Is Mediabay A Scam? Read This Now

Is Mediabay A Scam? Read This Now

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
February 1, 2023

Every human being has a daily desire for entertainment, and these days, almost everything can be easily accessed on mobile devices, tablets, or laptops. Ten years ago, people were compelled to watch their favorite movies and television programs on their televisions or in movie theaters. On the other hand, numerous streaming platforms accessible today, such as Netflix, Roku, Amazon Prime Video, and others, are now working on a subscription-based business model in which users can pay a monthly fee to access the platform’s available shows, movies, and series.

However, these well-liked streaming portals come at a hefty price, and the vast majority of their shows are only available in English, French, or Hindi. As a direct consequence of this, a large number of smaller-scale streaming platforms have emerged. These platforms demand less money from their users and provide their customers with more freedom to choose the content that they want to view.

MediaBay is one of the other streaming platforms that has become popular in a short amount of time simply because of the extensive features it offers and the wide selection of content that it makes available on its platform. Regrettably, there is a great deal of discussion on the internet concerning MediaBay being a fraud. Although the reason why it is stated that Is Mediabay a scam is not yet known, it is important to determine whether or not this news is credible. Now, let’s find out whether or not MediaBay is a scam.

What Is MediaBay?


Users of the MediaBay internet streaming platform, which operates on a subscription basis, are required to pay a fee in order to gain access to the movies, television shows, video games, music, and audiobooks of their choosing. MediaBay is not only a streaming platform; users may also watch sports, play games, listen to music, have access to software, and read an unlimited number of ebooks with their subscription. This feature differentiates MediaWiki from other platforms of a similar kind. In this article we will know Is Mediabay a scam?

Services provided by MediaBay

  1. Unrestricted sporting events
  2. Games with no boundaries
  3. Unlimited eBooks
  4. Unlimited music, unlimited streaming, and unlimited applications are all included.
  5. Unlimited audiobooks

Users have access to a variety of payment choices, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Jamaica is the location of the company’s headquarters, and as of March 2020, the company has been operating solely online.

Is Mediabay a scam?

Is Mediabay a scam? Well, there have been no negative reviews of that platform posted by any of their subscribers on any of the social media platforms, review sites, or forums; thus, MediaBay is not a scam. Even I was intrigued to know why people are looking for MediaBay frauds and to find out, I did try to make an account on it as well as purchase a subscription, simply to see what the outcome would be.

Can you trust

In light of the information that can be found on the internet and the studies that have been conducted on this topic, I would advise against purchasing a new membership from MediaBay. Because Platform has not given any information regarding its active subscribers or the types of content that can be found on this site, this is the reason. On the homepage, you will only get a summary of everything.

In addition, there is no indication of the fee, nor is the subscription model explained anywhere. Although social media would seem to be a treasure trove for platforms such as MediaBay, given that it would be a perfect venue for their promotion and the acquisition of new customers, the platform in question does not exist on any social media channel. However, based on the information shown here, we are unable to draw the conclusion that Is Mediabay a scam, however, it is best to avoid the website in order to avoid losing money.

This Organization’s Background

MediaBay, Inc. is a media, marketing, and publishing company that specializes in spoken audio content. The company’s market-leading businesses include direct response and interactive marketing, retail product distribution, media publishing, and broadcasting. MediaBay’s primary focus is on the production of spoken audio content.

The content libraries owned and operated by MediaBay contain approximately 60,000 vintage radio programs, 3,500 film and television programs, and thousands of audiobooks, the majority of which are exclusive to the company. MediaBay distributes its products to its own client database, which has over 3.0 million names and 2.2 million e-mail addresses, at over 7,000 retail shops, and on the Internet by means of streaming audio and downloadable audio files.


  • Where is the main office of MediaBay, Inc. located?

Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, in the United States of America, is the location of MediaBay, Inc.

  • How much money has been raised by MediaBay, Inc. up to this point?

The amount raised by MediaBay, Inc., was $39 million.

  • When was the most recent time that MediaBay, Inc. received funding?

On March 25, 2005, MediaBay, Inc. successfully completed its most recent funding round, which was a post-IPO equity round.

  • Who are some of MediaBay, Inc.’s rival companies?

NDC Media Group, PWX Solutions, and On Time Media are three companies that come to mind as potential alternatives to MediaBay, Inc. and competitors.

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