Medilinks vs Nextech – The Most Productive EMR of 2022 

Medilinks vs Nextech – The Most Productive EMR of 2022 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Health, Published On
September 2, 2022

The Medilinks software is now called Wellsky. Medilinks Rehabilitation provides rehabilitation practitioners such as physical, occupational, speech, and pediatric therapists with a fully customized EMR and practice management system. WellSky Rehabilitation has several features that can be modified to assist rehabilitation clinics in managing their incoming, outgoing, and pediatric patients more effectively.

The purpose of electronic health records is to automate your workflow by merging all administrative, clinical, and financial responsibilities into a single system that you can easily manage. Nextech EMR cloud-based medical software is intended to meet the requirements of your ophthalmology business. It provides an intuitive interface that simplifies clinical operations, reduces paperwork, and encourages a more long-term patient engagement strategy.

The following comparison of Medilinks EMR vs Nextech will illuminate their respective features and prices to help you choose the suitable EMR.

Medilinks Key Features


The e-prescribing feature of Medilinks facilitates improved monitoring of restricted drugs with patients. You can access a list of a patient’s previously issued prescriptions in the community. At the point of care, the physician may transmit an error-free prescription immediately to the patient’s preferred pharmacy upon discharge.

Family-Centered Patient Care

Patients and their families get the most acceptable treatment when they are educated and engaged. Medilinks provides robust patient engagement technology that lets patients and their families contact healthcare practitioners conveniently.

Care Management Solutions

Patients and others in need are best served when healthcare and community care professionals access the most advanced technologies. This software provides a unique selection of intelligent care management solutions that are proven to help enterprises flourish.

Care Transition

Care transitions are stressful for both clinicians and patients. It provides providers, payers, and community-based organizations with intelligent, technology-enabled solutions to enhance cooperation across care settings and reduce care gaps.

Out-Patient Program

Medlinks sponsors several programs, including intense outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, drug use disorder, and medication-assisted therapy, and partial hospitalization programs. Our clinical data follows your patients as they migrate between programs and between hospitalization and outpatient treatment.

Electronic Health Records

Medilinks provides unmatched software that assists behavioral health clinicians in enhancing the quality of treatment. Integrate patient information with evaluations, group notes, and progress notes. Our system enables the flow of pertinent data throughout each patient’s treatment plan.

Practice Management

You can simplify and streamline complex patient management processes using the outpatient rehabilitation software solutions supplied by Medilinks. It helps you achieve maximum efficiency via the use of notifications and alerts, the simplification of scheduling, and the reduction of the number of patients who do not show up for appointments through the use of tailored patient communication.

Medilinks EMR Pricing

The provider does not give Medilinks EMR price information. To get a personalized estimate, contact the Medilinks sales team.

Medilinks EMR Demo

In addition, you can schedule a demonstration of the Medilinks software by contacting the Medilinks team. A demonstration will also answer any questions you have regarding the program.

Medilinks EMR Reviews

An analysis of the Medilinks EMR evaluations indicates that it is a dependable practice management solution since it is flexible and can provide reports. It also facilitates note-taking and documentation of the whole procedure.

Nextech EMR Key Features


E-prescribing in both directions simplifies the prescription procedure. Send electronic prescriptions for restricted and non-controlled medications to pharmacies from your EHR. Track medicine and allergy interactions, enhancing patient safety.


Conduct HIPAA-compliant, encrypted video conversations from your EHR while concurrently recording patient contact. This streamlined procedure allows you to deliver superior patient care without sacrificing efficiency.

Practice Management Templates

Each provider’s charting preferences are accommodated using customizable medical and cosmetic templates. This streamlines the interaction and documentation process by displaying just pertinent patient information.

Lab Integration

Streamline the whole lab ordering process by integrating labs seamlessly. Review laboratory findings from a patient’s record without leaving the page, enhancing your clinical efficiency.

Electronic Health Records

The distinctive EMR solution provided by Nextech enables you to keep control of your workflow and efficiently construct patient records. It can suit the demands of each specialty. Even practices with several specialties may reap the benefits of this software.

Advanced Scheduling

Utilize an intelligent, configurable scheduling tool to run your single or multi-location practice efficiently. We’ll assist you in avoiding lost income opportunities by allowing you to swiftly make changes on the fly to cover scheduling gaps.

Billing Solutions

Billing for optional services and insurance has never been simpler to manage. Generate invoices from patient records, including codes recorded in an EHR that is completely connected. You may also simply quote procedures, construct packages, validate benefits automatically, calculate responsibilities, and set up price schedules.

Nextech EMR Pricing

Pricing for the Nextech EHR depends on the size of your practice. The Nextech EMR cost is tailored according to the specs provided by you to the sales team.

Nextech EMR Demo

Schedule a Nextech EMR demo if you are interested in learning about Nextech software from various perspectives and how it can be utilized to optimize patient care.

Nextech EMR Reviews

Nextech EHR evaluations indicate that its patient portal is dependable and effective for booking patient appointments. Moreover, it is easy to set up the Meditech software. The implementation support will help you throughout the process of setting up the software and navigating through the functions.

Final Remarks

The MediLinks software is designed to satisfy the requirements of both existing and start-up enterprises. It provides windows-optimized complete solutions. This web-based system for physical therapy provides progress monitoring, insurance administration, care plan management, and practice management all in one spot.

Even though there are various competent EHR systems accessible, Nextech EMR has a dependable medical solution at the most competitive prices. The easiest method to evaluate if it is the right software for your ophthalmology business is to assess your needs depending on the size of your practice. When it comes to comparing Medilinks vs Nextech, you can easily make the final choice by looking at their demos.

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