Top 14 Foods To Boost The Functioning Of Your Brain

Eating well and healthy foods are good for your physical as well as your mental health. But you should know which foods are important to keep your mind healthy and happy.

Energy is required for your mind to work properly. Your brain also requires certain nutrients to stay healthy.

In this article, there is a list of some Top 14 Foods To Boost The Functioning Of Your Brain.

Top 14 Foods To Boost The Functioning Of Your Brain

Nuts and Seeds:

Many people think that eating nuts and seeds are good for your brain. In the study of over 100,000 people, the researchers found that people who ate nuts daily had a 20% lower death rate compared to people who did not eat nuts.

Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and peanuts as well as sunflowers, and pumpkin seeds are brain foods that are high in protein.


Walnuts are a very effective nut for the brain. They have an important high concentration of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), which is essential for the growth and functional development of the brain in infants and also required for maintenance and preservation of normal brain function in adults. Like all other foods, walnuts also play an effective role in our physical health such as in walking, running, etc.


Almonds contain components that are nutrient-rich. They are the most concentrated source of vitamin E. Eating 8-10 soaked almonds in a day is enough to make your brain healthy and active. Elder and adults with a high risk of developing cognitive disorders (mental health disorder) are encouraged to make a habit out of eating almonds on a daily basis.


Peanuts are an important source of protein for your brain and body. Although eating too many peanuts can cause weight gain and high blood pressure issues but at the same time it increases your memory, a source of vitamin B6, fights stomach cancer, depression, etc.  It also contains plenty of potassium and vitamin B.

Sunflower Seeds:

Sunflower seeds can be considered to be the important from our list of Top 14 Foods To Boost The Functioning Of Your Brain. Most people do not realize that sunflower seeds can actually have positive effects on your brain. We can get a large number of nutrients and vitamins from sunflower seeds. They are totally delicious and loaded with some heavy-hitting nutrients that are especially good for your brainpower.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are also well known for their other name called Pepitas. They are a good source of magnesium, zinc, copper, and iron, all of which are key minerals for brain health. These ingredients help to improve your moods, sleep, skin, and give you more energy to stay vigilant and wise.  Just using pumpkin seeds, you can supply healthy nutrients to your body.

Green, Leafy Vegetables:

Top 8 healthy foods
Leafy green vegetables are the main part of a healthy diet. It may help keep your brain sharp. For good mental health, you must have a leafy green at least six times per week.

Leafy greens such as Kale, Spinach, Collards, and Broccoli are varied in brain-healthy nutrients.

Kale, We can get vitamin C, B-6, and K from kale. It is also known as the Queen of green vegetables.

Spanish is a popular leafy green vegetable that can be used in a variety of ways. You must eat at least one cup raw, or a half-cup cooked each day, to keep your brain in good working order. Spinach is one of those leafy greens that can easily fit into your lifestyle and your brain can benefit.

Collard Green is very nutrient-rich in vitamins A, K, B-6, and C, iron, and magnesium that may reduce blood clots and promote healthy bones.


Every fruit is important to improve the functioning of brain. That’s why fruits are in our list of Top 14 Foods To Boost The Functioning Of Your Brain. When you think of the most essential organ in your body, you tend to think of your heart. However, the brain is a close second. Your brain has a big job to do and it needs to be healthy. Some fruits like strawberries, grapes, pomegranate, bananas, cherry, etc also help you to keep your mind fit and healthy.


The antioxidants in strawberries have a unique and important role in brain health. Strawberries can increase your memory and can also prevent your cells from damage.


As you know your heart and brain have some sort of connection. The heart pumps blood to your body and brain with the help of various veins. Grapes support this function of blood flow to the brain by preventing blood clotting in veins and by making veins flexible. A proper flow of blood to the brain makes the brain healthier.


As pomegranate contains glucose, it helps to energize the brain if you drink its juice in the morning. It helps to maintain your blood pressure, many heart diseases, and many mental issues.


Banana, a super- fruit is rich in potassium and magnesium, which are essential nutrients for your brain. It mainly helps your brain to improve learning ability, the brain’s focusing power and reduces the chance of memory loss.


Cherry is not just delicious fruit but also filled with a lot of nutrients like vitamins and minerals with powerful health effects. It also has been shown to affect the brain in many ways. It improves cognition disorder and also prevents the degeneration of the brain.



As we know, apples are the most eatable fruit among children as well as among adults. It also has been linked to brain benefit. Eating apple daily is very effective for keeping your body and your mind healthy. Apple contains antioxidants vitamins C and several other nutrients that may boost your heart, brain, and also your digestive health. Even apple juice may lead to improve your memory. Taking apples daily can help decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s.


In the above discussion, I have discussed many fruits and vegetables that make our brain healthy. You may notice that all the nutrients that are essential for your brain and heart can be easily obtained by the above-given fruits and vegetables. These are the all-natural ingredient that has no side effect if you take them at right time and in a balanced way. There are many other multivitamins, come in the shape of pills that are also helpful for your brain but as they are artificially prepared so there is a chance of getting any side-effect at any time. So, it is most preferable to you that if you want an active and healthy mind you must take those diets properly.

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