7 Tips to Organize Small Laundry Room

7 Tips to Organize Small Laundry Room

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Home Decor, Published On
June 11, 2021
Last modified on June 21st, 2021

Organizing the laundry room can be a difficult task, especially when you hate doing it. Doing laundry is everyone’s most hated chore, but you can’t avoid it. However, organizing it can make things a bit easier for you. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t start loving it, but it will certainly become a little more enjoyable for you. So today, we’ll give you some proven tips to organize your laundry room.

7 Tips to Organize Small Laundry Room

Most families have a small laundry room. So if your family is one of them, here are the tips that you can follow to organize it.

  • Using a Lint Bin:

Using a lint bin holder is the best way to organize your small laundry room. Lint scattered here and there just looks very rough, so using a lint bin can be a great idea. A.J.A and More is the company that offers the best lint bins. Lint bins by A.J.A and More are designed in a particular way to hold dryer lint. Buy one, and you won’t see lint all over your laundry room anymore. Furthermore, you can attach it easily to your dryer or washing machine, thanks to its magnetic back. This will save a lot of space, thus making it easy for you to organize your room. If you want to buy one for your laundry room, then buy from lintbin.com.

  • Making a Shelf Behind the Door:

This is often overlooked, but making a shelf behind the wall is a cost-effective way to organize your laundry room. You can mount a set of three or four shelves to the wall behind the door. You can use it to keep your clothes and keep things organized.

  • Install a Clothes Rod:

Installing a clothes rod in your laundry room is another great idea. It will also save you a lot of time as you’d no longer need to iron your clothes every now and then. Just hang your clothes on the rod, and that’s it! No need to go through the hassle anymore.

  • Get a Small Laundry Room Cart:

Room cart comes in handy when it comes to keeping little things. You can store some of your clothes as well as a lot of knick-knacks in a room cart.

  • Install Some Cabins:

If you don’t have cabins already, installing a few of them can help a great deal. You can use them to store your clothes, ironing gear, and whatnot?

  • Making a Dryer or Washing Machine Shelf:

You can make a shelf to store washing machines and dryer accessories. Make one near your washing machine or dryer to keep things like detergent, sponge, etc.

  • Install a Hanger Shelf:

You can also mount a shelf to a wall for hangers. It will help you when ironing your clothes and will also keep clothes organized.

Final Thoughts:

Organizing the laundry room can be a difficult task, but you can follow our tips to keep it in good condition. To keep your laundry room clean, use a lint bin to store lint. You can buy one from A.J.A and more.

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