fax N/A
LCD preview screen yes


  • This printer has a lifetime warranty, and is very easy to standalone printing with a QWERTY keypad.
  • This printer is very affordable and an industrial-style labeler.
  • This printer has tape choices which include vinyl, plastic, heat-shrink tube, and magnetic up to 0.71 inch wide.


  • This printer has slow print speed with batteries not included so there is a problem in charging.
  • This printer can save only four labels in memory for easy reprinting.
  • Epson labelworks LW-PX350 printer has a printing type only Standalone and it cannot store or create labels on a handheld or PC.

Setup and handling

Epson Labelworks LW-PX350 is a very small and a light weighted printer with an affordable price range. It has similar structural design to Epson’s heavier-duty LW-PX750 ($299.99). The setup of this printer is very good the LCD part is on the right rear, the cover for the tape cartridge compartment is at the top left rear, and the keypad of this printer is facing on a flat surface. The QWERTY layout of the keypad and buttons spans the width of the printer below them, while the extended handle is carried out past the keyboard.

This printer consists of a nice setup of inserting a tape cartridge and batteries or plugging in the AC adapter. The printer saves power by turning off automatically after five minutes of idle time to protect the time from the batteries from running down. The setup space between the printer body and the handle was not that big for the users to get a good grip or user can hold tightly tending to jam knuckles into rock plastics. The footprint of the printer is 7.25 inches at its widest part and 8.3 inches from the back of the printer.

The height of this printer from the flat surface is about 1.5 inches up front to just less than 2 inches at the back. The keyboard is very flexible to use providing a slight tilt and the LCD is very wide around 1.75 inches which is easier to read. This printer is so portable that it can be held with two hands for thumb typing but with the batteries loaded and the weight is about 1.75 pounds but user can face little problems in holding it tightly.

Choices of tapes

Epson Labelworks LW-PX350

Epson labelworks LW-PX350 has 48 standard plastic tapes, and it is 30-foot rolls at widths of 4mm (0.16 inch), 6mm (0.24 inch), 9mm (0.35 inch), 18mm (0.71 inch) and 12mm (0.47 inch). The rolls are $20.85 per roll and it comes with multiple color backgrounds and is clear. The tapes are strong adhesive, fluorescent and magnetic tapes.

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Easy label creation

This Epson labelworks LW-PX350 printer allows all the users to type some text easily and hit the print button. This printer has enough good LCD screens where readers can read two lines of six characters at once and also can re-read it by scrolling version. Epson labelworks LW-PX350 has a wonderful keyboard with various buttons below and above which will lead one to add accented characters, adjust font style, choose a font, or enter one of eight bar codes or 859 symbols for professional or industrial use.

Epson labelworks LW-PX350 printer has a 6mm per second printing speed with AC power. After many practical tests it comes to know that the Epson label works LW-PX350 has 0.23ips using AC batteries or power.

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