Choosing the Right High Speed Document Scanner

Choosing the Right High Speed Document Scanner

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Printer, Published On
September 21, 2023

A high-speed scanner can be a great investment in your office’s productivity, and in some industries, it is a necessity because there are enough people demanding scans that jobs need to be able to completed quickly to avoid disrupting the workflow of the whole office. There’s more to picking the right scanner than just upgrading to a faster model, though. Here are some things to consider as you shop for a fast scanner.

Choosing the Right High-Speed Document Scanner

High Speed Document Scanner
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Paper Handling

Do you need something that can automatically feed multiple pages? Scanners have several designs, including automatic feeds that can work with multiple pages or with exceptionally long documents like blueprints. There are also flatbed designs that are useful for fragile objects and those with odd dimensions that defy an auto-feed system. Choosing the right method of paper handling for your everyday jobs can have a big influence on how quickly the work gets done.

Image Quality

Image quality is another big consideration, because it often affects the speed of the scanner. You need a good, detailed image that faithfully reproduces the important information from the scan, but that doesn’t always mean a photorealistic color depth. Often, high-speed and high-volume scanners are used for nothing but documents. In those cases, you need a sharp image, but not necessarily a fully lifelike one.

For scanners that will mostly handle text, DPI is the biggest consideration. DPI is short for dots per inch, and that number affects the clarity of the image when you’re scanning documents. It’s also an important consideration when buying a wireless portable monitor, because when it comes to a new screen, high DPI means high resolution and color depth. When it comes to a scanner, color depth and DPI are separate factors, and you only need to worry about color quality if you’re going to handle a lot of art and photography.

Daily and Weekly Volume

Most high-speed scanners are also built for high volume, but not all of them. It’s true that a fast per-page processing time is a good trait for a high-volume scanner because large jobs will finish faster, but there are a lot of designs that are built for a more modest volume but still boast a high speed. Typically, those designs are built for scenarios where there are probably going to be a few different people competing for scanner time on small jobs, and they fill that niche well. If you need a high-volume scanner and not just a fast one, make sure you shop for it as a specific feature.

Scanner Size

The last major consideration is the scanner size. Standard-sized scanners are built for letter-sized paper and smaller documents like photographs. Large scanners often run up to 17-inch document widths, and beyond that, you need to shop for oversized options. When it comes to page size, it’s important to note that it affects not only the price but also the footprint on your floor space. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy the size you need and not much more.

If you are looking for more productivity upgrades for your office, consider how a portable monitor wireless design can help you bring more interactive presentations into the conference room, without the cost and infrastructure additions that a projector requires. Check out your options for both scanners and monitors today.

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