Sizeless mint green, light blue, black and white striped pajamas from Sleeper: creative outfits – color variety benefits

Sizeless mint green, light blue, black and white striped pajamas from Sleeper: creative outfits – color variety benefits

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February 2, 2023
Last modified on March 1st, 2023

Many of us are often faced with the problem that a suit or dress is good, but the color is wrong. This sometimes makes us refuse to buy a piece we like or include it in a particular look. But what if one piece could appear in our wardrobe in several colors?

Such a situation is not a dream, but a sure reality, especially when it comes to the famous Ukrainian brand Sleeper. Just pay attention to one size mint green pajamas and sets in other shades to appreciate how carefully the designers approach the issue of color variety.

Let’s see why one-size pajamas appeal to fashionistas and what kind of outfits you can create with them.

Sizeless loungewear sets: an impressive mix of style and practicality

Sleeper has been promoting a culture of comfort and self-care since its founding.

Often beauty and comfort come up against a scale where the aesthetic cup overbalances, putting women in a difficult dilemma. Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva, the brand’s creators, decided to fight against injustice and created their first black and white striped pajamas collection in 2014. The line’s outfits harmoniously combine visual appeal and comfort, earning them popularity among women around the world.

The soft and cute loungewear set that started the Sleeper story consists of 4/4 trousers and a top. The elasticized trousers have a loose fit and give maximum freedom of movement. The top with long sleeves, a full-length back, and a shirt collar make it adaptable to any style. The same applies to trousers. The pajamas come with a matching hair band, which is an eye-catching accessory that enhances the feminine elegance of your personality.

The outfit will definitely appeal to fans of minimalism. At the same time, ladies who like to create experimental outfits will also appreciate it. After all, on the basis of a loungewear black and white striped pajama set or a suit of other shades you can create a real fashion miracle. The main thing is to choose a harmonious textile, shoes, jewelry, and accessories to accompany the outfit. There we go! A versatile outfit for all occasions.

Striped pajama set: a bit about the material

All of the outfits of this design – be they black and white or baby blue pajamas – are sewn from viscose. This eco-friendly material will show maximum loyalty to your skin:

  • it hugs your body like the coziest blanket;
  • it will not allow your skin to suffocate;
  • it prevents annoying sweat drips from rolling down your back and arms;
  • it won’t spoil your mood with skin irritations and will impress you with its easy-care properties.

Such practicality paired with a minimalist aesthetic gives you confidence that this set is everything you need to rank the purchase of these pajamas as a personal fashion success story.

Black, light blue pajama set and other shades: more about colours

The designers have been more than creative with their range of shades. And that’s not surprising. After all, our moods regularly change and so do the messages we want to put into the look. And the right accents depend a great deal on the tones used.

The sizeless pajama range offers plenty of options for self-expression:

  1. The understated black and white stripes.
  2. A delicate pearl white set.
  3. A refreshing light blue outfit.
  4. Confidence-inspiring green pajama set.
  5. Romantic dusty pink set.
  6. Relaxing lilac ensemble.

With such a wide palette, you can indulge in all kinds of experiments that will accentuate your individuality.

Black, white, green pajamas: a rich bouquet of looks

When it comes to their own style, ladies turn out to be really inventive to maximize their strengths. And the variety of colors in the wardrobe removes all limits from the imagination.

So, an elegant businesswoman, preferring not to be distracted by uncomfortable clothes while working or having a business dinner, can opt for restrained black and white pajamas. The minimalistic base could be diversified by, for example, emerald earrings.

If looking for a party outfit, a lady may opt for a pearl white set. The black stiletto heels will create a memorable contrast in this case.

A lady who wants to go out with friends may wear pastel light blue pajamas (baby blue). If she wants to accentuate the good mood caused by the meeting, a brightly colored purse would be a great accessory option.

Excitedly looking for an ensemble for the first date she’s been waiting for with bated breath, the beautiful fashionista is likely to opt for a dusty-pink scheme. If the rendezvous is planned for the evening, a blazer in darker shades could be a wonderful addition.

The mint green outfit is the perfect solution for a hectic everyday routine on your feet. Complete the look with practical trainers, sneakers, or loafers.

Additional possibilities open up when a lady realizes that pajamas could be worn either in combination or separately. Need an austere look? Complement the classic black high-waisted trousers with a white top from the set. Going to a rock concert? Black and white trousers with a riveted leather jacket are a quick fix.

Find the color and texture combinations that work best for you and enjoy striking, memorable looks that make you feel like a queen in any situation.

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