Lasik Eye Surgery Using Zeiss Visumax Machine 

Lasik Eye Surgery Using Zeiss Visumax Machine 

Written by Alison Lurie, In Health, Published On
January 27, 2023
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You may have heard of SMILE Lasik eye surgery and have wondered about the technology used to create this type of eye procedure.

The Zeiss Visumax uses a femtosecond laser in the SMILE eye procedure to reshape the cornea. LASIK flaps are often created using femtosecond lasers, which produce short pulses of near-infrared light. You may be wondering about lasik eye surgery cost and whether it’s something you can afford. In Dubai, the approximate cost for SMILE eye surgery is approx. $2,300 which is much cheaper than other clinics in Europe and USA.

Over 16,000 successful SMILE eye procedures have been performed at the clinic in Dubai using the ZEISS VisuMax 800. With the ZEISS VisuMax, lenticular incisions are created with the utmost accuracy and dependability. With its vigorous peak intensity and short pulse duration (femtoseconds), the laser can create micro-precision single holes (bubbles) without affecting the surrounding tissue of the cornea.


The laser creates lenticules inside the cornea in less than 30 seconds. Through a small incision on the outer surface of the eye, the surgeon then removes the lenticule. You can now see clearly without glasses or contacts after this procedure reshapes the cornea and corrects the refractive error.

Zeiss Visumaxx Technology

It is possible to achieve extreme focus with ZEISS optics thanks to their high precision. By combining laser pulse energy with high pulse frequency, precise corneal incisions are achieved – curved, three-dimensional incisions at precisely the correct depth.

VisuMax contact glasses are curved in the same way that the human cornea is. A cornea’s natural physiological shape can be retained to a large extent. Additionally, cutting artefacts and unnecessarily high IOPs are avoided.

At the same time, the femtosecond laser creates a small opening beneath the eye’s surface. The patient remains in the same position throughout the procedure, almost silent, noiseless, and odourless.

In combination with the MEL® 90 excimer laser, the ZEISS VisuMax provides refractive clinics with the ability to offer individual treatments and to compete more effectively.


The lenticular is created by femtosecond lasers passing harmlessly through the upper layers of the cornea, which means:

The SMILE procedure requires an incision on the eye surface less than 4mm. Tear glands are still stimulated by the corneal nerves, which keep the eye lubricated. It is rare for SMILE to cause side effects such as dry eye syndrome.

Keeping the cornea stable is supported by the fact that the upper layers are virtually unaffected.

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