These forthcoming game releases will be big news for Australian gamers

These forthcoming game releases will be big news for Australian gamers

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March 28, 2023

For years, gaming companies have taken a blinkered view of their markets. Massive hits from Grand Theft Auto (US) to Dragon Ball Fighter (Japan) are clearly designed with domestic markets in mind. That is starting to change, with developers taking a more global viewpoint. The Australian market is a case in point. Australians tend to be early adopters and are willing to spend more per capita on games than other countries.

It makes Australia an ideal target for soft launching completely new games, but it is also a vital market for new versions of premium games or new titles in established franchises. There are some exciting new titles due to launch this year, and it is notable how many are clearly aimed at satisfying the lucrative Australian market.

New Game Releases for Australian gamers

Borderlands 4 – improving on Australia’s most popular PC game

Borderlands 4

The first Borderlands game came out way back in 2009, and when developer Gearbox Software celebrated the 10th anniversary with the launch of Borderlands 3, the updated version of the Space Western sci-fi mash-up went straight to the top of Australia’s PC game charts, a position it has continued to occupy ever since.

There is no formal release date for Borderlands 4, but it will almost certainly be in 2023, and most likely towards the end of the third quarter if previous releases are any indication. There are numerous rumors about the likely plot. Most fans think the game will focus on the disappearance of Lillith. It is also likely that Ava, a character who certainly polarized opinions in Borderlands 3 will be back making more trouble.

Bando Nameco’s new Dragon Ball game will be hot property

Bando Nameco’s new Dragon Ball game

We mentioned that with early iterations of Dragon Ball, the creators were a little too focused on the Japanese market. That emphasis has shifted over recent versions, and the new game that Bando Nameco has been gently teasing will give Australians exactly what they are looking for.

The game is the first update along the Tenkaichi storyline since the last installment in 2008, which is now hailed as something of a retro classic. Australian audiences will be impatient to see 2020s graphics applied to the games story mode, which even back in the PS2 days, had stunning depth and more than 150 playable characters.

Bloodsuckers Megaways is the casino pokie that’s got everyone talking

Bloodsuckers Megaways is the casino pokie

Australians spend more per capita on pokies, or slot games than any other nationality. But even so, the release of a new slot game doesn’t usually cause a stir – after all, about a dozen are released every month. Bloodsuckers Megaways is not the average pokie, however. Released at the end of January, it is available at most reputable casinos – check AustraliaInternetPokies to find a safe casino site to give it a go.

Blood Suckers Megaways is a vampire-theme slot machine, which serves as a direct sequel to the Blood Suckers and Blood Suckers 2 slots, from 2013 and 2017 respectively. NetEnt has teamed up with Red Tiger to release this new Megaways version, which brings more exciting gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and bigger prizes while retaining an industry-leading average return to players of more than 97 percent. A coffin symbol unleashes either wilds or scatters and when these combine with the random win multiplier, the rewards can really mount up.

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