Fifth Grade Spelling Word Lists And Vocabulary

Fifth Grade Spelling Word Lists And Vocabulary

Written by Moli Mishra, In Education, Published On
August 22, 2021

Fifth Grade Spelling Word Lists And Vocabulary

Fifth-grade vocabulary instruction is a direct method of expanding word knowledge and text comprehension. It also includes independent word-play to stimulate and enhance learning.

Students should be able to read and comprehend 5th-grade sight words lists, understand informational text with domain-specific vocabulary, and use context to determine the meaning of homonyms (multiple meaning words), and figurative languages such as metaphors, similes, and idioms.

Our program, which is research-based, is designed to help students understand words better through games. You can import pre-made fifth-grade vocabulary lists or make your own. Additional word lists are available to complement reading programs like Journeys and informational text.

Fifth-grade students improve their literacy skills to prepare for middle school.

Words Go On 5th Grade Spelling

Students in fifth grade are expected to:

  • Increase word usage and increase knowledge
  • Talk about books, articles, or short stories.
  • Clarify and analyze language

Fifth graders will be able to determine the meanings of words in text by the end of the school year. They should also be familiar with derivational endings and beginnings. Similes like BLIND, GLE, LATE OBSTINATE, and SPREAD are all essential fifth-grade spelling words.

With a vocabulary tester anyone can learn spelling words while integrating vocabulary instruction across content areas. You will have the tools you need to create fun fifth-grade spelling lessons using more complex vocabulary and a higher level of difficulty for your students.

Fifth Grade Spelling Curriculum Sequence

Fifth-grade spelling lessons focus on the study of prefixes. Numerous suffixes are also used in fifth-grade spelling words, including -ER and -LY. Fifth-grade spelling is expected to teach children how to spell suffixes and prefixes as well as contractions and syllable structures.

Students will also be able to spell words that have similar sounds, including words with the sounds CHUR/ZHUR and ANT/ENT. Learn to identify homophones as well as homographs in meaning and spelling.

Spelling activities for fifth graders include many innovative methods that help them learn. Every child learns at their own pace. Spellquiz’s modularized, self-paced lesson plans are a great option for learning Spelling online. You can choose to skip lessons that cover concepts your child already knows and go back to those that he or she doesn’t know. You have the option to choose.

Foundational Spelling Skills

As part of a language arts program, spelling skills should be developed. This includes phonemic awareness, reading comprehension, vocabulary, reading fluency, grammar, and reading proficiency. With the support of their parents, children should develop foundational spelling skills by reading and writing regularly, studying spelling rules, and playing spelling games.

Children can strengthen their foundational spelling skills with the help of their parents by engaging in these activities :

  • Regular writing is a great way to get a head start in spelling and punctuation.
  • Reading workbooks or constant reading
  • Regular study of spelling rules, such as the relationships between sounds and letters, is recommended.
  • Spelling Bees are a fun way to get your child practicing their spelling
  • To help improve their spelling skills, they can play spelling games, quizzes, or word games.
  • Computer spelling programs that are structured
  • Personal tutoring and support to increase confidence
  • Daily blocks of time to be used for spelling and reading activities
  • Instruction using guided spelling activities such as word sorts and word boxes
  • A rich language environment in your home that is based on the quality and quantity of words spoken

Try one of the Spellquiz  5th grade spelling words demos to help your child improve their spelling skills.

Fifth Grade Spelling Word List

This list can be used by parents to help their children with spelling. You can practice words that are difficult to spell (capital/capitol and desert/desert), as well as words with similar spelling patterns (cause/pause). Find the difficult words that can be used in real-life situations by working together.

This list is for teachers who are looking for words to add to their worksheets, spelling games, or other language activities.

This word list will help students get ahead of the curve. Make sure you understand the meaning of every word you learn.

What are the spelling words that fifth graders should know? This list contains 50+ words that can be used in spelling tests, spelling games, and practice for upcoming spelling bees. Get our printable 5th-grade spelling worksheet with +300 words to add even more value!

  • empty
  • encourage
  • lawyer
  • leather
  • level
  • linen
  • locket
  • lumber
  • appoint
  • approve
  • delight
  • detrimental
  • devotion
  • dirty
  • disappear
  • discover
  • disguise
  • dishonest
  • distance
  • magic
  • manageable
  • management
  • able
  • achieve
  • acoustics
  • action
  • activity
  • mayor
  • meanwhile
  • medallion
  • medicinal
  • melon
  • retrieve
  • reward
  • route
  • sable
  • scene
  • scent
  • section
  • shoulder
  • significance
  • similar
  • simplicity
  • Sleight
  • advertisement
  • aftermath
  • afternoon
  • memorable
  • mention
  • reduce
  • reduction
  • reign
  • reply
  • afterthought
  • anoint
  • apartment
  • apparel
  • appear
  • appliance
  • disuse
  • dominant
  • eager
  • education
  • Eighth
  • payment
  • sleigh
  • laid
  • raise
  • straight
  • freight
  • height
  • they
  • favorite
  • April
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