Which stream is best for BSc psychology Future & Scope of BSc psychology in India

Which stream is best for BSc psychology Future & Scope of BSc psychology in India

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March 5, 2023
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Psychology is among the most interesting career choices that many students opt for due to a variety of reasons. As exciting as this field looks, there is an enormous amount of hard work that goes into studying psychology and attaining a degree in this field.

BSc Psychology also known as the Bachelor of Science in Psychology is a three-year undergraduate degree that offers relevant knowledge in this field. This undergraduate degree focuses on the investigation of various aspects of the human mind such as emotions, thought processes, social growth, empathy, uniqueness, and more.

Moreover, it also examines various other attributes of the human mind and how it impacts one’s life. This includes understanding human behavior, learning how to handle a crisis, and reacting to different situations and mental illnesses. There is a range of subject topics that are covered here such as stress, memory, Psychological Research, Introduction to Psychology, and a lot more.

Future with BSc psychology

BSc psychology
BSc Psychology is a very popular degree and interested students must check the eligibility and admission requirements for pursuing this course. One of the main pre-requisite is that students should complete a science stream with biology amongst the main subjects.

With the growing relevance of psychology in India and around the world, this subject has become a crucial topic in various sectors. In the post-pandemic world mental health issues are being given the necessary attention and even the business sector is hiring experts with a degree in psychology as they can help analyze employees better and come up with relevant ways to nurture the staff. Psychologist can also streamline the workforce better as per their skills and put them in perfect departments that is well suited to their capabilities.

Additionally, those with a degree in psychology find it easier to fit into different job roles and use their expertise to their advantage, and also help the business do better.

Scope of BSc psychology

There is a vast scope with a degree in BSc psychology and you can select from a range of job opportunities after completing this degree. Here are some of the popular job roles:


Psychologist remains a popular job option with a degree in BSc psychology. Professionals who are in this job role are sought for their expertise in helping people deal with stress, depression, interpersonal issues and mental health illness as well.

In the current times, more and more people get help from a psychologist to stay fit mentally and get treatment for various mental and emotional issues.

Human resource

The human resource department in a business unit deals with people and their problems. With a degree in psychology, it becomes easier to understand the requirements of the office staff, address their concerns and even provide them with relevant solutions.

Social psychologist

Another job role that you can opt for is that of a social psychologist where you can help a number of people who are facing difficulties and don’t have the means to get the necessary help. Social psychologists work with NGOs to provide their services to people.

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