Top 5 benefits of cold pressed oil for your hair and skin

Top 5 benefits of cold pressed oil for your hair and skin

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Health, Published On
April 27, 2021

The idea of cold-pressed oils is not new, but suddenly the word has taken over both the health and beauty industries by surprise. You must also have seen your beloved influencer talk about them on Gram or spotted one of them in the closet of your friend, but the question is what makes cold-pressed oils so fame-worthy.

About Cold-pressed oils

cold pressed oil

By heating seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables, the oils which we use for our hair and skin and for cooking are obtained. They lose their nutrients during this cycle. Cold pressing is a process where this oil is produced without the use of heat by putting pressure. The consistency, taste, and nutritional value of oil are covered by this. Not only are cold-pressed oils limited to essential dietary requirements, but they also have some additional health advantages. They adhere to the functional products group and include several bioactive substances. Cold-pressed oils, in addition to nutritional and health benefits, also strengthen the skin and give food a distinct taste. Therefore, when using cold-pressed oil for cooking, skincare or haircare, absolutely guarantee that the natural way is to reap the most advantages.

Hair growth and youthful skin are stimulated by their nourishing properties. For sensitive skin that demands constant treatment, they are even better. This is not the limit of the advantages of cold-pressed oils. These oils are proudly introduced by so many lifestyle brands to accentuate salad dressings and enhance cooking style as they have been pronounced as a safe alternative to refined oils.

About Groundnut oil


It is a common misconception that their processed counterparts are healthier than raw, cold-pressed groundnut oils. As they preserve their nutrients and taste, organic products already have a reputation for being healthy. Around the same time, since they do not require any contaminants in the manufacturing or processing processes, they are better.

A rich source of plant sterols from sun-dried groundnuts – helps minimize antioxidant-rich heart disease and thus safeguards against cancer. Groundnut oil that is cold-pressed is rich in MUFA. It is trans-fat-free. An ancient proverb says that too much of something is bad and is very important when it comes to oil consumption – although loaded with essential nutrients, it is recommended to be used in moderation because 9 calories are given by each ml of oil; Do not go overboard when cooking with oil as it can contribute to weight gain and hence it is always wise to enjoy food with precaution.

Top 5 benefits of cold-pressed oil for your hair and skin

Trends for SKINCARE

trends for skincare

As per skin experts, toner and moisturizer may be used as cold-pressed oils. They even serve as a mask for hair and make frizzy hair a nice remedy. On the face and neck, cold-pressed oils with aromatic ingredients as well as vitamins and nourishing agents are best used. Cosmetic experts say that during make-up, cold-pressed oil blended with tint or foundation cream may be used as a base.


In our daily lives, nutrition plays a great role. Our body and wellbeing are affected by food or liquids because food or liquid contains unique nutrition that is very important for our physical and mental development. For our body, a precise level of every particular nutrition is vital. So we should know what kind of food we need to consume, how much and what kind of nutrients a specific food provides. Cold-pressed oils have a great nutritive value, so an alternative to cooking is highly advised. They are rich sources of fatty acids containing omega 3 and omega 6. In addition, they also contain zinc and vitamins such as lecithin, vitamin A, C, E, D, and potassium. Oils that are cold-pressed often contain bioflavonoids.


There is an intrinsic flavor and taste to food cooked in cold-pressed groundnut oil. This is because, during extraction, the taste and aroma are not lost due to heat. The cold-pressed oil’s taste and flavor mix well with the spices and is, therefore, a good cooking choice.


High temperatures are used during the processing of refined oils, killing vitamin E and beta carotene. The safe and nutritious qualities of oilseeds are preserved by cold-pressed oils. Vitamin E has properties that are curative and anti-inflammatory. The normal, safe antioxidants which are otherwise killed by heat are preserved by cold-pressing.

Encouraged Heart health

healthy heart

Peanut oil is cholesterol-free, making it a good fat. It contains high levels of HDL, which lowers the risk of developing disorders associated with the heart. Additionally, in the cold-pressed, organic groundnut oil, the presence of plant-based sterols helps improve heart health. It competes with cholesterol and decreases its concentration as phytosterols are best absorbed by the gut and stomach. Resveratrol, on the other hand, combines with hormones, such as angiotensin, which regulates arteries and veins. Thus, cold-pressed groundnut oil helps control the cardiovascular system’s blood pressure and the subsequent tension.

Fights Cancer

fights cancer

While studies are still ongoing in this regard, there are a few arguments that cold-pressed groundnut oil supports cancer prevention and recovery. It can help combat cancer because of the presence of bioactive compounds and unsaturated fats. In addition, ties between reduced prostate, breast, and colon cancer risk and beta-sitosterol and phytosterols have been identified. These plant-based compounds have anticancer properties that prevent the growth of tumors and the development of carcinogens.


The ability to control blood sugar levels is one of the lesser-known cold-pressed groundnut oil advantages. Owing to the high concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in peanut oil, this trait is present. Your body slows down fat absorption and secretes more insulin, all leading to better regulation of blood sugar. Now that you know the many advantages of organic, cold-pressed groundnut oil, you should seriously consider making it a part of your diet. Be mindful of any nut allergies you might have, of course.

The rich source of oleic acids is cold-pressed oils, which help improve the immune system. They also contain natural antioxidants that enable our body to reduce cell damage. A strong source of immune system booster is, for example, cold-pressed coconut oil obtained from fresh and matured kernels of coconut sans heating. Free radical damage is avoided by the antioxidants present in them.

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