Google Messages Gets a Photomoji and New iMessage Feature!

Google Messages Gets a Photomoji and New iMessage Feature!

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December 1, 2023

Google is introducing various new functionalities to commemorate the one billion user milestone of its RCS messaging platform. Adding Photomoji, Voice Moods, and other features brings the platform closer to iMessage on iOS.

Google commemorates the milestone of one billion users on the RCS messaging platform. RCS, an abbreviation for Rich Communication Services, connects individual devices and mobile phone service providers via communication protocol. RCS, a standard protocol widely acknowledged in the telecommunications industry, has been specifically developed to improve the quality of SMS/MMS communications, focusing on Android devices.

RCS Messaging, frequently likened to Apple’s iMessage, has progressively broadened its repertoire of functionalities to encompass a significant number of the attributes provided by its iOS counterpart. In commemoration of attaining the unprecedented number of one billion users, Google has declared the incorporation of a number of noteworthy functionalities into the platform, thereby enhancing its compatibility with iMessages.

For example, one of the newly implemented functionalities is the Google Profile, which can be accessed via your Google account and showcases your name and photo. Furthermore, an attribute known as Photomoji empowers users to generate customised avatars by utilizing their photographs; these customized images function similarly to conventional emoticons in their responses to messages.

Android Messaging Is Improving Gradually, But Certainly

Google Messages Gets a Photomoji and New iMessage Feature!
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After enduring persistent challenges over an extended period of time, Google appears to be making significant strides in the realm of text messaging. Thus far, RCS messaging has been widely implemented. As per Google’s latest data, the platform currently boasts a monthly active user base of one billion.

Apple will soon implement RCS messaging as well. Google reacts to the news by stating,

We are delighted that Apple, too, initiated the process by declaring their adoption of RCS two weeks ago.

When will the update to Google Messages be available?

Google discloses that it has already been incorporated into the application’s beta version. All other users should receive the new features through a subsequent Play Store update. For users who already utilize alternative messaging applications, the Google Messages app can be easily downloaded from the Play Store. Apply here if you are interested in participating in Google Messages beta testing and utilizing all of these new features immediately.

Is Google Messages, in its updated form, now competitive with iMessage? While I concur, the discourse surrounding the green bubble versus blue bubble scenario in text messaging is far from resolved. Do you believe that RCS communications will be available on iPhones? In actuality, that may not be the case.

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