Meet Eleanor Talitha Bailey: The Young Model Following in Devon Aoki’s Footsteps

Meet Eleanor Talitha Bailey: The Young Model Following in Devon Aoki’s Footsteps

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June 21, 2024

Have you heard of Eleanor Talitha Bailey? She is a well-known figure not just because of her notable parents but also because of her growing impact in different fields. Her mother, Devon Aoki, a famous model and actress, and her father, James Bailey, a rich financier. Eleanor Talitha Bailey works on projects with her mom and gets attention on social media with her brothers.

Celebrity Devon Aoki walked high-end fashion stages worldwide and was a model for high-end fashion magazines. She has also shown her acting skills in other movies, which shows that she is a versatile and talented actor. The father of Eleanor, James Bailey, has had a great business career. His successes improve Devon’s image, and his family is able to help each other find their passions, which makes their relationships better. Read on to know more.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Profile Details –

Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 2015
Age9 years (in 2024)
Birth SignAquarius
Place of BirthUnited States
ParentsDevon Aoki (mother), James Bailey (father)
SiblingsAlessandra Linville Bailey (sister), James Hunter Jr (brother), Evelyn Bailey (sister)
RelativesSteve Aoki (uncle), Hiroaki Aoki (grandfather), Pamela Hilburger (grandmother)
Known ForBeing Devon Aoki’s daughter

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Profile Summary

Eleanor Talitha Bailey
Image –
  • Birth and Inheritance:

February 12, 2015, Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born in the United States. From her mother, Devon Aoki, whose background consists of Japanese, German, and English, she has a diverse cultural legacy. Eleanor’s sense of identity has been dramatically molded by her varied background, which combines several cultural traditions and narratives impacting her perspective and daily life.

  • Age and Contextual Background:

By 2024, Eleanor will be nine years old. Her diverse background enhances her life and offers a different cultural background and viewpoint. From her Japanese, German, and English background, she has grown up blending many customs, languages, and traditions. Her varied background has helped her to grow inclusiveness and understanding from an early age, as well as a great respect for many cultures.

  • Early years and interests:

Eleanor’s family, who have always pushed her to fulfill her aspirations, shaped her love of fashion and art. Her direction toward modeling has come from this support. Eleanor grew up in loving surroundings and has come to value imagination and self-expression. Her family’s participation in the entertainment and fashion sectors has given her special chances to early on develop her interests and skills early on. Eleanor has demonstrated a natural knack for modeling; with family support, she has gained the confidence to follow this road.

  • Aspirations and education:

Eleanor, nine years old, is now concentrating on her studies and personal development. Despite her young age, she most likely will follow her mother, Devon Aoki, into the fashion and entertainment sectors. Her parents have trained her in modeling and endorsements, thereby arming her for her next projects. For Eleanor’s parents, who have taught her the value of academic accomplishment in addition to her artistic endeavors, her education is the first concern. They think a well-rounded education will give her a solid basis for her future employment.

  • Family Influence

devon aoki

Powerful people abound in Eleanor’s family. Renowned model and actress Devon Aoki, her mother, starred in movies including “2 Fast 2 Furious” and “Sin City.” Over her career in the fashion business, Devon has gracefully walked the runways for some of the most elite design houses and covered several publications. James Bailey, Eleanor’s father, has had a successful business career to balance Devon’s notoriety. Eleanor finds her passions thanks in part to this solid familial background, which also gives her role models who show success in both artistic and commercial pursuits.

2010 saw Devon Aoki and James Bailey engaged; they were married in April 2011. Daughter of jewellery designer Pamela Hilburger and Benihana restaurant chain founder Hiroaki Aoki, Devon is an actress and model. Devon began posing at 13 and rose to be the Versace face by 16. Eleanor, who looks up to her mother’s successes, has found motivation in her early start in the business and following success.

  • Meet The Grandparents

Renowned restaurateur and former wrestler Hiroaki Aoki was Eleanor’s grandfather. Known as Rocky Aoki, he was an Olympic wrestler who turned into a prosperous businessman, starting the well-known Benihana restaurant franchise. Pamela Hilburger, Eleanor’s grandma, crafts jewellery and artwork. Eleanor’s life has been profoundly impacted by this varied familial background, which is characterised by creative ability and entrepreneurial energy, therefore imparting to her the qualities of diligence, inventiveness, and tenacity.

Eleanor is an American citizen of mixed ethnic background—Japanese, German, and English, among other things. She grows up in a Christian home as well. Her view on life has been different thanks to her cosmopolitan and multireligious surroundings, which helps her to value the depth of her background and the need to celebrate difference.

  • Parental Support

Eleanor’s parents have laid a strong basis by stressing the need for education and diligence. Her mother, Devon Aoki, has had a good modelling career; her father, James Bailey, is a smart analyst with a successful business job. Together, they mentor Eleanor toward her goals in modelling, imparting leadership lessons, resilience, and the value of following her dreams. Eleanor has a well-rounded support system from their combined business and creative abilities that motivates her to thrive in all she does.

  • Strong Sibling Bond

Eleanor’s three siblings are Alessandra Linville Bailey, 10 years old, James Hunter Jr., thirteen years old, and Evelyn Bailey, three years old. They have a close relationship and occasionally seem in the media together. Whether it’s going to events or engaging in family activities, the siblings are usually observed helping each other pursue interests. Eleanor has grown to have strong family values and unity thanks in great part to their tight bond.

  • Modelling Debut and Interests:


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Eleanor debuted in modelling in November 2023 alongside her mother on the Vogue Japan cover. Her trip in the fashion business started with this important turning point. She also likes sports, especially horse racing; she just won a competition in November 2023. Eleanor’s many interests reflect her active personality and her readiness to investigate many disciplines, from athletics to fashion.

  • Physical Appearance:

Eleanor weighs 39 kg and stands 4 feet 3 inches tall. Her lovely demeanour and enticing looks suggest she might develop into a remarkable young woman, much like her mother. Her little frame stands out in a crowd because of her expressive eyes and friendly grin. Eleanor, despite her young age, radiates confidence and grace—qualities sure to help her in all she does going forward.

  • Wealth and Lifestyle:

Eleanor’s family is wealthy; her mother is worth $30 million, and her father $4 million. This enables her to enjoy a privileged life involving first-rate education, access to many extracurricular activities, comfortable living quarters, and a privileged background. Her parents’ consistent financial situation gives her lots of chances to follow her interests and passions unhindered.

Though her interests are still somewhat personal, Eleanor’s background points to a love of the arts and fashion. Growing up in a household firmly anchored in the entertainment and fashion industries, she probably enjoys experimenting with several styles, drawing, painting, or theatre exploration. These passions capture her creative energy and her need to communicate herself across several media.

  • Modelling First Job and Interests:

Eleanor’s first job as a model was on the November 2023 cover of Vogue Japan with her mother. This major turning point marked the beginning of her journey in the fashion business. She also likes sports, especially horse races. In November 2023, she won a contest. Eleanor’s wide range of hobbies shows how active she is and how willing she is to learn about many things, from sports to fashion.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Has 3 Siblings

Her Brother: Hunter Bailey

Her Brother: Hunter Bailey
Credit – Instagram

Hunter Bailey, born in June 2011, holds the distinction of being the first child and only son of Devon Aoki and James Bailey. As the eldest of the Bailey siblings, Hunter plays a pivotal role in the family dynamic. Known for his endearing personality, Hunter often accompanies his parents and siblings to various public events, reflecting the family’s close-knit and joyful nature.

Her Sister: Alessandra Linville Bailey

Alessandra Linville Bailey
credit – bazar

Alessandra Linville Bailey, born on February 12, 2013, is the second child and eldest daughter of Devon Aoki and James Bailey. Growing up in a family steeped in both finance and fashion, Alessandra enjoys a balanced upbringing. Her mother, Devon Aoki, occasionally shares glimpses of Alessandra’s life on social media, showcasing a blend of family warmth and stylish flair.

Her Youngest Sister: Bliss Evelyn Bailey

Bliss Evelyn Bailey

Bliss Evelyn Bailey, the youngest of the Bailey siblings, is a precious addition to the family. Unlike her older siblings, Bliss is shielded from the public eye, reflecting her parents’ desire to maintain her privacy. While details about Bliss’s life are scarce, her presence completes the tight-knit family unit.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s Social Media Presence

As of the latest available information, Eleanor Talitha Bailey does not have any personal social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Given her young age, her parents have chosen to manage her online presence, ensuring privacy and age-appropriate engagement. This approach allows Eleanor to enjoy her childhood away from the public eye, focusing on family and personal growth.

The Aoki-Bailey Family in the Public Eye

The Aoki-Bailey family is often seen together at various public events, radiating a sense of unity and happiness. With a blend of finance and fashion influencing their lives, the family has carved out a unique space in the public’s interest. Despite their public appearances, they maintain a balance between their private lives and public engagements, ensuring that their children, including Eleanor, grow up in a nurturing and secure environment.

Top Facts About Eleanor Talitha Bailey

  • James Bailey and Devon Aoki are the parents of Eleanor.
  • Eleanor Talitha Bailey comes from a mixed background.
  • Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s mother introduced her to modelling on Vogue Japan.
  • Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s enthusiasm is for horse racing.
  • The riches of her family give her many chances.
  •  Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s accomplished parents and grandparents inspire her.
  • Eleanor’s family is kind, and her future seems bright.


  • Eleanor Talitha Bailey—who?

The daughter of actress and model Devon Aoki and accomplished corporate analyst James Bailey is Eleanor Talitha Bailey. Eleanor was born in the US on February 12, 2015, with Japanese, German, and English ancestry. Like her mother, she is building a name for herself at nine years old in modelling.

  • What is the cultural background of Eleanor?

Devon Aoki, Eleanor’s mother, is Japanese, German, and English. Eleanor’s ethnic ancestry shapes her identity and gives her a broad outlook on life. She gained personal and cultural knowledge from growing up with many cultures and traditions.

  • What are Eleanor’s hobbies and interests?

Eleanor likes fashion, art, and sports. She became interested in modelling early on due to her family’s fashion background. Her November 2023 Vogue Japan cover with her mother marked a milestone. Eleanor also loves horse racing and has won events, demonstrating her adaptability and drive.

  • How does Eleanor’s family influence her life?

Eleanor has powerful relatives. Her mother, Devon Aoki, is a famous model and actress. Her father, James Bailey, is successful in business. Both her grandparents, Benihana entrepreneur Hiroaki Aoki and jewellery designer Pamela Hilburger, contributed to her great legacy. This loving and wealthy family inspires Eleanor to follow her aspirations.

  • What are Eleanor’s educational and career goals?

Eleanor is juggling her modelling job and college. Her parents stress education and ensure she has a good academic foundation while pursuing her fashion and entertainment interests. Due to her early start and guidance from her successful family, Eleanor is expected to continue to advance in modelling and potentially other fields as she ages.

  • How does Eleanor’s heritage affect her?

Eleanor’s Japanese, German, and English background shapes her identity and growth. Her eclectic background helps her understand many cultures and practices, creating an inclusive and well-rounded perspective. Living in a multinational family has deepened her respect for other cultures, which shows in her daily life.

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