ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski: Family,Background, and More

ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski: Family,Background, and More

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April 19, 2023

On Tuesday, October 8, 1974, ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski was born to Mr. and Mrs. Witt-Michaowski. At 47, he is a renowned Polish playwright, theater and film director, and actor. He gained notoriety for directing some excellent plays on stage.

Notwithstanding his extraordinary contribution to the Polish and German entertainment industries, Łukaszis best known as the partner of the Polish actress Anna Maria Sieklucka Wzrost. For those who don’t know, Anna Maria recently played the main character in the sexy movies 365 Days and 365 Days 2. He is a renowned celebrity partner as well.

Everything About ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski

Birth Name Lukasz Witt-Michałowski
Famous For Actor, director, and boyfriend of Anna Maria Sieklucka Wzrost from Poland
DOB October 8, 1974
Current Location Warsaw, Poland
Zodiac Sign Libra
Children A Son
Social Media Presence Active
Partner Anna Maria Sieklucka Wzrost
Eye Colour Grey
Weight 68Kgs
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Net Worth $1-2Million

Who Is ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski?


ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski is a well-known Polish actor and theater director. He is the guy Anna Maria Sieklucka Wzrost falls in love with in the movie 365 Days. With her work in 365 Days, Anna Maria received much attention worldwide. That’s when people on the Internet outside of Poland began to care about Maria and her boyfriend. As a result, ŁŁukaszcame into the spotlight.

People outside of his region began to notice and appreciate his skills in directing, acting, and writing plays.

Some of Łukasz’s best works include:

  • Pustynia Tankreda Dorsta (2005)
  • Pool (2008) (2008)
  • Zy scenariusz: Dariusz Je (2009)
  • Głód Knuta Hamsuna (2010) (2010)
  • Aporia 43, among others, Artura Paygi (2012).


Łukaszwas born on October 8, 1974, in Lublin, Poland. Jurand Witt-Michaowski and Monika Making are his two siblings. He received his primary education at VLO im and then went to the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts to learn more about theater. He then went to the Hessische Theater Academy in Frankfurt, Germany, where he earned a theater directing degree.

The fact that he is in a relationship with Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who is best known for her role in the television series 365 Days, has brought him to public attention. He is not well known due to his job as an actor and producer. In the State Superior Academy of Drama in Krakow where he first became acquainted with his future wife.

Family Background


On ŁukaszWitt-parents, Michaowski’s hardly much is known. We, however, know little about his siblings. Łukaszhad two siblings who lived with him and his parents (a brother and a sister). While his parents’ names are unknown, his brother is called Jurand Witt-Michałowski. Monika Makuch is the little sister of Ukasz. His son is also an essential part of Lukasz’s family. Witt-Michaowski had a son with his ex-partner.

However, neither his son’s nor his mother’s name is revealed to the public. ŁŁukaszis keen on keeping his son beyond the radar. The theater director grew up in his hometown of Lublin, Poland. He had a happy childhood because he came from an upper-middle-class family with a well-equipped home. Later he moved to cities to continue his education. The section provides a thorough explanation of the ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski alma meter.

What does ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski do for a living?


The 48-year-old Polish, 6 ft 3 inches tall and weighs 64 kg is a film and theater producer, actor, and businessman. In addition to the movies Story of the Sin, Wine of the Morning, and Syzyfowe Prace, he is known for stage productions like Pool (2008) and Liza wg F Dostojweskiego (2013).

Wife, Girlfriend & Affairs

The actress Anna Maria Sieklucka Wzrost has been romantically involved with the Polish director ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski. Anna is a Polish actress. Anna is well known for being a singer, model, and social media celebrity. She last appeared in the movie 365 Days. 365 Days is an erotic film.

Both 635 Days and its follow-up featured Anna as the main character. Reports suggest that ŁŁukaszand his girlfriend Anna Maria Sieklucka first met at a theater school in Krakow. According to rumors, Łukaszwas at the State Higher School of Theater in Krakow, Poland, for work-related reasons.

Anna Maria just so happened to be at the school for training. The two people ran into each other and began to hang out. Eventually, they started dating. Łukaszand his partner Anna Maria share a wide age gap of 18 years. Łukaszis 18 years older than his lady love. Łukaszshares a son with his ex-girlfriend.

ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski on Social Media


Actor and director ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski are active on several social media sites. But he doesn’t have many followers online. He has an active account on Facebook account and Instagram. He also has an IMDB page and a Twitter account.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/wittmichalowski/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lukaszwittmichalowski


Is ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski Married?

ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski, an actor and director, is not married.

Who is ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski?

ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski is a renowned theater and film director from Poland.

How Old is ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski?

ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski is 47 years and seven months old.

Why is ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski Famous?

Director ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski is well-known for his unique work directing plays and stage shows

How tall is ŁukaszWitt-Michaowski?

ŁukaszWitt-Michałowski is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

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