How to Include Lifeguard Position on a Resume?

How to Include Lifeguard Position on a Resume?

Written by Deepak Bhagat, In Education, Updated On
December 14th, 2021

A Lifeguard is an expert swimmer employed normally at a beach or a pool in order to safeguard other swimmers (if they land into troubles while swimming or when they are drowning). If you are going to apply for a job in this field, your lifeguard resume needs to be detailed and gripping. And whatever you mention on your curriculum vitae, you should be equipped with that knowledge so that when you are asked by the interviewer, you can very confidently respond to all of the questions.

The Job and Your Lifeguard Resume

Your lifeguard resume has to be appealing with worthwhile details mentioned on it, as this job is very much demanding. It means that by the time you are interviewed, you will be judged very deeply since many lives will be associated with you and your skills of lifeguarding. Present your lifeguard resume in a manner where you showcase yourself with deep but true details. There are numerous hotels, resorts, private and public beaches are always in need of lifeguards so that they can keep their guests safe and secure. In short, if you plan to find a job of a lifeguard, your resume should be in a manner that can convince the employer ‘you are the right person for this job’. It is not a vocational type of job, as it apparently seems rather you have to be intelligently smart by making quick decisions when someone is in trouble and you also need to have basic skills for first aid and be physically fit.

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Important Details to be Put on Your Lifeguard Resume?

Your CV to be used for the post of Lifeguard should contain and highlight your training and certification in the field, as these two things are highly needed wherever you apply for this position. Make it sure that your lifeguard resume should also comprise of the most important skills like attentiveness, water safety skills, exceptional swimming abilities and rescue techniques.

Do indicate on your lifeguard resume that you have been certified as a Lifeguard and put these vital details on contacts and certifications sections of the CV. Under this same section, you also need to mention your certification number or the name of the certifying agency. Under the education section of the lifeguard resume, do make a use of bullets in order to describe the course outline.

Under experience section of the resume, you need to be very much cautious while writing your experience, because it is the most important section of a lifeguard resume after your training and certifications which you have already mentioned on your curriculum vitae (CV). Do depict only the relevant experience you have done so far.

Job Duties or Responsibilities of a Lifeguard

You must be aware of the job description of this position, thus your lifeguard resume needs to be equipped with those required at the job. They include observing and organizing the activities of swimmers, rescuing swimmers in distress, enforcing applicable pool or beach policies and regulations and providing emergency care.

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