5 Stylish Ways to Use Acrylic Sheets at Home

5 Stylish Ways to Use Acrylic Sheets at Home

Written by Sophie Robertson, In Home Decor, Published On
January 19, 2023

Acrylic plastics are becoming increasingly popular for home use with applications ranging from furniture to greenhouse panels. This is especially true for clear acrylic sheets – although they look like glass, they are half the size of acrylic and 17 times more durable. While clear acrylic is perhaps the most popular type of acrylic plastic, this thermoplastic polymer is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and hues, making them excellent for decorative applications.

Due to these properties, acrylic is considered the ideal material for the avid DIY enthusiast. Acrylic sheets are inexpensive compared to similar materials and can be cut, sanded, glued, and finished safely using specialty workshop products. Over the years, there have been many creative and effective uses of acrylic sheets.

5 Stylish Ways to Use Acrylic Sheets at Home

Let’s take a closer look at five stylish ways to use acrylic sheets at home.

Greenhouses and Cold Frames Acrylic

Do you have a green thumb? Consider building a DIY greenhouse! While many gardeners understand the benefits of a greenhouse for growing, growing, and protecting crops year-round, many home gardeners don’t believe they have the space or the resources to build their own greenhouse. Fortunately, this is a misconception – you can build a simple greenhouse in the garden in no time, especially if the gardener is skilled.

On the simpler side, gardeners might consider building a small, knee-high cold frame made of clear acrylic sheets glued to plywood. These “greenhouses” open from the top, allowing gardeners to protect their important crops in medium-sized enclosures. Alternatively, a skilled and passionate gardener can build a greenhouse using similar materials.

Acrylic Windowpanes

If you own property near a golf course, baseball field, or similar area, you’re probably always worried about projectiles going through your windows. Unfortunately, depending on the age of your home relative to the sporting area, you could be responsible for every ball that enters your home. For replacement windows that cost $200 or more, this can add up to a pretty penny over time!

Instead, homeowners should use clear acrylic sheets as window panes. Acrylic panels have a clarity similar to window glass, allowing them to blend seamlessly with other panels. In addition, acrylic is much more durable and less expensive than glass of the same size.

Kitchen Splashback

If you’re tired of scrubbing the grout from your kitchen splashback or your kitchen tiles looking dated, consider making an acrylic splashback. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing pets to create a shiny and elegant back of any shade. Latex paint can then be used to create a glossy, sophisticated look or creative designs. However, a precisely cut acrylic sheet is necessary to create a kitchen splashback. So learn acrylic cutting methods or buy acrylic sheet cut to size.

Unlike grout, acrylic is maintenance-free and easy to clean with a special cleaner (eg the Novus system) or a mixture of dish soap and water. Plus, its smooth surface prevents most materials from sticking to the back. Be careful with harsh chemical cleaners or heavy-duty detergents – they can damage the acrylic finish.

Acrylic Windows, Cabinets and Doors

Storefront doors can shatter under certain circumstances – or you’ve noticed that your storefront door glass is getting old and brittle. Because of this, acrylic is becoming increasingly popular to replace storefront windows. Homeowners don’t have to worry about accidentally closing cupboard doors and breaking glass, while property managers can prevent repeat repairs due to rowdy tenants.

Often the hardest part of this installation is removing the glass from the cabinet door. Acrylic is easy to cut and easy to glue to cabinets due to its lightweight.


Small bedroom? An acrylic nightstand is the way to go. Right next to your bed, you have plenty of storage space for must-haves without cluttering up the room. This clear piece of furniture is also great for a gender neutral bedroom or if you really don’t have a theme. Of course it goes with everything!

Final Words

Acrylic sheets can be used for a variety of purposes, from kitchen splashbacks to backyard greenhouses. This wide range of applications is largely due to acrylic’s flexibility, affordability, and accessibility. Of course, this list of uses for acrylic in the home is by no means exhaustive – everyday creative crafters find new ways to beautify their homes and make their lives easier with the help of acrylics.

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