Canon Selphy CP1500 Wireless: Review

Canon Selphy CP1500 Wireless: Review

Written by Kenneth Sawyer, In Printer, Published On
November 24, 2023

Another Selphy small printer from Canon The CP1500 replaces the CP1300 with a new design and some speed. Staying ahead of 10×15-cm tiny printers is sufficient without being groundbreaking. Smartphones captured 1000 billion images in 2017. We stopped counting then. But it must be more. Much more. Printing is less enjoyable if taking images is as natural as brushing teeth. Touching, carrying, removing, and exhibiting the image on a refrigerator or desk is the essence of photography.

Mini prints can be made on Fujifilm Instax paper, Zink paper, or dye-sublimation using rollers. This evaluation will examine the Canon Selphy CP1500 printer and rival solutions’ quality and durability. No printer compares to Canon for quality and precision. However, at the expense of some compromises that are not the price

Canon Selphy CP1500 Wireless Specs

TechnologyDye-sublimation thermal transfer printing
Print Resolution300 x 300 dpi
Print SpeedApprox. 47 seconds
ConnectivityWi-Fi, USB
Display2.7-inch (6.8 cm)
OSWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Weight1.9 lbs (860g)
Dimension7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches


Canon Selphy CP1500

After its name, dye-sublimation printing impresses with excellence. Excellent color and print accuracy approach professional solutions. Laboratory work improves finesse and color. The printer says consumables; who says? Canon sells 36- or 108-photo packs. These packets comprise ink-delivering paper and rollers. One pack has enough rolls and paper to print the box number. Wait 41 seconds to recover your sketch. Six seconds faster than before. If this seems long, remember that a print has four passes: one for each color (yellow, magenta, cyan), and one for the finish.

The satin finish gives the most attractive matte impression, attenuates colors, and feels great. Classic glossy printing is effective for the “Wow” factor. Finally, a glossy rendering has a weird feel and duller colors than satin. We apply filters to these finishes. For contrast and color enhancement, use the Vivid filter


Canon says the CP1500 prints 6×4″ prints in 41 seconds, compared to the CP1300’s 47 seconds. From pushing the button to start printing to stopping our stopwatch when the print was finished, the CP1500 took 57 seconds on average to print a 6×4″ page, while the CP1300 took 63 seconds. Although this is a 10% improvement, printing times are longer than Canon promises.


Canon Selphy CP1500

Conventional inkjet printers use ink cartridges, which can dry out and clog the nozzles if you don’t print often. This is a common issue for inkjet printer owners. The CP1500 employs dye-sublimation and heat to prevent print head blockage. Each printer pass progressively builds up yellow, cyan, and magenta inks, and a fourth and final pass coats each print. Canon says the prints last 100 years. Each hue contains 256 shades for 24-bit color depth and 16.7 million colors for realistic printing and skin tones. The maximum 6×4” print resolution is 300×300 dpi. We were delighted by the CP1300’s print quality because of its detail and vibrant colors, and this new version is no different. The sole difference between CP1300 and CP1500 prints of similar photographs was that the blue sky was somewhat more bright on the CP1500. We enabled Image Optimizer on both printers.


Canon Selphy CP1500

In the US, the Canon Selphy CP1500 cost $139.99 and had a one-year warranty. It includes the paper cassette and a plastic tray for holding media, but no ink or paper. This means you’ll likely need the RP-108 pack, which has enough paper and ink for 108 4×6″ postcards. The RP-108 pack costs $35.99, creating 6×4” postcards for $0.33 or 54x86mm labels for $0.77. Although it’s compact and portable, the prints are expensive compared to inkjet printers. The $199.99 NB-CP2LI battery was our biggest complaint since it devalued the camera for photography.


  1. Unboxing: Remove the printer and accessories from the packaging.
  2. Power Source: Plug the printer’s power wire into an outlet.
  3. Install Ink or Paper: Open the printer lid and insert the ink cassette per the manufacturer’s instructions. Put the given picture paper in the cassette.
  4. Power up: Press the power button to start the printer.
  5. Display Setup: If necessary, set the language, date, and time on the printer’s LCD.
  6. Power Source Connection: Connect the printer to a reliable power supply during setup.
  7. Device connection: The Canon Selphy CP1500 commonly prints wirelessly. Wirelessly connect to the printer by installing drivers and software on your computer or mobile device. You may also connect via USB.
  8. Install drivers: Install drivers and software before connecting the printer to a computer. Canon normally offers them for download.
  9. Wireless connection (if needed): Connect your wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network following the printer’s instructions.
  10. Test Print: Print a test page after setup to check printer functionality. Test printing instructions are in the user handbook.
  11. Optional Software Installation: You may install Canon Selphy CP1500 printing software for more capabilities and settings.
  12. Calibration, if needed: Printers may need calibration. To calibrate the printer, see the user handbook.
  13. If needed, troubleshoot: If you have any problems during setup or operation, see the user manual or Canon’s support page.
Large, clear LCD screenNo tilting screen No USB-A or USB-mini ports
High-quality printsPapers and peripherals cost a lot.
Fast print time
Compact power adapter


What paper does Selphy CP1500 use?

Canon SELPHY CP1500 Black Compact Photo Printer 5539C001 B&H

Postcard-sized RP-108 and KP-36IP, square-sized KC-18IS (adhesive stickers), credit card-sized KC-18IF, and other ink and paper sets are compatible. The printer output tray contains 18 sheets.

Do SELPHY CP1500s utilize ink?

The CP1500, like its predecessors, cannot use your ink or paper. Instead, it uses Pro Labs’ dye-sublimation method, which requires special paper and ink ribbon.

Has Canon Selphy a battery?

The Canon NB-CP2L Battery Pack powers Canon CP and SELPHY photo printers. The Canon NB-CP2L Battery Pack powers Canon CP and SELPHY photo printers. SELPHY series photo printers need the CG-CP200 Charger Adapter (sold separately).

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