Balboa hot tub: Why your spa & hot tub emits a foul smell?

Balboa hot tub: Why your spa & hot tub emits a foul smell?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In General, Published On
October 29, 2021

You may already own a spa and hot tub and have been enjoying using it for quite some time. But then, it could be that after some years of repeated use, it could be emitting a very bad smell similar to that of a skunk. Such smell may not allow you and your family members to enjoy taking bath in the hot tub or derive health benefits from using the spa. Life can become a nightmare and you do need some kind of remedy to eliminate this smell instantly. You can go through the leading hot tub manufacturer websites to find the perfect solution to such problems.

Balboa hot tub: Why your spa & hot tub emits a foul smell?

  • Reasons for the foul smell

Do not just simply rush with buying any product that claims to emit a foul smell in your hot tub and spa. Rather, the experienced hot tub supplier suggests that you need to first identify the reasons behind it. Generally, smelly hot tubs can be the result of improper sanitizer usage, environmental issues, irregular maintenance along other causes. At times, the by-product of some chemical used in it could be the culprit. Bromine and chlorine combined forms chloramines. This is one classic example that might emit a foul smell from your hot tub.

Experts at agree that chloramines are generally formed by sputum, saliva, urine, and sweat that get mixed into the water from the body. It is said to result in emitting strange odors within the spa water. But then, with some tips from the industry experts, you may prevent such issues from occurring by ensuring proper and timely maintenance.

It is possible to eliminate bad smells from the spa and hot tube by using quality spa fragrances available in the market. It helps mask even strong odors. However, it is just a short time relief. This is because, once the effect of the fragrance becomes weaker, the odor will only get back and make things even worse for the user. Moreover, remember that you should not use sanitizers not meant for spas and wholesale hot tubs, as it might also develop that foul smell. Instead, you need to select only spa formulated sanitizers. You can take expert help to make the right choice.

  • Water shocking

You may use an extra non-chlorine oxidizer such as potassium mono-persulfate to shock the water. It breaks down successfully the chemical bonds present only to eliminate unwanted organic materials. Once water is shocked, the balboa hot tub cover should be removed for approximately 2 hours. This allows the waste to gas off completely.

  • Spa maintenance tips

A foul smell may be emitted due to irregular maintenance. One vital maintenance to follow is that you may perform is sanitizing the spa water. This helps eliminate bad odor. Moreover, with regular maintenance, your spa and tube can stay in prime condition.

To sanitize the spa, you are advised to perform deep cleaning. It eliminates biofilm build-up. Also, drain regularly the spa as it helps control bad odor. Do clean filters, spa accessories, and hot tub cover frequently. When searching for a hot tub for sale, buy quality ones only.

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