What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers?

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers?

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March 12, 2023

Isekai manhwa What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up is a fun read. But you’re here for fresh chapter spoilers. Want to know what happens when the second male lead powers up spoilers? Read on the blog to know everything.

The second male lead powers up spoilers: Chapter 121–129

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers

Chapter 121

In the What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Spoilers, Elise liberated Jesse from prison. It was August, around Cedric’s birthday and the Crown Prince’s coronation. The Imperial Palace was happy. Nobles entered and left the palace freely. Commoners could access the palace for a few minutes with proper identification. Jesse was talking to Ttuksim during tea. Ttuksim did not transform. Jesse gave up and brushed his head with his index finger. Jesse’s espresso-drinking neighbor, Cedric, frowned at him. Jesse said it was subtler than that. The brooch bothered Cedric. Cedric was called everywhere and had to constantly monitor the Crown Prince’s three-day coronation ritual. Cedric had to get up to receive the ether from Jesse, and his countenance was sour. It just impressed Christelle.

Chapter 122

In next what happens when the second male lead powers up spoilers,  Gerrit was not taken through the portal because the Vatican was seeking to cut costs. Jesse gave Johann a drink. The holy knight was grateful but tightened and loosened his fists. Jesse observed a boy sitting there when they arrived. Blonde hair was blowing. Johann laughed and cried. He hugged his son. Gerrit’s thin hands rested on his father’s neck. After a few minutes, the Holy Knight testified to the youngster. The holy knight brought Cedric to his child, who fell, unsure what to do. Cedric glanced at the boy stoically. “And itis His Royal Highness, the Prince Jesse Venetian,” Johann stated. He saved us.” Jesse gazed at Jesse. Jesse then sat down.

Chapter 123

Jesse slowly opened his eyes and screamed. The man and woman in front of Jesse saw his eyes. The vivid blue-gray and deep orange eyes stared at him. Jesse stood up in disbelief, and they both headbutted Christelle. Jesse panicked as Christelle groaned and touched her head. Demy and Ttuksim squealed in amazement. Their forefoot and wing touched Jesse’s forehead. “In any way are you going to knock him out?” Cedric asked Christelle, mocking Jesse. Christelle was beaming at him. Jesse considered the author’s unprofessional style. Jesse questioned the baby elk. Christelle smiled, knowing he wanted to know. Johann, Eva, and Gerrit returned from their inspection.

Chapter 124

The dark jungle had a bonfire in what happens when the second male lead powers up spoilers. He cooked professionally, possibly due to his long mercenary career. Dinner followed. Christelle removed the little bottles. Jesse was surprised she carried salt and pepper. Christelle liked the pungent flavor and carried and sprayed them. Jesse tried grilling a boar. Very soft flesh. Cedric set it ablaze. He wondered if he had eaten too much when his ears heated up. Christelle replied, “It’s fantastic to see you eat so well.” They consumed huge boars and deer. Christelle stated that Jesse adapted nicely. As everyone worked hard, Jesse realized he needed to acclimate to the new environment.

Chapter 125

Jesse woke up. When he woke up, an elk with a baby stared at him. He wondered who tied a tiny handkerchief around the leg. Christelle, Gerrit, and Eva slept. Johann and Cedric disappeared, possibly to scout. Jesse recognized that Christelle and him had a strange interaction despite being awake. Jesse remained while Christelle approached. He doubted this story because Eva and Gerrit were still asleep. A slow voice asked what Christelle had done. Christelle laughed and said that his expression was hilarious and that the joke made her sick. He swiftly glanced towards Imperial Prince Cedric. He upset Cedric. Cedric removed his stuff. Jesse almost screamed again but survived. We’ll find many pairs of clothes if we pool our pals’ brains! Silk clothes are worn out.” Sir Johann closed his eyes on Jesse. Jesse suspected Johann was an actor. Let him meet Dokja and Cale.

Chapter 126

Then in what happens when the second male lead powers up spoilers, Johann said that was the best way to get sympathy. They might have scared people if they had disclosed their genuine identity. They bathed and changed into the villager-prepared clothes. Cedric emerged from the restroom and demanded more clothing. He walked in front of them with a towel around his neck, the shirt in his hands, and water flowing from his head. In amazement, Jesse asked why Cedric was shirtless. “Is that a human body?” Jesse exclaimed. Christelle clarified that he said the phrases out loud, and the individual squinted at his eyes. Jesse shrugged and closed his mouth. Jesse wondered if QNW was a general-rated novel or an R15. Jesse inhaled and covered Christelle’s eyes.

Chapter 127

Cedric’s strength astonished the locals. Jesse sat, and some older people thought he was an angel. “The young man’s eye color is gorgeous and odd,” a granddad said. Purple? . He wondered if his place had been discovered as the only one with purple iris on the continent. Elders talked. The granddad wondered if this was God’s color. Another grandmother claimed it was gold. Thankfully, the older folks in the room may not have understood religion. The Holy Kingdom has loved Prince Jesse since he was born with both colors. Jesse found Agnes, the woman who lived in the foothills beyond Juliette Palace. She alerted him about red pandas. Village representative, Agnes.

Chapter 128

Agnes gasped. She asked why Jesse was there. She said she was the Aitz village authority and met with the elderly every month. They found the mountain range they saw behind Juliette Castle here. Elevation seemed different, shocking everyone. Juliette saw a low mountain. Agnes saw Cedric and quickly greeted him. Johann also asked if the settlement was behind the Imperial Palace, which Agnes affirmed. Jesse was shocked and assumed they could return soon. If they had gone straight to the wedding

Chapter 129

Now in what happens when the second male lead powers up spoilers. The sky darkened like an ocean before Jesse noticed. A large full moon was rising westward. Jesse looked down, enjoying the ancient breeze. They saw an imperial palace when they crossed the steep mountain and strolled over the lovely valley in the dark. “It must be the first time I’ve seen the Imperial Palace in the sky,” Jesse said to Cedric. Prince Cedric didn’t answer but didn’t look offended. Jesse shouted with joy when he saw the lanterns flying. Jesse thought he was incorrect, but Cedric was sighing. Jesse read the birthday lanterns and wondered what he could get Cedric. Cedric’s back-mounted Ark sank. Claire Square was the festival hub. They left with Prince Imperial. Sarah removed her glasses. Princess Jesse dropped Imperial Prince Cedric at Emperor Romero’s statue base, where the Guards seized him.

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