Tips to select good material for outdoor furniture

Tips to select good material for outdoor furniture

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November 15, 2022

When you are looking for outdoor furniture you should not only consider the style and look of the piece. You also need to know the material that it is made from. Selecting the best material requires research. The furniture will differ according to price, durability, looks, etc. Outdoor furniture tends to be made from different materials, all of these having their own pros and cons. This is why when you are for instance looking at vidaxl outdoor tables make sure that you know the characteristics of the material that they are made from.  The following tells you about some materials that outdoor pieces can be made from so that you can select the best patio furniture.

3 Tips to select good material for outdoor furniture

Tips to select good material for outdoor furniture

Synthetic resin wicker

This is often woven in a wicker weave and looks stylish. It is a low-maintenance and lightweight material that is really durable. This is a top material that outside furniture can be made from. It is important that you choose good quality wicker and not a cheap option. PVC synthetics unravel and become brittle and crack.

Look for high-grade material. Synthetic resin wicker is simple to clean. You need to know that most synthetic resin furnishings get constructed upon an aluminum frame. Therefore the strength of the resin furniture is closely related to aluminum outdoor furniture.


Teak is a top wood for patio furniture. It is popular for its all-weather abilities, strength, as well as beautiful-grained finish. The material produces its very own oil. This allows it to be unique to other kinds of naturally occurring woods. It is hardwood, therefore, its surface is really strong even. Dings and dents are uncommon in it.

Teak can last for many years and is a wonderful option when looking for some outdoor dining tabletop, outdoor chairs, etc. The material is not as light as aluminum furniture will be but is mobile which gives you a higher load capacity.

You need to know how to properly take care of any teak furniture that you get. some individuals may not prefer the intensive upkeep which is needed for it. Keep in mind that wood is able to absorb moisture resulting in rot, mildew, and mold. This is why you need to take care of it.

Cast Aluminum

This material is preferred as it is lightweight and strong. Those who stay in places that have high wind gusts should avoid getting outdoor furniture made from cast aluminum.

Cast aluminum is stronger than some people may think. It is a good option for chairs that need to be placed outside as dining chairs may be moved in and out while seating. You should carefully look at the quality of pieces you are considering getting as this varies among manufacturers.

When looking for outdoor furniture like vidaxl patio furniture, for instance, you need to be sure that you are getting something that is made from good quality material. Find out what material the piece you are interested in is made from and find out its characteristics before buying it.

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