What Does NGL Mean?

What Does NGL Mean?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
April 19, 2023

Curious about the meaning of NGL in written communication? This article defines the term and provides context for its use on the internet. NGL, like many other online abbreviations, is often used in messaging and social networking. It’s been trending on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit recently. Since it has not been widely disseminated, you could be unfamiliar with its significance. You need not fret. We’ll define it, explain What Does NGL Mean, and where it came from, and offer advice on how to put it to good use.

What Does NGL Mean?

A typical abbreviation for “not going to lie” is “NGL.” Often used at the start of a statement to indicate an individual’s forthright viewpoint.

It’s also an excellent tool for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings or for laying into a target. The connotation of this abbreviation varies with its use. The employment of NGL to express one’s views is widespread. On the other hand, you may be impolite or insulting if you use NGL. NGL, ketchup is popular with children exclusively.

So How Do I Use NGL?

NGL stands for “not going to lie,” an often-used expression.

Individuals already comfortable with the phrase “I’m not going to lie” in everyday conversation will have no trouble picking up NGL. There are no strict grammatical guidelines because it is an abbreviation. Nonetheless, NGL is often used as a starting point for sentences that continue with a declaration of belief. While NGL is most commonly employed in casual or semi-formal situations, you may hear it used even more frequently in the former. Nonetheless, when engaging in formal discourse, you should refrain from employing NGL.

An Overview of NGL’s Past

The term “not going to lie” has been used for at least the past century. As an element of informal speech, it has always been used to denote openness of thought or expression. Meaningless opinions are often prefaced or followed by this statement. The phrase “not going to lie” was shortened to “NGL” around the end of the 2010s, becoming a popular online abbreviation.

Simultaneously, it was added for the first time to the Urban Dictionary. According to Google Trends, more people are looking for this term in internet searches than ever. This implies that individuals are becoming increasingly accustomed to utilizing it in online communications, particularly messaging applications. In particular, this acronym often appears in posts on Reddit and Twitter.

How About Some Additional Social Media Acronyms?

  • One of the most popular acronyms is “LOL,” which stands for “Laugh out loud” or “plenty of love” to people of a more mature age. There is some variation in the volume of laughter implied by its old meaning, depending on the amount of Os used.
  • “LMAO,” which stands for “Laugh my ass off,” is often used to express laughter. The fact that LMAO can be modified to LMFAO demonstrates greater semantic flexibility and depth of humor than LOL (you can guess what the F stands for).
  • Many people recoil in little horror at the acronym YOLO, which stands for “you only live once,” yet the phrase fits in very nicely at a typical American frat party, complete with red plastic cups. Yet if you use it on a Friday night at the local watering hole, you could get a colder welcome.
  • The sooner, the better on this one, as it is relatively well-known. The fact that “as soon as possible” had to be shortened to “ASAP” indicates how little time its originator had.
  • “F**k my life” is shortened to “FML” for more explicit use. In 2020, it was probably used often, so it’s effective when people are at a loss for words and need a little sympathy.


So now you know What Does NGL Mean. It’s common to see people utilize the acronym NGL in online conversations and communications. Since you have learned its definition, you can now comprehend every use of the abbreviation NGL in any social media or text message. As a bonus, it may be a helpful manual when used appropriately.


What Does NGL Mean?

According to the Macmillan dictionary, NGL—not going to lie—is often used online to signify you’ll acknowledge something uncomfortable. In speeches, individuals say “Not going to lie” instead of NGL. TBH—”To be honest”—is the most prevalent NGL replacement. “NGLTBH”—”Not going to lie, to be honest”—is a new slang that combines these two expressions.

What Is The Origin of “NGL”

This almost 100 years old. It’s often a meaningless colloquial term, yet it always implies honesty or vulnerability. People say, “I’m not going to lie,” before and after intelligent, overpowering, or non-vulnerable ideas. “Not going to lie,” became NGL in 2009 or 2010. When the Urban Dictionary first included the acronym, the word started to spread on the Internet.

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