Which Pre Roll Packages Are Right for You? A Guide

Which Pre Roll Packages Are Right for You? A Guide

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In CBD, General, Published On
October 29, 2021
Last modified on August 4th, 2022

Pre-made or pre-roll joints are a classic cannabis product that makes smoking easy. They sell well as they appeal to novice smokers and others who don’t want to roll their own. They’re also good for medical users whose ailments make rolling joints hard.

Hemp CBD companies, cannabis processors, and dispensaries making joints all need pre-roll packages. Balancing aesthetics, cost, and other factors to find the best option for you can be a challenge. Read this quick article to get up-to-date on the best kinds of pre-roll packaging supplies.

Cheap, Plain Paper Pre Roll Packages

Dispensaries rolling joints in-house don’t often need attractive packaging to peddle their wares. Customers choose in-house products because they’re less expensive and fresher. They don’t shop based on looks as much as they do with brand names.

Wholesale companies selling pre-rolls often don’t bother with attractive packages, either. If they don’t also offer custom packaging services or their clients don’t request them, they use plain cardboard tubes.

What plain tubes lack in aesthetic appeal, they make up for with their low cost and wide availability. If you buy tubes made from recycled materials, they’re also a more eco-friendly packaging choice.

Yet, you should also consider cardboard’s downsides. It doesn’t prevent smells from escaping and isn’t very moisture-resistant, even with a coating. When cardboard tubes fall into the hands of a child or pet, it won’t take more than a second to break in.

Decorative Cardboard Packages for Pre Roll Joints

Most cannabis brands use decorative cardboard joint packages to stay competitive.

Smaller brands and dispensaries may label plain joint packaging themselves and use zipper bags for storage. Yet, it’s often not ideal. It looks worse and isn’t practical on a large scale.

Decorative cardboard tubes and cigarette-style boxes balance looks, price, and environmental appeal. Packaging producers use techniques like embossing and iridescence to catch eyes.

Glass Pre Roll Tubes Are a Classier Approach

Glass pre roll containers offer an attractive see-through appeal without adding to plastic waste. It’s easy for clients to reuse glass tubes as they look nicer and last longer than plastic tubes.

Glass pre-roll packaging tubes are also safer for children. You can add tamper-resistant lids and use shatter-resistant glass.

Glass costs more than some other packaging options. Yet, it better entices customers by displaying high-quality joints. They protect the product from moisture and contain smells.

Dispensaries can also use glass tubes to show off their joints. Then, they can slip them into paper bags or cardboard tubes for customers to take home.

This reaps the benefits of glass without making it a regular cost. It also retains clients who don’t like getting stuck with leftover packaging.

Tips and Information for Your Success

Now that you know these top options for pre-roll packages, you can better pick an option that meets your needs and appeals to your clients. If you need more information on running a cannabis business and other professional advice, you’re on the right site.

We’ve also got a wealth of lifestyle tips and information to make your life better all-around. Click on another article to learn the information you’ve needed without knowing it.

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