How Medical Abortion Works for First Trimester Pregnancy

How Medical Abortion Works for First Trimester Pregnancy

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September 13, 2020
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There comes a time when some situations can completely change your life. For a woman who always comes across stereotypical situations, things can get tough sometimes. If a woman wasn’t planning a baby and had unprotected sex with someone, chances are that she might look for an abortion. If she wishes not to tell anyone, she can always reach out to her doctor for the treatment. There are two abortion methods available – medication or medical abortion and surgical abortion. Most women prefer medication abortion over surgical abortion since it can be performed at the comfort of their homes and can be done privately. Surgical abortion, on the other hand, requires the use of a medical professional to perform surgery and remove pregnancy tissues from the uterus. While medication abortion is recommended for first-trimester pregnancies, surgical abortion can be performed even if the pregnancy is in its second trimester.

Medication abortion involves the use of an abortion kit such as MTP Kit. MTP Kit consists of two types of medications, namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These two medicines can certainly help to terminate your early pregnancy safely. Moreover, you are not the only one who’s come across such a situation. Surveys suggest that one out of every four women in the US are known to get an abortion done by the time they turn 45. Forget about the stigma lying around in the society and terminate your pregnancy easily with MTP Kit. Let’s have a look at how this abortion kit works and how you can make use of it.

How does the MTP Kit Work to Terminate Your Pregnancy

MTP Kit is known to be effective in cases where the pregnancy is in its first trimester. This means that a woman should not be more than 12 weeks pregnant. The efficacy of the medications decreases as pregnancy advances. It is, therefore, recommended to get an ultrasound done to check the stage of pregnancy and if there are any complications involved. To perform this kind of abortion, you are given the two medicines Mifepristone 200 mg (also known as RU-486) and Misoprostol 200 mcg at the time of your visit to the hospital. Mifepristone is known to work by blocking the effects of the hormone Progesterone. It causes a rupture in the womb lining and allows the uterine contents to pass easily through the body.

On the other hand, Misoprostol is known to cause the uterine contractions, the flow of which is further increased by Mifepristone. When bleeding occurs, there are certain blood clots that get formed which need to be passed through the vagina. Allowing a safe passage for them to pass easily through the vagina is made by Mifepristone. Your doctor will guide you on how you will be taking these tablets. We’ll discuss that in our next section.

If you are suffering from any existing health conditions, you should let your doctor know about them. Use of any OTC, herbal, or any other drugs isn’t recommended when making use of the MTP Kit. Certain medications can affect the way this abortion kit works, and so, you should discuss the same with your doctor. Let your doctor know about your medical history in detail and any illnesses that you are suffering from. Making use of the MTP Kit safely is important for you to stay away from the harmful side-effects that may occur. Follow the appropriate dosage and your doctor’s instructions carefully while consuming this drug.

Surveys suggest that around 89% of abortions take place in the first trimester (which encompasses the first 12 weeks). As pregnancy advances, the process of termination takes more time to complete. It is, therefore, advised to seek help from a medical professional rather than resorting to unsafe practices that may cause complications and be fatal for your health.

How Medical Abortion Works for First Trimester Pregnancy

Safe Consumption of MTP Kit for Abortion

At the time of your visit to the hospital, you’ll be given one tablet of Mifepristone 200 mg and four tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg. Your doctor will ask you to consume Mifepristone at the clinic itself. However, Misoprostol is intended to be taken after 24 hours. You can take the four tablets of Misoprostol either orally or vaginally.

If you wish to consume Misoprostol orally, place the four tablets in your cheek pouch for 25-30 minutes. Swallow the remaining fragments with water. Bleeding should start after 2-4 hours. In some cases, it can take around 6-8 hours for the bleeding to begin. Keep a few sanitary pads handy as the bleeding is heavier than what you experience during your periods. Notice the receptacle on your pad. If you are 6-7 weeks pregnant, it should look like a thin grain of rice. If you are 9 weeks pregnant, it should look like a kidney bean.

On the other hand, if you choose to administer Misoprostol vaginally, lie down and place the four tablets at the farthest spot inside your vagina. Stay in the same position for 25-30 minutes. Bleeding should start within a few hours. If the pills fall out before the bleeding starts, insert them back again. If the pills fall out during bleeding, do not do anything as the medication would have been absorbed by this time. You may experience some mild side-effects such as cramps and abdominal pain during this process. The whole abortion process gets completed within 10 days. Visit your doctor after two weeks and confirm whether the abortion has occurred or not. There are chances that some products of conception haven’t left the uterus. Hence, an ultrasound can confirm if it’s a case of incomplete abortion or the abortion has fully occurred. An incomplete abortion does not mean that abortion hasn’t occurred. It just means that some of the products haven’t been expelled out of the body. Your doctor will guide you through everything and let you know what needs to be done. If you have followed her advice properly, you can rest assured.

Final Takeaway

Getting an abortion is pretty easy. However, you shouldn’t hurry and discuss everything with your doctor. Discuss all the pros and cons of abortion and make an informed decision which is completely yours.

If you’re going through an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, you can terminate it easily with the help of medication abortion or surgical abortion. Medication abortion makes use of pills that can be taken orally and cause uterine contractions to take place. On the other hand, surgical abortion involves performing surgery with the help of a medical professional. If your pregnancy is in its first trimester, medication or medical abortion would be a good choice for you. If your pregnancy has advanced, talk to your doctor about potential options.
Take help from a doctor who can guide you through the process and help you with post-abortion recovery.

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