Jonathan Owens Net Worth 2024: NFL Earnings and Beyond

Jonathan Owens Net Worth 2024: NFL Earnings and Beyond

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June 22, 2024

Jonathan Owens is a famous NFL player for how quick and brutal he is on the football pitch. He has proven himself to be the league’s bright future star. Through hard work and determination, Owens went from being a raw free agent to an essential asset to the Houston Texans. Reports think Owens’ net worth will be $7 million by 2023, thanks to his successful job as a professional football player and his businesses. The vast number shows how successful he is financially and how well-known he is becoming in professional sports.

Jonathan Owens Profile Details

Bio & Personal InformationDetails
Full NameJonathan James Owens
Birth DateJuly 22, 1995
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri
Age28 years
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight95 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignCancer
High SchoolChristian Brothers College High School
CollegeMissouri Western State University

Does Simone Biles’s husband make more money than she does?

Jonathan Owens, who is 28 years old, played in all 17 Green Bay Packers games before the season ended. The former Packers safety just signed a $4.5 million, two-year deal with the Chicago Bears. It shows that he and his wife have ties to the Chicagoland area. At the end of 2023, his $7 million net worth was based on his growing professional football job and personal interests. Owens signed with the Arizona Cardinals as a free agent after the 2018 NFL Draft to begin his career in the NFL. In 2019, he played his first game in the NFL with the Houston Texans. Last year, he signed a $1.1 million deal with the Green Bay Packers for one year. He played for all three teams for four years and earned $3.5 million before being sold to the Bears for a bigger sum. This last deal has helped him make a lot more money.

Have a look at Jonathan Owens’ NFL Salary –

SeasonsTeamContract Annual Average Salary
2018Arizona Cardinals$1.72 Million (3-year)$574K
2019Houston Texans$570K$570K
2020Houston Texans$1.39 Million (2-year)$695K
2021Houston Texans$552K (Practice Squad)$552K
2021Houston Texans$1.17 Million (2-year)$587K
2023Green Bay Packers$1 Million (1-year)$1.01M

How does his money compare to Simone Biles’s?

Celebrity Net Worth site says that Simone Biles is worth $16 million. Owens gets paid every week, but Biles doesn’t. Instead, she gets much of her money from paid events and endorsements. She earned $110,000 from the Olympics in 2016, with $25,000 for her four gold titles and $10,000 for her bronze.

Forbes predicted Biles would make $5 million a year from partnerships in 2021. In that same year, her seven Olympic awards also brought her $147,500. Biles was ranked tenth on Forbes’ 2022 list of the highest-paid female sports. She has a net worth of $10 million. Over the years, she has worked for GK Elite, Athleta, Visa, United Airlines, MasterClass, and Uber Eats.

Comparing Their Income

Jonathan Owens got a big deal with the Chicago Bears and has a great NFL career, but Simone Biles is worth $16 million more than him. Biles is among the highest-paid female sportspeople because she gets a lot of money from sponsorships. Owens and Biles have had vast amounts of money in their fields, even though they took different job paths.

Getting involved in real estate

The things that Jonathan Owens has done aren’t just limited to sports. Besides having a great NFL career, he has also started working in real estate, which shows how smart he is regarding business. Owens owns several homes in and around Houston, Missouri, Arizona, and other places. This intelligent real estate investment has given him steady, different sources of income and significantly increased his net worth. Investing in real estate is a smart way to ensure your finances stay stable and grow. This will give Owens a solid base that will not be affected by changes in his sports career.

A strong desire for expensive cars

Owens likes more than just real estate. He also likes expensive cars. He is very proud of his collection of high-end vehicles, which includes a Land Rover, a Mercedes, a Toyota, and a Ford. This impressive list of cars shows that he has good taste and a passion for high-end cars. These cars don’t show his success; instead, they show what he’s interested in and the results of his hard work. Owens’ large collection of expensive cars not only gives him pleasure and ease of use but also shows how successful he is outside of football.

Stable growth in the economy

Owens’s income has been steadily and significantly rising. He made $375,000 in 2018, which shows how good he was as a young professional football player. Even though Owens’s income dropped to $56,000 the following year, his determination and dedication were clear. By 2021, he was making $178,666, up from $77,882 in 2020. His income is expected to reach a new high of $905,000 in 2022, so this trend of going up will definitely continue. As shown by these stats, Owens is always trying to do well and get better, both on and off the pitch.

A wealth of $7 million

Jonathan Owens is wealthy, with a net worth of $7 million in 2023. This huge amount of money shows he is very good at many things. His ability to work hard, think strategically, and seize opportunities is demonstrated by his wealth. It’s an inspiring example for both businesses and athletes-to-be because it shows that big money can be made with hard work and smart investments.

A person with many skills

Considering everything, Jonathan Owens is a smart businessman and a great football player. With a net worth of $7 million, he shows that he is good at many things. Owens has made much money through smart real estate purchases and his love of luxury cars. This has helped his business stay stable and grow. The fact that his pay and income keep going up shows how committed and determined he is. As his sports career grows, it looks like he will be making a lot more money.

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From what source does Jonathan Owens’ wealth-building start?

Jonathan Owens built his net worth through his effective football career, real estate investments, and several commercial enterprises. His financial performance has been much influenced by his calculated effort to vary his revenue sources.

Jonathan Owens’s projected 2022 income is what?

Reflecting Jonathan Owens’ ongoing success and NFL and beyond growth, his estimated salary for 2022 is expected to hit a new high of $905,000.

What lessons may future athletes pick from Jonathan Owens’ successes?

Jonathan Owens’s accomplishments teach aspirant players that diligence, dedication, and diversification of revenue sources are vital to financial success and a strong sporting career. His path shows the need for tenacity, strategic thinking, and wise investment decisions to guarantee a rich future.

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