Exploring managed Forex accounts in the UK for passive investors

Exploring managed Forex accounts in the UK for passive investors

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August 22, 2023

Currently, there is a growing interest among investors in Forex trading and investment. Beyond just trading, individuals can establish a Forex account to invest in various assets, including cryptocurrencies, gold, and stocks. Traders Union experts provide guidance on both the account creation process and effective management techniques.

How do Forex Managed Accounts work?

Managed accounts services offered by the top Forex brokers in 2023 are ideal for passive investing. These accounts allow professional traders or money management teams to make trades on behalf of investors. TU analysts underline that despite charging a fee, the benefits can outweigh the cost, as it relieves passive investors and less active traders from the burden of day trading.

Managed Forex accounts grant access to various markets and assets beyond traditional stocks and bonds. Although all trading accounts carry inherent risks, utilizing an experienced trader or team can optimize investment capital and capitalize on market opportunities more effectively.

Many traders overlook workable alternatives, such as managed accounts, due to the abundance of free and paid resources for learning self-trading. They may not fully grasp the difficulty and time commitment required to become proficient in trading. By using managed Forex accounts in the UK, investors can earn extra income while leaving the trading to professionals, similar to renting a boat instead of owning one.

Top UK Managed Forex Accounts in 2023

Forex-managed accounts are offered by numerous brokers, but only a few stand out as the best choices. To save you time and effort, Traders Union experts have compiled a list of the top 5 Forex-managed accounts in the UK for this year.

  • RoboForex CopyFx: Rated among the best-managed Forex accounts in the UK, it allows users to follow and profit from successful traders’ strategies or engage in independent trading. Minimum investment starts at $100.
  • Tickmill Copy Trading: Offering advanced trading tools, Tickmill’s copy trading account is suitable for both professional traders and novices. The minimum deposit is $100.
  • IC Markets PAMM Account: Specifically designed for passive income opportunities, the IC Markets PAMM account is considered one of the top 5 Forex brokers in 2023. Minimum deposit starts at $200.
  • FxPro Pamm Account: Known for a low-risk PAMM account with automated trade systems, FxPro is an excellent option for investors seeking managed Forex accounts in the UK.
  • eToro: Specializing in copy trading services, eToro allows users to trade with the strategies of successful traders. It offers a variety of tools and has a minimum deposit ranging from $50 to $10,000.

These top 5 managed Forex accounts provide various features and benefits, making them reliable options for investors in the UK.

Investing in Forex: Types of Accounts

Brokers offer various types of managed Forex accounts, including Forex copy trading, PAMM accounts, MAM accounts, advisory services, and managed portfolios. Analysts at TU say that these accounts allow investors to benefit from the expertise of experienced traders or money managers.

  • Forex Copy Trading: Novice traders can automatically copy the trades of successful traders through a trading platform, potentially achieving similar returns without extensive research.
  • Copy Trading Managed Accounts: Investors allow a professional money manager to handle their trading accounts, leveraging the manager’s expertise for potentially better returns.
  • PAMM/MAM Accounts: Multiple investors pool their funds, managed by a professional trader or money manager who allocates profits and losses based on each investor’s contribution.
  • Advisory Services: Financial advisors offer portfolio recommendations, strategies, and market insights to help build wealth, and this may be included in a managed Forex account.
  • Managed Portfolio: A professional trader or financial expert manages a diverse investment portfolio, which may include various assets beyond forex trading.
  • Other Services: Managed Forex accounts can include individual accounts, catering to a single client’s financial goals, and pooled accounts, combining investments from multiple clients.

Overall, managed Forex accounts provide a way for investors to delegate trading decisions to professionals, potentially enhancing their investment outcomes.


In conclusion, Forex trading and investment have gained significant interest among investors. Apart from traditional trading, Forex accounts now offer opportunities to invest in diverse assets. Experts at Traders Union provided valuable guidance on account creation and effective management techniques.

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