Best Courses and Resources to Learn Pinterest Marketing

Best Courses and Resources to Learn Pinterest Marketing

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November 10, 2020
Last modified on December 14th, 2021

If you thought the social media platforms were limited to Facebook and Instagram only, you need to update your existing knowledge.

There is a new contender which is rapidly making its place as your new business friend – Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can expand the pins faster than the tweets from Twitter. So, with Pinterest, you are looking for an extended reach and promotion of your products and services.

The real strength of Pinterest is the business account and its features. Its visual nature will help you to promote your business and show what and how you are working.

The links with pins on this social media can be linked back to your website, increasing the traffic. Pinterest is an excellent platform to tell people about great products and ideas, and later, you cal also tell them how and where to get that product and channel them to your site.

With the increasing popularity of this platform for your business’s marketing, many learning platforms have introduced courses to learn Pinterest Marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about Pinterest marketing, look at the courses below.

Pinterest Marketing 2020: A Step by Step To 20K Followers

This course is one of the most highly rated courses available on Udemy. With the overall ratings of 4.8, this course will help you make your own Pinterest business account. This course has been specifically designed for bloggers and internet marketers.

As you go with the instructor, you will learn how to increase your followers per day. Below is a list mentioning the main learning benefit you will get with this course:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Grow a massive number of potential clients related to your business
  • How to optimize your account to make it SEO friendly
  • Use Pinterest geared towards improved marketing strategy

Pinterest Marketing: Using Pinterest for Business Growth

The next course that you can find on Udemy on Pinterest is listed as the bestsellers course. This course is designed for active learners who are ready to retain the learning by taking notes and using the vast resources provided during the teaching. Currently, this course is being taken up by more than 6000 students around the globe.

The salient features of this course are mentioned below.

  • Make a professional looking business account for your website to get going.
  • Help you optimize your business site on prominent search engines.
  • Help you understand what the requirements of your business and customers are
  • Manage collaborative activities with the new and potential clients for engagement and retention

Pinterest Primer

If you are a beginner on Pinterest, this course is ideal for you. After this course, you are, without a doubt, going to start your Pinterest marketing campaign.  Pinterest Primer is a free course, so go through this and build a solid Pinterest marketing foundation. This course is being authored by McKinzie Bean, who herself is a blogger.

With this course, learn to:

  • Make an optimized profile
  • Create pins that can get viral
  • Learn about the realities and stories made around this platform
  • Avoid mistakes that are commonly made by the marketers

This course is a beginner’s level course, so you already have a Pinterest optimized profile; you might want to look at a little advanced course mentioned below.

Pin to Profits Foundations

This is another course to learn Pinterest. Authored by McKinzie Bean, who is also a blogger and a strategist. With McKinzie, you will learn to create optimized blog businesses based on the metrics and calculations.

Here, have a look at the features and details of this course. With 20 video tutorials, lessons, and exercises, you will learn about:

  • The advantage of having a Pinterest business account.
  • Profile creation and optimization including Bio, Boards, and Worksheets
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Rich Pins and their set up
  • Creation of Viral pin
  • How to build traffic for the website

Here you need to note that this course is best for those who have prior knowledge of Pinterest. It might not be a good fit for those who are Newbies in the field of Pinterest Marketing. For that, we suggest you take the introductory level courses mentioned above.

Pinterest Academy

Another source for accessing the courses and resources related to Pinterest is from Pinterest Academy. The academy presents a series of none courses to know about Pinterest’s basics and advanced levels, and the marketing campaigns run with it.

These nine courses will help you use Pinterest for your businesses and fulfill the requirements of your clients. The entire course may only take one hour to complete, but you get the option to choose only the courses that satisfy your needs and requirements.

Pinterest Academy include:

  1. Understand what Pinterest is
  2. Narrative of Pinterest and the intentions of this course
  3. The creative inspirations to get you going
  4. Creative strategies to be employed
  5. How to target and buy.
  6. How to set up a business Pinterest account
  7. How to design and set up a campaign for your business website
  8. How to manage the analytics of the campaign
  9. Creating plans and strategies for launching a campaign

Pin Practical Accelerate

Moving forward is this course on our list of best courses and resources for learning Pinterest Marketing. Pin Practical Accelerate is taught by Monica Froese, a person who excellently manages with numbers and metrics.

This is a nine-day rapid course which promises you to accelerate your Pinterest marketing within two weeks.

This course includes the covers the following areas:

  • Three video how-to-do lessons
  • Two spreadsheets to supplement the course
  • Daily communication through emails to keep you motivated and on track
  • You become the part of the network that gets updates for the lifetime

The course is perfect for those who like to take up challenges and go with the momentum and the beat. These challenges with upgrade your strategy in nine days. To keep up with speed, you will have to assign separate times for this course’s activities.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

This course will live up to the requirements posed by its name. You will find frequent updates regarding this course, making it one of the important courses about Pinterest marketing found online.

Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus are the authors and the founders of the Create and Go platform.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is focused on the following aspects:

  • How to make your profile on Pinterest
  • Using pin scheduling to build the traffic of your blog
  • Teaching you how to set up your customized pins
  • How to use group boards to work cooperatively
  • Understanding the Pinterest analytics and managing the traffic of your website or blog
  • Putting Pinterest into use for the collection of Emails


Pinterest has become the next best platform for promoting your business website or blog. As you saw in this article, many forums have capitalized on this rising opportunity and created courses geared towards teaching you Pinterest Marketing.

Similar to mentioned in the article, the course type varies according to the duration and level, such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. All the courses also have some prerequisites. Fulfilling those requirements will help you materialize your learning from these courses.

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