Textile Design course and the importance of getting the degree in it

Textile Design course and the importance of getting the degree in it

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March 27, 2023
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Textile Designing is a specialized field that deals with the procedure of creating designs, colours, textures, and patterns for fabrics be it embroidered, printed, dyed, knitted & woven. Textile Designer uses his expertise in artistic and technical aspects along with insights gained through research of ensuing fashion trends, market dynamics, socio-cultural factors, people’s needs, financials, and the required durability, etc. to come up with stunning designs for fabrics that find usage in clothing and range of industries such as automotive, furnishings for home decor, fashion, etc. He plays an essential role in the fashion & textile industries, for he works with different materials including cotton, wool, silk, synthetic fibers and blends, etc. to create a fabric that influences the look & feel of the final product.

Benefits of studying Textile Design Course:

Textile Design course

Immense Career Scope: 

  • Indian textile and apparel industry is estimated to reach US$ 190 billion by 2025-26, thus solidifying its position as the world’s second-largest producer of textiles and garments.
  • The textiles and apparel industry is a significant contributor to the Indian economy accounting for: 
    • 2.3% to the country’s GDP
    • 13% to industrial production
    • 12% to exports.
  • India accounts for 4% of the global trade in textiles and apparel.
  • India, the largest producer of cotton in the world, is expected to produce 7.2 million tonnes of cotton (equivalent to around 43 million bales of 170 kg each) by 2030.

With such promising prospects, Indian Textile & Apparel industry will draw skilled and proficient manpower in great numbers.

Enhanced creative skills:

Textile Designing Course will boost creative prowess, since students will get opportunities to meet and interact with people who express themselves in unique & artistic ways, not just in the realm of textile designing but also in the fashion design discipline.

Glamorous field:

Aspirants will get an opportunity to attend numerous fashion shows and other niche events affording them the prospect to engage with celebrities, models & actors. Furthermore, the incomparable high they will experience on seeing famous personalities and/or celebrities adorned in their designed clothing or fabrics is truly exhilarating.


The Textile Designing course mentors student with a diverse range of capabilities that enable them to manage various roles, from fabric designing to manufacturing the product to comprehending the technology & commercial viability. Furthermore, the curriculum instills competencies in research and development that empowers students to drive innovations across multiple industries like automobile manufacturing, medical supplies manufacturing, sports equipment manufacturing, etc. From the perspective of textiles, the program also equips with an in-depth comprehension of Lifestyle products in fashion, interior design, and the automotive market segment, etc.

Technical Expertise:

Textile Designing Course will equip aspirants with technical knowledge of various textile manufacturing techniques such as knitting, weaving, dyeing, and printing. Furthermore, they will be exposed to the latest technology, software, and live projects that will get them ready for their professional career ahead. Besides this the curriculum will also mentor students on ways to incorporate sustainable techniques & practices, thereby endorsing eco-friendly & ethical fashion practices.

Understanding of textile material:

The Textile Designing Course equips students with an understanding of the range of fabrics, their properties as well as their suitability for different applications. This knowledge enables them to design functional and stunning concepts.

Industry insights:

This program will offer insights into the textile industry, including production processes, trends & market demands that will be advantageous to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs.

Thus knowledge & capabilities accomplished through Textile Designing course is highly valuable in a range of industries and will thus form a foundation for a successful career.

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