Finn Cumberbatch: Bio, Net Worth, and More

Finn Cumberbatch: Bio, Net Worth, and More

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November 15, 2023

Finn Cumberbatch is a famous celebrity kid. His parents are both very popular, and he is the youngest of them. His father’s name is Benedict Cumberbatch, who is a popular British actor, and her mother’s name is Sophie Hunter. His father is a British actor and is very talented; he entertains the whole stage and screens. He did famous movies like Doctor Strange, Hawking, The Imitation Game, Sherlock Holmes, and The Power of the Dog.

Finn Cumberbatch Bio

Name Finn Cumberbatch
Age Approximately 4 years old (as of early 2023)
Father Benedict Cumberbatch (British actor)
Mother Sophie Hunter (theater director)
Height Approximately 99 cm
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Nationality English
Born In 2019

Personal Life

Finn Cumberbatch

The nickname of Finn Cumberbatch is Finn; he is a celebrity kid with British nationality. He was born in 2019 in the United Kingdom. His age is now only 4 years old, and by religion, he is Christian, and his ethnicity is Caucasian. He is a very small, cute boy who has not yet been admitted to school. His mother is Sophie Hunter, who is also very talented. She is a theatre director, playwright, former actress, and more. Finn has two siblings, both of whom are younger brothers; one is Hal Auden, and the other is Christopher Calton. His marital status is single, and he has no girlfriends because he is too young to have romantic relationships.

Physical Appearance

His height is about 3 feet, 3 inches, and his weight is about 18 kg. He is a very cute child with a dark brown eye colour, brown hair colour, and white skin. Her mother, Sophie, is also a well-known actress; now she is a popular theatre director and playwright. Finn is a celebrity star kid. Finn and his friends sometimes go on holidays in other homes in other cities, including Los Angeles. Finn’s parents don’t talk about Finn and his brothers much because they want to keep them private. His parents always try to give them a normal lifestyle and want to keep them away from glam. When Benedict was on set, his wife and children sometimes visited his set to give him company and to feel comfort.


Finn Cumberbatch

His parents do not post anything on social media about their children because they don’t want them to become the glare of the spotlight. Finn used to travel a lot with their parents, who loved to give him a cosmopolitan upbringing. Fin was given the best education possible by their parents. His schooling is at a private school in London, unless his parents move to Los Angeles in 2018. Finn’s parents are very supportive, caring, and love their children’s, but they also faced many challenges and opportunities.

Finn always visits his father’s set, so he always gets the opportunity to interact with people in the entertainment industry or come to learn more about his parents work. Benedict and Sophie are very good parents who always support their kids to advise and guide their interests and to provide them with the best education. Finn loves to play outdoor games like hiking and sports with his friends and family. Finn is a very good artist; he does painting and drawing and often spends time with new materials and techniques in his studio. Finn is mostly close with her elder brothers Christopher and Hal Auden, who take him on fun adventures. They all together love to enjoy biking, fishing, kayaking, and playing sports. Finn is passionate about attending plays, concerts, and other events with his siblings.

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Finn has celebrity parents. His father’s name is Benedict Cumberbatch, who is a well-known British actor, and her mother’s name is Sophie Hunter, who is a playwright, former actress, and theater director. Finn Cumberbatch has two siblings, both of whom are younger. One is Christopher Calton, and the other is Hal Auden. Fin Cumberbatch and her brothers live in a multi-million-dollar Victorian-era mansion located in Camden. Among her elder brothers, Hal is two years older than Finn, and Christopher is four years older than Finn.

Net worth

Finn Cumberbatch

The net worth of Finn Cumberbatch is about $200,000. He started his acting career in 2000. He became famous for his work like Doctor Strange, the imitation game, Tinker tailor soldier spy, the other Boleyn girl, and in the popular series Sherlock Holmes, where he plays the title role. He also did many theatre, film, and television productions. He has also raised $17 million for UK cancer research. Cumberbatch is also a member of the Soho founders.


Why is Cumberbatch famous?

From 2010 to 2017, he played Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock, winning a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor. In 2018, he received the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor for playing Patrick Melrose.

Finn Cumberbatch—who?

Benedict and Sophie Hunter’s youngest son is Finn Cumberbatch. Finn is well-known as the son of an actor.

Does Finn have kids?

Finn married Roselinen and had Bonnie and Jay. Quilton informs them an ancient text shows that Finn’s world entrance occurs frequently.

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