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Kodaly method vs Suzuki method in learning violin

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Published On
December 10, 2020

As human beings, we always tend to want to learn new things. We always want to explore more and learn new skills. It is human nature to always look for something enjoyable to do. In today’s society, there are many activities we could venture in. We can try new sports and enroll in training. We can even try new dance styles and look for a studio that offers the genre we want. Furthermore, we can enroll in extra courses that can enrich our minds. There are a lot of universities that offer both online and physical classes. One of the most popular hobbies or new skills to venture into is learning a musical instrument. People often choose a new musical instrument since they are usually easy to learn. Also, music has many benefits for our overall well-being. It is also so accessible since many studios or schools offer it.

Take for example you want to learn the violin. Many studios offer violin class Singapore sessions. They have trained teachers and fun classes. They even have varying packages depending on duration and class sizes. The duration can be as short as thirty minutes or as long as one and a half hours. It can also be a variety of class sizes like group settings or private violin lessons. The rates or fees also depend on these factors.

Different studios also have different music teaching styles. Music is a very rich practice that is not just enclosed in one way of teaching. The same can be applied to violin class Singapore sessions. They are taught in different manners and methods. It can be done through groups or private violin lessons. When looking for a violin class Singapore group, find the one that teaches the method you think is the best fit for you. There are two most popular methods of violin class Singapore, one is the Kodaly method and the other is the Suzuki method. In his article, let us talk about the Kodaly method vs Suzuki method in learning violin.

Kodaly vs Suzuki

Kodaly method

The founder of this method believes that culture and heritage should be ingrained in music education. He emphasized that the best music education is taught in the child’s culture. With this, he developed a music learning method that integrated the singing of folk songs in the learner’s mother tongue. Whether the violin class is done through group settings or private violin lessons, he believed yacht culture is one of the best teachers. He also stated that music should be taught at a young age. It is one of the most important things to be taught in public or private violin lessons. This method also follows a manner where it is taught sequentially. He believes that music in public or private violin lessons should be enjoyed rather than forced. Also, he created the method in a way that the main focus of the student’s progress is the voice.

Suzuki method

The Suzuki method is one of the oldest methods of teaching violin class Singapore and in the world. It is based on the observation that children learn their native language easily. This is because they are exposed to it at an early stage. So, Shinichi Suzuki, its founder believes that this is also applicable to music. He said that learning an instrument should be done as early as possible.

They should be exposed to these kinds of activities so that they can be treated as learning one’s native language. He observed that when one is trying to learn a new language later in life. They usually have a hard time despite being more mature and developed. He then built a whole curriculum of learning an instrument based on this observation. He developed musical sheets and exercises to be followed when this kind of method is applied. He focused on training the ears and recognizing tones rather than learning how to read notes. He wanted the learner’s ears to get used to the notes then learn to read later on. The parents or guardians of children are also included in this process. They are considered to be active participants in this process to help with progress.

Learn with us

There are a lot of methods available for every student. As new learners, it is understandable that you learn at different paces and through different methods. What is important is that you have the will to learn.

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