Top Payroll Mistakes to Avoid 

Top Payroll Mistakes to Avoid 

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In finance, Published On
April 14, 2023

When payroll is working well, it can often feel like a part of your business that simply hums away in the background. However, when mistakes are being made, they can easily and suddenly spring to the very forefront of your mind. There are all sorts of different ways that payroll mistakes can occur, but the following blog post will be checking out just a few of these and how they directly relate to what you are doing as a company. Continue reading to learn more about how to avoid common payroll mistakes.

Top 4 Payroll Mistakes to Avoid

Top Payroll Mistakes to Avoid 

Not Using the Right Software

There is plenty of payroll software out there in the modern world and it all promises to make your life easier and ensure that you are getting this vital part of your business right. As well as taking the time to ensure that you select it carefully, it is also going to be worth making sure that you understand all the features that it offers, as well as taking the time to integrate it properly within your business as a whole.

Miscalculating Pay

Another one of the common issues that spring up with payroll services is a miscalculation of pay. This can often occur because the employee in question has not been put on the right tax code or there has been some simple miscommunication that has occurred somewhere along the way. Ultimately, this type of issue can range from slightly irritating to more serious if it keeps on happening on a wider scale. While errors may well occur from time to time, these must be highlighted and made clear at the earliest possible opportunity.

Incomplete Records

While the digitisation of payroll should help with the keeping of records, this is still an important part of the business to keep up and running. It is going to impact your tax liability and can also have an impact in case your company ends up getting audited at some point down the line. Ultimately, the more accurate that you are in your record keeping, the more likely it is that you are going to be able to sail through any potentially choppy waters in the smoothest way possible.

Not Tracking Hours and Overtime

When you are not paying employees on an annual, but instead on an hourly basis, this can lead to a situation where it is much trickier to keep on top of the payroll. At the same time, you also need to look at overtime if you are paying it to see where this plays a role in payroll.

If you can avoid all of these common mistakes, it is bound to be much more likely that you have a payroll system that works well for your organization as a whole. Ultimately, it is more than worth ensuring that you take it seriously, as a company with poor payroll management can seriously start to suffer in terms of reputation, as well as potential financial penalties, and this is clearly something you should avoid.

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