Peter Artemiev Wiki, Net Worth, Family & Bio

Peter Artemiev Wiki, Net Worth, Family & Bio

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June 30, 2023

Peter Artemiev is an American professional pilot, business owner, and celebrity spouse who is well-known, rich, and controversial. He was born in Brooklyn, which is in New York. His wife’s name is Julia Fox, and the two of them have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons because his wife is unhappy with how he raises their son Valentino.

Everything About Peter Artemiev And Net Worth

Popular As Peter Artemiev
Birth Place Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, USA
Religion Christianity
Eye Colour Hazel Brown
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Height 5’9” (175 cm)
Marital Status Married
Spouse Julia Fox
Children 1 (Valentino)
Net Worth $1-$2 Million USD

Who is Peter Artemiev?

Peter Artemiev is well-known as the husband of an American star and as a business owner. So, he is a skilled pilot from the US city of Brooklyn, Brighton Beach. He is also known to be Julia Fox’s husband. Julia Fox is a famous Italian-American actress who has done a lot for the movie business. He became well-known after he married Julia Fox. Recently, Peter’s ex-wife has been in the news because she is dating the great rapper Ye (Kanye). The well-known artist and businessman is said to be dating Julia.

Peter Artemiev Net worth

Peter Artemiev

Peter Artemiev’s years of hard work and dedication have helped him become rich and live a luxurious life. He makes a lot of money, and it is thought that he is worth about $5 million US dollars. Artemiev owns a beautiful home in Yorkville, Manhattan, United States, and he loves being outside. He also likes to wear brand-name glasses, shoes, and clothes, as well as expensive and luxurious perfumes. He also has a big collection of cars and likes to drive sports cars and supercars.

Peter Artemiev: Date of birth, age, race, and siblings

Peter Artemiev was born between 1987 and 1991, so as of 2022, he is between 30 and 34 years old. Peter Artemiev is his real name, which is what his parents gave him when he was born. However, his close friends, family members, and fans call him Pete.

He was born in Brighton Bridge, Brooklyn, to American parents, so he has always been an American citizen. Astrologers don’t know what his zodiac sign or birth sign is. He comes from a White Caucasian background and only believes in Christianity. He spent a lot of his childhood with his family and close friends in Brighton Bridge, Brooklyn, New York. Peter Artemiev has not said anything about his parents up to this point. He hasn’t told anyone their names or who they are yet. By looking at him, we can tell that he is his parents’ favourite child, and they have always been there for him no matter what.


We don’t know where Peter Artemiev went to school or where he got his high school licence. Because of what she does for a living, he can’t talk about school, college, or his studies. We know he likes to read, but he rarely talks about it. We also don’t know where he got his degree or what field he specialised in.

Peter Artemiev: Love, Marriage, and Family

His personal life and marriage are in a mess right now, and he and his wife Julia Fox have been in the news a lot. He got married to his longtime girlfriend Julia Fox in November of this year. They dated for about 5 years before getting married with the blessing of their families. In February 2021, Peter had a beautiful boy. He and his wife named him Valentino Artemiev.

But things have been hard lately because his wife doesn’t like him as a father. She thinks he’s a “GEAD BEAT DAD” who doesn’t care about their son. She said in an Instagram Story that he is a drug user who hangs out in bars and stripper clubs. From the way she spoke, it was clear she didn’t like him and thought he didn’t care about his son or his family. Peter did post a story in which he said that he wants to keep his personal and family issues to himself to protect his child and family’s privacy. But it’s clear that things still aren’t under control.

Peter Artemiev’s Work Experience

Peter Artemiev

Peter Artemiev is a well-trained pilot from the United States who makes a good living at what he does. He got his degree from a big, well-known school for teaching pilots. Artemiev lives in Brooklyn, New York, but his job forces him to travel all over the world. He loves his job.

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