9 Reasons Why Taking Up Pilates Will Boost Your Health

9 Reasons Why Taking Up Pilates Will Boost Your Health

Written by Moli Mishra, In Health, Published On
June 6, 2024

Are you looking for a workout that will boost your overall health? Not looking forward to struggling to get your fitness levels up to a stage that makes a proper workout even slightly possible?

It’s with this goal in mind that many Australians are joining groups to do Pilates Frankston locals are having fun with them. If you’re among those people who think Pilates sounds too complicated for a person of your age, weight or fitness levels, it’s time to rethink that mindset.

But First, What Exactly is Pilates?

The practice of Pilates, initially referred to as “Contrology,” is essentially a full-body exercise. The point of Pilates is to improve and strengthen one’s overall core strength.

Pilates uses a combination of about 50 repetitive but straightforward exercises to create muscle exertion. The movements that make Pilates can easily be adapted to focus on gentle strength training or adjusted to be a more strenuous workout. Even skilled athletes can benefit from Pilates. Since the movements can be adjusted, Pilates is an excellent workout to suit any age, weight, or fitness goals.

Improve Your Health by Fixing Your Core

Why Taking Up Pilates Will Boost Your Health

Pilates can benefit your overall well-being in several ways. Our fitness experts have compiled the most significant of these.

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Improves Your Core Strength

Pilates’s most crucial benefit is its effect on your core. As the centre of your body, where all movements stem from, your core will benefit from any exercise that strengthens it. This, in turn, will help you manage chronic hip and back pain.

Makes Your Bones Stronger

Many people suffer from diminished bone density these days. A major contributing factor is a modern lifestyle that involves less movement, as we sit behind desks and screens. As people age, weaker bone density often results in osteoporosis or even arthritis. Pilates not only slows down the onset of these conditions but also increases bone density.

Increases Overall Balance

A healthy balance is essential for everyday activities such as walking, running, and coordination. If you are struggling with any of these activities, chances are that you will benefit from a few Pilates sessions. The slow and regulated movements in Pilates focus on core strength and overall alignment.

Reduces Back Pain

Not all Pilates is done in the same format. Some are machine-based, while others focus on repetitive movements on a mat. Many of these movements have one thing in common: they reduce back pain. This is advantageous for chronic back pain sufferers as well as anyone dealing with injury rehabilitation.

Decreases Stress

Pilates focuses on improving your general breathing techniques, which has a positive influence on the nervous system. The breath control exercises taught during Pilates lower your cortisol levels. This will reduce the “fight-or-flight” mode that our bodies remain in when we’re overly stressed.

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Creates Better Sleep Patterns

Whether you regularly suffer from bouts of insomnia or pain and stress keep you awake, it’s a good idea to add a Pilates routine to your daily workout. Regular and focused breathing exercises combined with muscle stretches help to give your oxygen flow and general circulation a much-needed boost. This, in turn, creates better relaxation, which enables you to sleep better!

Boosts Your Energy Levels

Another benefit of the breathing techniques you learn during Pilates is that they will eventually improve your cardiorespiratory capacity. Better breathing stimulates blood circulation, oxygen flow, and even the feel-good hormone, instantly making you feel more energetic.

You can even move up to a more intensive routine with increased energy levels, which may benefit you. Of course, you will also develop the energy to take on other forms of exercise to help you with other health goals, such as weight loss.

Improves Your Posture

Lousy posture is to blame for many health issues that we attribute to other causes. This includes chronic headaches, as well as back and shoulder pain. Since Pilates focuses on aligning your body and strengthening your postural muscles, you’ll feel less muscle stiffness and pain. Using Pilates to improve your overall posture will make you feel better quickly.

Increases Immunity

Many healthcare professionals recommend Pilates as an effective form of exercise for older adults. This increased immunity can largely be attributed to the improved circulation that occurs with repetitive core-focused exercises.

Pilates can also be an effective treatment for autoimmune conditions that stem from low immunity and constant inflammation. This reason alone should have everyone signing up for the next Pilates class!

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Final Thoughts

If you’re serious about improving your health, it’s a good idea to consider joining your local Pilates class. Since there is a range of forms to choose from, you’ll easily find the best one for your comfort levels. It’s an excellent way to improve aspects such as your bone density, muscle strength and overall health.

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