Get One Step Closer to the Future with These Smart Home Renovation Ideas

Get One Step Closer to the Future with These Smart Home Renovation Ideas

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June 1, 2023

Growing up, you may have watched the cartoon, The Jetsons and couldn’t wait to live in such a futuristic home. Who wouldn’t?

While we may not be living quite like George, Jane, Elroy and Judy, there are some renovations that can bring our home a little closer to the classic cartoon. Here are just a few awesomely futuristic smart home renovations you could incorporate into your own home before selling it.

Smart Home Renovation Ideas

Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

Even though garage door openers with remotes are handy, they have a very small range. As long as you have an internet link, you can use your smartphone or other devices to control the smart garage door. You might be on your way to work in the morning when you realize that the door wasn’t shut. You can use the app to make sure you did it right. You can close it from the app if you forgot to. You can also open the garage door to let someone in when you’re not there.

Heated Wall Paneling

On cold winter nights, it feels great to have warm air coming out of the HVAC vents. But thermal photography would show how ineffective this method really is. You’d see that when it’s warm, the air temperature rises to the orange and yellow range in some places. If the air is cooler, on the other hand, it will show blue and green. If you install heating panels on the wall, whenever the temperature drops, the panels will begin radiating heat throughout the room.

Security Systems

home security system

Something “smart” has been missing from home protection systems for a long time. People’s home alarm systems would send information to a monitoring office. Then, both the owner and the cops would be called.

Modern security systems help homeowners feel safe and keep them informed because the surveillance on the home is always available to both the central tracking center and the homeowner.

Wi-Fi alarm systems are very popular right now, but traditional systems have their own benefits. Cameras with wires that go through the ceiling or walls tend to be more secure. Digital video recorders (DVRs) can hold hundreds or even thousands of hours of video and can be hidden or locked; whereas, wireless cameras that store data on a SD card only has so much recording space before it’s overwrites itself.

Self-tinting Glass

Windows And Doors

Self-tinting glass gradually gets darker or lighter as the sun’s strength changes throughout the day. There is no need for shades or drapes of any kind. You don’t need to do anything or push any buttons. Even though you need some power to open and close the windows, you only use a small amount. Two thousand square feet of window can be lit up with enough electricity to power a one-watt, 60-volt light bulb.

Self-tinting glass is a great piece of home tech from the future. Still, it is hard to find. But you should think about it if you live in a place that needs a lot of sun and heat.

Water Heaters

How Long Do Tankless Water Heaters Last Water Heaters

Most water heaters are about as intuitive as a rock because they keep water hot even when you’re not using it. You could lower the settings before vacation, but you’d have to remember to raise them when you get home. And if you like to take a nice hot shower at the end of a long day of traveling… You might have to wait for a few hours for the water to get hot.

Smart water heaters connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, so you can control them from anywhere. You can set the temperature, tell it when to turn on and off, and even get an alert if something goes wrong.

Whether you’re hoping to turn your home into a modern marvel for your own enjoyment or if you’re hoping to increase its value and get a higher cash offer, these smart home renovations are a great place to start.

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